Biden is right—not just once, but twice.

Sleepy Joe Biden said Tuesday during an interview from his home in Delaware that he is locked in his basement.

This is the best the Democrats have.

“…and I know I’m locked in a basement..” said Joe.

“Are they worried he will wander off and get lost?” Trump’s campaign said trolling Biden.

Biden also forgot the name of his own plan, calling it the “Make Work” checklist instead of “Make It Work.”

Ouch. Time for another nap, Grampa Joe.

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test comment


Corrupt Slow Joe’s place at the White House would be locked in the basement as well. Or in a coffin. Fortunately he’ll never get to the WH again.


I know I’m locked in a basement.
Whose basement? I don’t know.
Where is this basement? I don’t know.
Why I’m locked in a basement? I don’t know.
What’s a basement? I don’t know.
When will they let me out? I don’t know.
Is anybody out there? Hello. Hello. Kenneth, What’s the Frequency…