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Bleak House

Riehl in the doldrums:

Any real voice of conservatism today, and it hardly exists, has been all but relegated to radio talk where it’s often too easily marginalized as a sort of carnival bark, even in cases when it is not.

Truth be told and in what I hope is a passing mood, I’m mostly sick of it and hard-pressed to find good reason for good conservatives not to simply go off the grid. If the day ever comes for conservatives to have a serious voice again, I’m unconvinced it will be through the GOP and I know for a fact, it’ll never be through the New York Times. And the events that would have to take place for conservatives to have a meaningful voice again are so profound, I can’t bring myself to entertain the thought just now.

Agreed, for the most part. Sadly. I was having a barside conversation with a friend last night about just that, actually — going off the grid, I mean — and you know things’re bad when that begins to look like the sanest, most palatable option. On the other hand, undermining the Redeemer’s Great Socialist Experiment by simply refusing to participate would make that scorn and mockery I mentioned earlier just that much more delicious.

Update! On the other other hand (via Glenn):

The nation — indeed, the world — is waking up to the idea that ideas have consequences. One idea is that sacrificing is not a life-enhancing option and will lead to misery or death. Another is that the heedless policy of a spendthrift is not a rational course of action. Another is that adopting the policy of a spendthrift benefits no one but a politician who advocates it as a sound fiscal policy. Envy is not a paying proposition. “Class warfare” in the form of “soaking the rich” to help the poor assures mutual impoverishment. There are so many more altruist and collectivist ideas that are being grasped by millions as a collective prescription for penury and extinction.

The world seems to be emerging from a moral and intellectual coma, perhaps temporarily, perhaps permanently. It is discovering that other ideas have other consequences, as well, ideas that promote life, promote prosperity, promote ambition and personal success, and that they are possible only in political freedom, and that this freedom has been violated, abridged, and nullified by the first set of ideas. True, politics is the last thing to be affected by a philosophical revolution. But one cannot help but be pleased with how startled the collectivists and altruists are now by the knowledge that they have not successfully pulled a fast one on Americans. These Americans have come knocking on the doors of elitists or leaning over the café railings or invading their legislated smoke-free bars and restaurants to ask: What in hell do you think you are doing?

…The thing to remember is that reason and reality is on our side. Most of our opponents and enemies know it. They are not the ones who need convincing or any kind of rational guidance. Beware especially of the ones who claim it is your duty to convince them. These creatures’ minds are the truly truncated. Let reality be their ultimate persuader.

Focus on those who show genuine interest in answers, and never mind the fools.

There’s some good, encouraging stuff betwixt my ellipses. Go read it.


1 thought on “Bleak House

  1. If the alternative is going back to the days of George W Bush (yes, thanks for no incidents of terror stateside for 8 years) and John McCain and Bob Dole and Karl Rove then I’m … well, off the grid does sound good, doesn’t it?

    I mean in the movie “The Matrix”, Keannu Reeves woke up from a coma and look where he found himself.

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