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I’ve mentioned it before, I believe, but my biggest disappointment with Trump during the 2016 primaries came when, after Ted Cruz admirably declared in a speech to Iowa farmers that, should he be elected Prez-o-dent, he’d be doing away with subsidizing the sugary, watery swill currently ruining engines across the fruited plain by government decree. A few days later and to my dismay, Trump went to Iowa to declare solid support for this wasteful, harmful, and costly collusion between Big Government and Big Agra, and any return to fossil-fuel sanity be damned. Although it doesn’t seem to have hurt him any, I still consider it a huge mistake, for all sorts of reasons.

So imagine my delight at seeing this:

EVANSVILLE, Ind., Oct. 18 (UPI) — Farming and renewable fuel groups are angry over an Environmental Protection Agency proposal that they say will reduce the amount of biofuels that oil refiners are required to use next year — and they are fighting to have it overturned.

The proposed rule, the groups say, reneges on a promise the Trump administration made two weeks ago to require large oil refineries to increase their ethanol use enough to compensate for the exemptions granted to small refineries.

“What they’re basically saying is forget the deal we told you about,” said Monte Shaw, the executive director of the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association. “It’s a draft rule at this point, so we’re raising holy hell. We’re trying to get the president’s attention. We had a deal.”

So what? Your cozy little “deal” amounted to no less than a buggering of the American people. Ethanol is pure crap; like so many other Superstate programs, it achieves the exact opposite of its claimed goals. It costs nearly twice as much to produce as gasoline; it creates more pollution; and, as already noted, it’s hell on engines: valve trains, combustion chambers, exhaust systems, and fuel system components, in small engines and older ones particularly.

Some of you old coots like me will no doubt remember the vicious old prank, often threatened but seldom executed, of dumping sugar in someone’s gas tank to screw up their car. Now FederalGovCo requires us to do what amounts to the same thing, since ethanol is quite high in sugar content; in fact, in some countries this weasel piss is made from sugar cane. And all this neatly sidesteps the question of whether the gummint ought to be allowed power enough to dictate what fuel Americans may or may not run in our personal conveyances in the first place.

Corn belongs on your dinner plate, not in your gas tank. I don’t expect any such thing, I’m sorry to say, but Trump really ought to tell those Iowa corn farmers anxious to protect their sweetheart scam to get bent, deal’s off. Ethanol is good for them all right, but very bad for the rest of us.


4 thoughts on “Corncobbed

  1. While I agree corn has no place in the fuel tank ethanol does not contain but maybe traces of sugar. If properly made and purified (very easy to do by distillation) there should be no detectable amount of any sugar in ethanol. I know, I know,… I’m assuming that the job has been done correctly which can be a very large assumption in this era.

  2. The real unspoken problem with the eth scam is that at whatever percent of eth is in the gasoline a typical vehicle mpg will be reduce by that percent due to the much lower Btu of the eth -v-gasoline. I found this out with my vehicle the first time I made the mistake of using what I refer to as “water gas”.
    The pure Eth that is mixed to the gasoline WILL pull water out of the air and leave it in the car’s tank. Try filling a glass jar with eth/gas and letting it sit for a week or so.

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