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Thank You, House Republicans


Having Washington Democrats lecture Wall Street traders about thievery is like having Al Capone’s Gang lecture the Purple Gang on business ethics.

*It was Democrats who ordered and commanded Freddie & Fannie to strong-arm banks into making billions of bad loans in the name of “fairness”.

*It was Democrats Franklin Raines, Jim Johnson and Jamie Gorelick who ran these institutions, looted millions from them and now advise Obama on economics.

*It was Democrats who accepted the lion’s share of the campaign cash that Freddie & Fannie spread around town in order to become “too big to fail”.

*It is Democrats who claim the problem stems from a lack of regulation by Republicans–yet they vehemently blocked John McCain’s Regulatory Act in 2005 and taunted administration officials for even saying there was a problem.

*It was Democrat Barney Frank, former whorehouse operator and parking ticket-fixer, who only last week held a cowardly anonymous voice vote to have Freddie & Fannie make even more bad loans.

*It was Democrat Charlie Rangel who pry-barred a $10 million “charitable donation” from the now-broke AIG insurance giant last year as the cost of doing business before his committee. That’s how they do things in banana republics, where, as fate would have it, Charlie keeps his tax-cheat condos.

*It was Democrats who promulgated the mindless Sarbanes-Oxley regulations that made a bad problem much worse.

And Now the House Republicans are supposed to shut-up and pay the Democrats’ 700 billion dollar bar-tab without a whimper?

If your drunken uncle drives into a ditch, do you just pull him out, dust him off, give him a gallon of gas and a gallon of moonshine, hand him back his keys and send him down the highway to get in a head-on with a schoolbus? No; you go through his wallet. And hit on his date. But after that, you insist on some accountability.

That’s what elections are for. This is exactly how it’s supposed to work.

House Republicans got smacked down in 2006 because of profligate spending. Of course they’re not going to just roll over and sign on to the largest spending bill in history, especially one designed largely to cover Democrat malfeasance, without having some discussion of how we got here, how we get out and how we stay out.

Because House Republicans refused to just rubber-stamp the Bail-Out, the bill has already improved tremendously and will now pass.

Thank you, Republican gentlemen and ladies, for standing up and refusing to be a mere cog in Nancy Pelosi’s National Disgrace Congress of 2008.


2 thoughts on “Thank You, House Republicans

  1. Great post. Nice rundown of the setup for the fall. But…

    …could you give us a link to whatever it is you’re quoting?

  2. Sure, Stephen; I was quoting…me. I just set my points in block quote format to emphasize them. And thanks.

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