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Portland’s mayor tear-gassed by US agents as protest rages

It’s ok to laugh, right?


I am.


I am.


Losers everyone.


LOL, both of my comments to SteveF above resulted in a message that I was “posting comments to fast, slow down”.

Speedy, that’s me.


You should be more like my couseen, Slowpoke Gonzalez. He pack a gun!


I have a gun 🙂


Mike Adams, the conservative UNC professor that sued the school, and won, when he was denied tenure, was found dead in his home.

Mike was a beacon of Freedom and Liberty.

The left is scum. Just look at their comments and lies. Just fucking scum.


Another SAT cancelled.
The link to change the test date or find another county giving the SAT leads to a BLM/Edu page crying about their “plight”.
I am getting really, really sick of this.
There is absolutely no reason to have in person school closed and therefore they should have these Saturday SAT exams given as well.
Really, really sick of this.


I feel for you. My grandchildren are at an age where this mess will not cause permanent damage. The seniors and juniors in HS are really having their lives disrupted by the progs for no reason but election engineering.


I was able to change the testing site to a part of town outside Orange County and outside my school district. At a charter school in Chatham County. Fingers crossed this one remains open for the test. Same date too.


Good luck. We better hope Massa Cooper doesn’t find out.


I feel like watching Cool Hand Luke.

I keep thinking I have to go “Ok to do ______________ Boss? Thanks Boss!”


I for one have had a bit too much bourbon but feel fine.

Since this is an open comment, I wanted to ensure all of you Patriots are having a fine Friday evening

I certainly am


I am thinking the bourbon has something to do with the feeling fine part. 🙂 Glad you are doing well, Riflemyn! Enjoy your weekend.


Good way to start the weekend!


Of course it is. Any criticism of commies democrats is political.


Poor Pol Pot Cuomo. Victim of a political pouncing by republicans.

“They ain’t Killing Fields at all!” He exclaims.


Pacific Northwest. Must be something in the water out there. Perhaps they import water from china. Or idiot land.

comment image

Anyway, since more than one link seems to trigger a death wish, I’ll supply only one per comment 🙂


The following instructions are probably close but not necessarily spot-on — different versions of WordPress, different plugins, tilting your head a different way when changing a setting. You know the deal.

1. Go to the site dashboard, and then to the Settings menu on the left.
2. Click on the Discussion submenu.
3. In the page that comes up, scroll down to the “Comment Moderation” block. That’ll have a line with a data entry box for “hold for moderation if there are more than NNN links”.


Thanks Mike, and Steve for the guidance.


Dunks on Trump? I don’t think so. He pulled a Fauci with a basketball. He jumped up about 1 foot vertical, lost the ball on the way up and ended up throwing it Left into the third row of the stands. All the Lestist Press then told him “Nice Dunk!”


Inside the Portland protest zone: ‘I don’t think there’s an end in sight’

One of those subscriber exclusives with little thought given to that. When the subscriber log in pops up, refresh the page then stop the refresh. You should get the content without the popup.

Of course, the feds may come and cart you off for theft of stupid property.


And last, a fat ugly troll of top commie thinks Portland violence is just a myth:


“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain rioters out in the open. That is just an illusion created by the wily super villain Vlad Putin and his stooge, Drumpf!” says the idiot.


I notice the fat ugly troll of top commie can barely waddle to the car and barely manage to get in unaided.

We are led by Top Men.




Just for the record, I predict the wife of the first black president will be the Biden pick for VP.

Toxic as she may be, Clinton will accept the slot. Should Biden win, he’ll be dead in 6 months or less, possibly before the swearing in ceremony.


When is the last time anyone saw Biden? In the flesh, that is, not remote from his basement? I am still expecting the Dems to pull a Torricelli and swap in a different candidate at the last minute. Biden is just being kept as a target dummy for now, to draw fire and waste Trump campaign ammo (which Trump has mostly resisted doing, other than an occasional tweet slam).


The problem is, the “different candidate” would likely be such a whacko they have no chance of being elected. Better to run a basement dwelling half wit, then kill them.

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