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Who’s Still Around the Morning After

I’m man enough to admit I bitched, moaned, and attacked Obama as much as the next armchair pundit…

I’m also man enough to swallow my pride and be the gentleman the boys home taught me to be…

Dear President-Elect Obama,

Congratulations. I’m proud that my country has proven to itself (not the world) that we can and will move past race.

We are not so different, you and I. I grew up in a Mexican/Indian household. I was born illegitimate; my father was white. I grew up in a household full of racial distrust and envy. I’ve always hated racism and racists, vehemently. This is why I don’t trust you. This is why I voted against you.

I assumed that because of your associations with certain individuals and given your comments about your upbringing, experiences, and family, that you were an angry individual with latent issues about race. My assumptions might be wrong; only time will tell.

Again, congratulations. My faith directs that I pray for and respect the leaders that have been placed above me by my creator. I did not do this when Clinton was elected and I’ve been a poor example…a very poor example to date. I will criticize your policies, but for you as an individual, I will show respect. There will be no Obama Derangement Syndrome from this American. I pledge this and welcome anyone to call me on it if I fail to live up to that promise.

To my fellow bloggers, please consider this:

His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition – Mark Steyn

The phrase is apt, I think. Congratulations to President Obama, as we must come to think of him. I agree with Jonah. He fought a brilliant campaign, beginning with his total befuddlement of the supposed sharpest operators in the country, the Clintons. Where’s the old politics of personal destruction when we needed it in the snows of Iowa, eh?

As for us losers, there’s no point going down the right-wing version of Bush Derangement Syndrome. Any shrill vicious ad hominem invective would be much better directed at each other. The Republicans lost this election. I disagree with Lisa. I think we are near a point at which America joins the rest of the west as a center-left society — that’s to say, a society whose assumptions about the role of government and the size of the state are far closer to Continental social democracies than to the Founding Fathers. In a grim media-cultural environment, the temptation for American conservatism is to be seduced into becoming one of those ever so mildly right-of-left-of-right-of-left-of-center parties they have in Europe. We should have the fight about conservatism’s future vigorously and openly — perhaps at Bud’s Roadhouse out on Route 137 in lieu of All-Girl Mud-Wrestling Night.

To the Republican Leadership and cuckolding Libertarian wannabees:

I’m gunning for you. I’m going to spend the next two years being the proverbial sithmonkey on your back. YOU are the reason this country is shifting to the left. Not Obama, not Pelosi, not any of them…

It’s time to clean house. If you want to call yourselves the party of Reagan, then by jeebus, start frikkin’ acting like it…


6 thoughts on “Who’s Still Around the Morning After

  1. More Steyn:
    “I extend my congratulations mainly in the same sense that elderly British veterans of my acquaintance like to express their admiration of the marvelously innovative ways their Japanese captors found to torture them. The President-elect ran rings round our side, and found many novel ways to torture us.

    Acorn is still a disgusting organization and Obama’s fundraising fraud is still outrageous. But nobody wants to hear that now. The problem for us is more basic – the Dems control the language on such issues (“count every vote”, etc), and they’re much better at demonizing. Why did McCain talk about Ayers but not even mention Wright? Because he was terrified someone would point a finger and cry “Racist!” And in four years’ time the Democrats’ media-cultural-organizational advantage on such subjects will likely be even greater. The salient feature of Ron Jones’ brief appearance on TV yesterday is not that Mr Jones voted “a couple of times” in Philadelphia nor even that he was entirely comfortable about admitting as much on TV, but that CNN’s Brian Todd beamed indulgently and said, “I think that’s against the law but it’s okay.” That’s the way large numbers of the American people feel about Acorn, the Undocumented Auntie, foreign donations and much else: it may be against the law but it’s okay.

    So I think our energies would be better focused on examining where we went wrong than in objecting to where the other guys went right. We need to rediscover a coherent conservatism and find someone who can pitch it to sufficient numbers of people. We didn’t have either in this campaign.
    (Oh, and you’re right to note that all the folks who told us McCain was the man, from Christopher Buckley to New Hampshire’s primary voters, had no difficulty abandoning him for Obama. Thanks a bunch.)”

    Sith: “but for you as an individual, I will show respect.”–Isn’t it the office, not the individual? With me, somedays it may even be just the office furniture–if the Clintons didn’t steal it already.


  3. Sith: “but for you as an individual, I will show respect.”–Isn’t it the office, not the individual? With me, somedays it may even be just the office furniture–if the Clintons didn’t steal it already.

    That’s a fair point. To clarify, I will respect him as a man and the President, but I will not hesitate to criticize or ridicule his actions. As I stated earlier, I haven’t been a paragon of grace when it came to criticizing him during the campaign…so I’m pledging to do better.

    I believe it’s possible to vociferously criticize a person’s despicable actions, but show a sense of genteel grace when dealing with the person as an individual.

    And another point…I don’t see any harm in the satire of a leader. There are satires of President Bush I found humorous, but the line between disrespectful slander and satire was crossed way too many times. It goes both ways. Liberal and Conservative.
    This is one of the reasons I was almost ready to give up on politics completely…I kept getting pulled onto the easy path of slander and disrespect.

    I wanna see the liberals and dems get beat…and beat bad…but I think we should do it with a mix of Buckley’s eloquence and Reagan’s inspiring courage. Let South Park handle the ridicule and satire end…they do it bigger and better.

  4. “I don’t see any harm in the satire of a leader.”

    Well someone is going to have to do it, I know Saturday Night Live got some bad feedback from the top when they hit the Dems on the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac collapse.

    I wonder how the Late Night comic hosts who concentrated their fire on the GOP will do now, if they will shift their fires any.

  5. Obama is a man who should be respected. On that same note, we shouldn’t be afraid to criticize him for fear of being called out as a racist or being publicly destroyed by the illuminati media.

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