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What with the Rush-centered whither-the-GOP discussion claiming as much of my attention as it has of late, I just turned on the Limbaugh show for the hell of it. Within moments, he uttered a phrase that crystallized the whole debate for me, and, in his response to a query from the WaPo’s Greg Sargent, suggests the direction I believe Republican leadership needs to be taking: “I reject your premise.”

That’s it. That’s it right there. Clean, clear, precise. It’s exactly what Michael Steele should’ve used as an opening line in his response to the smears hurled in his teeth by some left-wing comedian on CNN the other night. It’s what should be the response to every progressivist attempt to slime conservatives as bigoted, homophobic, hateful, xenophobic, uncaring, racist, warmongering, or unconcerned about the welfare of our nation’s less fortunate citizens. It ought to be the starting point for every effort to set the record straight about American values, and the direct contradiction of them inherent in the statist agenda represented by Obama and his mulish acolytes.

It should have been Bush’s first response to the “Bush lied, people died” and “no blood for oil” nonsense, designed as those childish slogans were not to spark legitimate debate, but to shut it down by shouting it down. It was, and remains, the proper response for any conservative to make to the insidiously ahistorical meme currently being propagated that the mortgage crisis was precipitated by inadequate government control of the free market, instead of feckless, conniving, and wholly corrupt Democrat politicians like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, whose blustering threats against lenders, backed by the iron fist of a too-powerful government, were the real cause of the problem. It should be repeated again and again by any Republicans who truly want to undo the damage now being wrought by collectivist dopes hell-bent on remaking our Constitutional republic, people who believe that that government governs best that governs most.

I reject your premise. Because your premise is dishonest, despicable, and a gross misrepresentation of fact. Until Republican spokesmen reject the trap set for them by unscrupulous, forked-tongue propagandists who twist their beliefs, and their very words, into something that bears no resemblance to truth — until they discover the wherewithal to seize the initiative and voice this phrase directly to their blatherskite interlocutors on the Left — no useful discussion will, or can, occur. And likewise, we shall NOT see “the reign of witches pass over, their spells dissolve, and the people, recovering their true sight, restore their government to its true principles.”


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  1. So Steele, the RNC chair, has been in office less than a month and he’s already showing less spine than His Holiness, God Jr., eh?

    Nice going, Republican “leadership.”

    Cheerleaders like Hugh Hewitt may continue to say that Steele was chosen for his resume but here in the blogosphere we don’t have to play that game. As I said in my reply to the other topic, it’s obvious that Steele was chosen because of his race – a straight up, naked pandering, affirmative action choice.

    When even the Republicans are playing the “affirmative action” game, what reason is there to support them? What do they even stand for anymore?

    Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

  2. That just does it. Steele said WHAT?

    I reject your premise. Meaning the whole Republican party’s premise.


    How do you get a new, viable party up and running anyhow? Because I am absolutely no longer a Republican.

  3. The primary problem for the Republican party… well okay, the biggest problem is that the current crop of Republican representatives are spineless twits who surrender to democrat premises at every turn, hoping that by doing so the mainstream media will suddenly praise them for supporting the latest socialist plan…

    …but, other than that, the biggest problem facing the Republican party is that there is no current Ronald Reagan or Newt Gingrich that can deliver inspirational and informative speeches educating viewers about conservatism. Jindal, while a great guy who conservatives should support, proved the other night that dems like Obama and B. Clinton are able to do what Jindal, Boehner, etc. are not – deliver a captivating speech. Sarah Palin is a great speaker who’s gotten no credit for the speeches she’s delivered and her ability to excite listeners to the conservative position…and, regretfully, she’s attacked more often by RINO’s than by the MSNBC freaks.

    However, the conservative movement has Rush…a brilliant speaker, who has made an incredible living honing his craft each day for 20 years, who is not afraid to speak the facts of conservatism vs. socialism. If the Republicans are smart, they’ll launch their own campaign IN SUPPORT of Rush, and expand upon the talking points that Rush presents, which will allow him to educate an even larger audience with more of his fantastic speeches, much as the Contract With America educated the masses to the truth about conservatism. It’s an opportunity to force the debate on the issues of the statements Rush is making

    Frankly, their other options are dreadful and will continue the spiraling of the party. Let’s hope they embrace Rush and make Carvel and Emanuel regret ever choosing to take on conservatism head-on.

  4. The GOP is harming the cause of conservativism. The same elitists who run the DNC run the RNC. Michael Steele on Hughley is like FDR on the Tokyo Rose show. If the GOP was interested in not being an enabler of liberal fasicsm, they would never, ever appear on Obama’s propaganda machine. Steele is the racist. If we are going to save America the GOP must be gotten rid of. That’s job #1. Boycott the GOP, give them no money. Do not vote for their candidates. The GOP is anti-freedom, anti-small-business, anti-european-american, pro-big-government, pro-tax, pro-government, pro-elitist. The GOP is an enabler of liberal fascism and this party must be destroyed if we are to restore the Constitution.

  5. I am No longer a Registered Republican.
    I am a Conservative.
    I will not support the Republican Party until
    they have someone in Leadership that Has a Pair
    and is willing to Speak Truth to Evil.

  6. Good Evening, All–


    As Winston said, “If a man is not a liberal at twenty, he has no heart. If he’s not a conservative at thirty, he has no head.”

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is war. Our republic is being accosted by liberals and socialist elites who are “entitled” to their positions of authority over us. We need to brace ourselves to the task at hand, that of saving the Republic for ourselves and our children.

    To do so, we need to fight these Facists by offering well thought-out alternatives to the drivel they’re proposing. We also need to put it in simple terms,as the critical thought processes in this country are failing, thanks to government schools.

    Finally, we need to fight fire with fire. I really love the mantra, “Obomba lied, the economy died.” If the other side wants to shut down discussion, we are under no obligation to be punching bags. We can do the same and we should do so.

    Wait until the food riots….

    God’s peace to all this evening–

  7. I never have been registered as a Republican. I am conservative, however.

    In the past, the GOP alienated me with their wishes for compulsory “voluntary” prayer in schools, their concern about the sex lives of the American people, and their embrace of theocrats like Dobson, Falwell, and Robertson. As I am of the “wrong” religion, etc, I would not have been welcome in the party anyway.

    I voted for GWB twice. I really had no choice given the alternatives, but still regret ever having cast those votes. The GOP is now every bit as eager to spend, regulate, control, and dictate this country into oblivion as the Democrat party.

    Have I solution? Yes, but it is one I cannot express here, or I will get a knock, or a battering ram, on my front door.

    About all I can be thankful for is that I never had children. I’d be very upset if I had brought people into the world that will have to live the rest of their lives under what is coming.

  8. Mark Levin had it right the other day. The Republican Party has squandered what was gained by conservatives.

  9. Jvette, you and Mark Levin had it right. The Republican Party HAS squandered what was gained by conservatives. That’s because the current crop (at least the national officeholders like Arlen and George Voinovich) are too doggone busy wanting to be LOVED rather than putting the needs of their country and constituents first since they possess no real point of view or moral center. That’s the bad news.

    The good news is that thoroughly ticked off people are multiplying hourly are also quite capable of defending themselves and their nation and have the courage and commitment to do so if necessary. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that.

    The best news is that while Rush is being the lightening rod for the conspirators of the White House, we can go about our business finding and grooming candidates that will bring down their house of lies and evasions built on the back of an immature narcissist with a complete lack of knowledge of history and who is, therefore, absolutely committed to repeating it. Got an “enemies list” fella? So did Richard Nixon. Look how well that worked for him!

  10. If you’ve ever listened to Michael Medved, you would be continually saying “I reject your premise” and you would be right.

    Some feel if they don’t continually say certain things they will be labeled with a broad brush (as if they should care).

    Medved says continually “Barak and Michelle are brilliant people,” “Obama and Michelle are patriots.”

    Can any of us here. knowing who Obama was mentored by, starting with Frank Marshall Davis and continuing with Ayers, say that he is a “patriot?” Michelle has openly stated her lack of pride for her country. She had only been proud once only 9 months ago.

    Barak and Michelle have spent 22 years in a church that spent what appears to be endless hours bashing the U.S..

    How do Barak and Michelle qualify as patriots? If these two are patriots we’re in bigger trouble than I thought. If Medved is a “patriot” the least he should do is reject that silly premise.

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