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Aesop contends that that’s how the Perfumed Princes are fucking up in their campaign to crush LTC Scheller for the heinous crime of speaking the ugly truth about them right out in front of God and everybody.

We read where some folks commenting are all doom-and-gloom worried about the future prospects of Lt. Col. Scheller, USMC.

Bitch, please.

As if.

The way you “protect” someone like this, with balls the size of church bells, is hand him a bayonet, and then get out of his way.

If they were smart, they’d simply drop all charges, separate him from service post-haste, and grant him a full pension, and hope he just goes off and plays golf. But they’re not that smart.

I hope he’s right about all that, I truly do, and in a just world he surely would be. Unfortunately, this is most definitely NOT such a world, nor anything even close. Which means that it’s no better than even-money odds that they’ll just quietly Epstein him, and hope nobody notices.

And that, my friends, will open a whole ‘nother can of worms, one they’re gonna enjoy even less than the one they have now. Read it all to find out how well THAT might work out for ’em.

Harbinger of doom update! Well, this tears it. The poor guy is well and truly cornholed now.

A growing number of conservative lawmakers on Capitol Hill are rallying to the cause of a Marine lieutenant colonel jailed this week for his outspoken and repeated criticism of his superiors and what he said was their failure to take responsibility for mishandling the chaotic final days of the U.S. war in Afghanistan.

Yep, he’s definitely hosed. Any time “conservative lawmakers” declare themselves to be in your corner the fight is officially over, and you lost.

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I am hoping that, luckily for him in any way it worked out, the attention this is getting will help him survive.

However, given how the situation in Australia and the protests in France are not getting ANY mention, even in places like Insty, are bad portents.

Keep up the mentions from the Blacked Out Zones Mike, and others!

This man is a Patriot and a Hero and the First of Many, I hope. I just wouldn’t want to see him as a martyr. That’s wrong.


Better to fight all alone than to have the GOP (supposedly) on your side. Here’s hoping his back does not suddenly sprout a bunch of knives.


I remain unconcerned.

His donated legal fund war chest is pushing $900K, last I looked, with which to hire competent counsel.

Which reminds me of a story:

A company of Iraqi Republican guards was convoying across the desert, looking for the enemy.

Suddenly, from high atop a sand dune to one side, a lone Marine appeared.

“Hey Hadji! Send up your toughest man, and I’ll kick his ass!”
Then he retreated behind the dune.

The CO yelled at his biggest, baddest man, “Private Achmed! Go and kill the infidel!”

Achmed trotted off across the desert, and went over the sand dune.

There followed a tremendous sound of a scuffle, detached limbs were thrown in the air, and after a minute or so, the Marine once again climbed atop the dune, and taunted his foes.

“That was too easy! Send over your toughest squad, and I’ll fuck them up too!” And again, he retreated below the crest of the dune.

The Republican Guards CO shouted “Sgt. Habib! Take your squad, and crush the infidel! At once!”

Sgt. Habib and his squad tore across the desert sands, climbed the dune, and once again, the fight commenced. There were blood-curdling screams, more body parts flew up and came down, and yet again, a terrible quiet descended on the desert.

Yet a third time, the lone Marine climbed atop the dune, patting a few slightly mussed short hairs from his high-and-tight haircut back into place.
“That was still too easy! Send me your roughest, toughest platoon, and I’ll take them all on too, you bunch of pussies.”

He stood there, arms crossed and waiting.

The CO, now apoplectic with rage, commanded, “Lt. Hakim, take your platoon, and bring me the head of that accursed infidel IMMEDIATELY!”

Lt. Hakim saluted, and was just about to order his platoon to charge the lone Marine, when suddenly, bloodied and minus a leg, crawled Sgt. Habib from around the far end of the dune.

Just before he was pulled by his good leg back behind the dune, he threw his hands to his mouth, and yelled loudly and clearly to his former mates a fearful warning,



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