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Floundering Father


“Unhappy is the land that needs heroes.”–Bertolt Brecht

Dick Morris and Eileen Mc Gann:

European socialism cannot succeed without conquering the United States. If the European Union has high taxes and the US keeps its levies low, business and brains will flow to America. If the EU’s labor standards require long vacations, high benefits, and proscribe layoffs and ours’ do not, employers will migrate across the ocean to do their business in the States. If the Old World curbs ambition by taxation, regulation, and social opprobrium, the ambitious will flock to the New World as they have done for four hundred years.

So, Lenin was right. Socialism cannot exist in just one country – or one continent. It must dominate worldwide or wealth and power will flow to those who remain committed to the free market. Europe realizes this reality and it makes Obama’s election as president of the United States all the more welcome.

The Nobel Prize is really Obama’s payback for disciplining the unruly United States and taming it to be a member of the European family of nations. Europe wants to reverse the American Revolution and re-colonize us and it sees in Obama a kindred spirit willing to do its bidding.

I’ve often called him “Reagan-in-Reverse”, but he’s “Washington-in-Defeat”, too.

B. Hussein Columbus: “Hey, bitter-clinging Others; you remember all those nasty things I said about European Colonialism? Nevermind! For Queen and Country, baby!”

“He has been set apart high above all other men, and reverenced with the unquestioning veneration accorded only to the leaders of mankind and the founders of nations;

I wish Chris Matthews would give it a rest–oh, wait; that’s Henry Cabot Lodge, sending this warning to H.R. Puffshimself:

…”and in this very devotion lies one secret at least of the fact that, while all men have praised Washington, comparatively few have understood him. He has been lifted up high into a lonely greatness, and unconsciously put outside the range of human sympathy. He has been accepted as being nearly perfect as it is given to man to be but our warm personal interest has been reserved for other and lesser men who seemed to be nearer to us in their virtues and their errors alike. […]

Men who are loudly claimed to be faultless always excite a certain type of resentment. It is a dangerous eminence for anyone to occupy. The temples of Greece are in ruins, and her literature is little more than a collection of fragments, but the feelings of the citizens who exiled Aristides because they were weary of hearing him called “just,” exist still, unchanged and unchangeable. Washington has not only been called “just,” but he has had every other good quality attributed to him by countless biographers and eulogists with an almost painful iteration, and the natural result has followed. Many persons have felt the sense of fatigue which the Athenians expressed practically by their oyster shells and have been led to cast doubts on Washington’s perfection as the only consolation for their own sense of injury.”–“George Washington The Man” by Henry Cabot Lodge, 1889 & 1917, and released by Harvard in 1932 to commemorate Washington’s 200th birthday

Now if only Harvard would release that piece of fan-fiction on Soviet disarmament called “Obama’s thesis”.


1 thought on “Floundering Father

  1. Europe has been acting like were children for quite a while now… But in that new-age “I’m your friend, not your parent” way.

    Nominating Obama for the Nobel 9 days after he took office was a simple, “Good Johnny, that’s how we want you to act” pat on out collective heads. Chicago’s loss in the first round was a “No Johnny, we don’t want you acting that way” gentile abashment.

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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