29 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

              1. I had a crush on Bardot
                Fell in love with Monroe
                Read about ’em in the nationals
                All the juicy little scandals
                But I never saw ’em dancin’ at the county hall
                with the short fat guy’s prematurely bald

                Dig this

                You can keep your black and your red heads
                you can keep your brunettes too
                Don’t wanna subservient woman
                Gimme a blonde that’s six feet two boy
                and that ain’t all

      1. I’m going to go with identifying myself as the child and my child identifying as my Mom. Just to mess with their heads.

        Then I can do Regular Show Musselman My Mom jokes.

        1. 🙂
          The truth is none of this is as bad as the real world where men (boys) identify as girls and compete in the girls sports. Really, the girls need to toughen up and embrace the power of the mob and throw some blanket party’s.

              1. It’s a Mixed Up
                Muddled Up
                Shook Up World
                Except for Lola

                Except now Lola is a Girl that identifies as a Boy who is transitioning to a Woman.

                I guess some of the boys will be identifying as Lesbians as they compete in Girls Sports and go hit the showers together.

            1. Steve: If they weren’t embarrassed when a Women’s Olympian team was beat hell out of by a middle school all boys team, then they probably won’t even register it except to double down harder.

              You can’t shame the shameless.

              1. The cognitive dissonance of a certain subset of the populace is a wonder to behold.

                I’ve mentioned that, except for me, everyone at my employer is a liberal, most of them full into libtard territory. Casual conversations conveyed their bone-deep belief in such tropes as “believe all women” and many other mainstays of libtard dogma.

                But maybe not so bone-deep, push come to shove. When Kobe Bryant died I pointed out that he’d still be alive if he’d been thrown in jail after being accused of rape. That brought the conversation to a screeching halt. (I wasn’t a part of the conversation but it was taking place about four feet from me so I felt entitled to join in.) Then one guy, who a few minutes before had been proclaiming that some man in the news needed to be in jail because some woman had said he’d “assaulted” her, said, “Well, there are nuances…”

                Right, libtard, whatever you say.

                Tell you, I much prefer my job now that I no longer have to see or listen to those tools.

                1. But maybe not so bone-deep, push come to shove. When Kobe Bryant died I pointed out that he’d still be alive if he’d been thrown in jail after being accused of rape.


                  Well, unless he got shanked while he was in there.

                  Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first. 🙂

  1. And he’s back online…
    Shout out to Spectrum as their activation function is a snap. I added another cable box and swapped 3 to newer boxes, and added internet/phone to the spectrum account, eliminating the DSL service we have currently out here on the coast.

    After getting everything wired/connected and moving my monitoring systems to their new location, I clicked the email link, said yes I agree to all the lawyerly gibberish, and 10 minutes later all cable boxes are functioning and the internet modem is sending things to my wireless device and here we are.

    Not bad. Much better than the old days.

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