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Just a note: I thought there was no way, nada chance, that dopey hiden Biden would show up to debate Trump. Obviously I was wrong. I don’t think modern drugs were in my calculus.


It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late
With long arrears to make good,
When the Americans* began to hate.

*with apologies to Rudyard, but I think he would approve

Read the whole thing, the original and correct “The Beginnings”

I think you’ll find that many Americans are getting there.


1am, the president and first lady have tested positive for the electionVirus.


2020 just kicked it up a notch with that news.

Unemployment Numbers in 3 minutes.


Missed “expectations”, but I find that it continues a show of improvement.

I expect it will taper down as the unemployed numbers improve.


Expected 850k. Actual 661k. Unemployment Rate down to 7.9%.

Disappointing. I was concerned that when we hit 8% or so we would start finding out how many jobs were actually lost instead of being there and waiting for someone to come back.


Heh, answering in the wrong thread –

If we had made the expectation 600k then it would “look” good. Reality as I see it, it continues to improve and the pace will slow down to some degree. It is not going to boom until the marxist operated states open back up.

There are millions of jobs still closed by the marxists.


Currently we have 7.9% U3 v 3.5% before. 162 Million work force.
So 4.4% more to go. That’s 7 Million jobs. That’s another 11 months IF we get 661k per month every month.

Here is the problem. The prior two months stood at 1.76 Million for July and 1.49 Million for August. Now this month is 661k or 0.66 Million.

Each month the added jobs are falling.
If we fall back to normal we would add 200k or so per month it would take 35 months to get the jobs all back.

Finally, here in the details of the release today was a sickening number:

In September, the number of permanent job losers increased by 345,000 to 3.8 million; this measure has risen by 2.5 million since February.

That’s 2.5 Million jobs that went Poof. Plus, it is still rising.


It’s not going to be a normal recovery. After the election the electionVirus will become a nothing and perhaps we can get back to work.


In other words. I’m guessing we picked up the red state back to normal jobs that were there to be had and it will be slower now while waiting for the marxists to reopen.


I’ve seen a couple of businesses shuttered with For LEase signs in Malls.
Also at least one hotel that must have drawn crowds for UNC Sports (we stayed there while we waited for our Rental to be ready.). Their lobby was full of ACC flags and UNC memorabilia.
The Sports bar next door had a bunch of TVs. It was July so no College at the time so it was empty.
I imagine game days it was packed for football and basketball and perhaps baseball.


In addition to all the other losses, the college town sports business has been killed. It will be back, but likely under new owners as most will not make it IMO.


There is no question that a LOT of permanent damage was done. Given time — and an end to the COVID hysteria, which hopefully will happen once Trump is re-elected — there will be a recovery. But you are right about many of the specific businesses never coming back. Restaurants, tourism and sports related stuff, small operations of every kind — those business owners are gone, crushed, their operations destroyed and their savings wiped out. Many of them will face a permanently reduced status and financial position in life, as what they spent years or decades building was destroyed.

New businesses will take their place, eventually. But that will take time, and the loss of savings, knowledge, and experience will leave a permanent scar on those lives much like the Great Depression did to my parents’ generation.

This whole debacle has had me thinking and reading about the Great Depression. I used to wonder just how things could have gotten so bad, how could the leaders of that era screw up so badly. No need to wonder any more, is there?

All the folks who think we are so much smarter than previous generations because we have better technology now really ought to learn a harsh lesson from the covidiocy, but of course they won’t. Those kinds of people never do. So the biggest public policy blunder in several generations will inevitably get shrugged off as “bad luck” (in the sense of the Heinlein quote).


“All the folks who think we are so much smarter than previous generations…”

Most of us are retarded when compared to the founders. The Declaration and Constitution are as near perfect as intelligence is capable of.


Not according to the late RBG.

Who has now fortunately moved to a warmer climate with her Messiahs – Lenin and Stalin!!!


Here’s hoping it does!


I’d rather just sever them from America…


Eddie Van Halen RIP.
One of the few that changed everything.
Chuck Berry. Bo Diddley. Carl Perkins. Link Wray. Dick Dale, Pete Townshend. Eric Clapton. Jeff Beck. Jimi Hendrix. , Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani.


Some bright young fools dimwitted troglodytes decided to kidnap Governor Whitless, err, Whitmer: Feds say they thwarted militia plot to kidnap Whitmer

Now, what’s funny here is that, if you read the article, they’re turning themselves inside out to paint it as “Raght Wang Miltia Members” and the dreaded “Boogaloo Boyz”, when all of the other info I’ve been able to find pretty clearly spells out “Anti-Orange Man Lefty Lunatics”.

What’s even funnier, though, is… given that, it spells out that even the Lefties are tired of Whitmer’s shit. 🙂


Lunatics that certainly are not Trump supporters. Just rogue elements of the anarchy democrap party.


Leftists always devour their own, given enough time. It is the nature of communists.


When they run out of OPM in a given place they turn on each other like feral rats.


This is all assuming that the whole thing wasn’t faked up from the get go. I mean, who the hell kidnaps a governor? And why? Assassinate, yes, but kidnap?

BUT, taking it at face value as “it happened just that way, give er take a lie or two!”, that was a three ring circus of incompetency on both sides.

Gubbener Whitmer has demonstrated that she can’t competently run a binge in a brewery.

And going by the narrative, the clown posse trying to kidnap her couldn’t manage to orchestrate a gangbang in a brothel with the assistance of a half a dozen porn stars and 275 gallons of water based lube.

It’s too bad the Feebies stepped in. If they had managed to all get together at the state house or the governor’s mansion, the ensuing clusterfuck would have achieved Biblical proportions. 🙂

You just couldn’t buy entertainment like that.


There was a danger that they would cross the Streams of Stupidity and end the world as we know it.


Dogs and cats, living together!!!


🐕 🐈 🐶 🐱



I was scanning recent headlines, and apparently I am supposed to believe that Joe Biden, the old man who has been hiding in his basement for months and can’t draw more than a few dozen non-media people to a campaign event, is currently leading President Trump by a country mile. In fact, old Joe is supposedly going to demolish Trump by at least three times the margin Obama beat Romney by. Yes, really.

Biden is not Obama. He doesn’t have the advantage of incumbency, he doesn’t have nearly the black support, and he can not even begin to campaign as much as Obama did. (Not that Obama was exactly vigorous about campaigning, being the lazy type.)

Trump is not Romney. He actually wants to win, unlike Romney, and is willing to attack his opponent relentlessly (unlike Romney, who was scared of being called a racist…which the media called him anyway). Trump is campaigning steadily, if not at quite the energizer bunny pace he sustained in the non-COVID 2016 race.

One advantage the Dems do have is that Obama was getting a 24/7 tongue bath from the media, while Trump gets unrelenting negativity and attacks. Just how much power do the media retain? Will it be enough? Trump has always made a point of running against the media just as much as he is running against his Dem opponent.

And of course there is the fraud factor. This is a BIG question mark, and it worries me.

But I just can not believe the polls claiming Biden is winning by roughly thee times what Obama beat Romney by in 2012. It just does not pass the smell test.


The polls are rigged. They don’t remotely align with reality. They are rigged to create a cascade of Biden voters and to depress the Trump voters.

It’s another of their failed models. It will not work.

Fraud might though.


He’s not black and he doesn’t have a vagina, BernieBros resent the Establishment Candidate screwing them time and time again, and many Independents know that it’s the Dems behind the Lockdowns, the poor Economy and the Riots.

There is no way Biteme has anywhere near the support even Crooked had, and Crooked lost several million votes as compared to 0bambam.

Plus Trump hasn’t lost a single person who voted for him last time and has been adding on from the sceptics who stayed home in 2016. His approval ratings are 53%. 95% of Republicans approve of the job he was doing. Still, to get to 53% he has to be getting a lot of Independent Voter’s approval too.

The polls are being set up to justify the Fraud and this time I don’t think they will narrow. Watch 2 weeks from now. If they don’t start narrowing then they won’t narrow at all.


The polls are being set up to justify the Fraud

This. Absolutely this. When the Dems open the trunk of Al Franken’s car and “find” a great big pile of Biden votes days after the election, the gaslighting polls will be used as “proof” that Biden was winning all along.

I hope that President Trump and his team are well prepared for what is going to happen, and the massive Dem Lawfare that will try to use the courts to force it through.


“I hope that President Trump and his team are well prepared…”

If they don’t they don’t, they deserve to win. This is probably the most important part of the election this time. We know they will cheat. The only questions are the scale of the cheating and the margin of victory they have to overcome.


Ouch. Interrupted. Should read:

If they don’t they don’t deserve to win.


Trump’s already pulling ahead in a number of polls, if you believe polling. It won’t take two weeks for them to narrow.

And that’s the public polls. If Trump’s within two points in the public polls, the Dem’s internal polling must have them scared shitless.

That’s assuming they ever intended to win, which I still doubt. I still think that if they’d intended to win this time around, they’d have nominated Gabbard. She’d have been an actual challenge for Trump.

Fuel Filter

Mike, I lost your email address. Just read this and thought you might want to do a post on it. Sundance nails something we’ve all been talking about for a very long time:


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