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Northern California liberals finally get what they hope to inflict on the rest of us

Enjoy the 19th Century, asstards.

Will the last conservative to escape from Liberal Utopia please turn off the…oh wait, PG&E just did that for us. Maybe they’d be willing to consider making it permanent—y’know, f’r Gaia, duuuuude.

4 thoughts on “Northern California liberals finally get what they hope to inflict on the rest of us

  1. (posted this to the wrong post) – Problem is, the wealthy liberal areas (SF south down the 101 into Atherton and Palo Alto, most of Marin’s population areas and all of Sacramento and San Francisco proper) still have the power turned on. Up in the foothills where folks are much more conservative and a lot of the East Bay and South Bay are where the power is being turned off. Libs inflict their poor policy choices on others while remaining largely unaffected by those choices. SSDD.

  2. The remaining sane denizens of the Iron Pyrite State must be getting packed and ready to flee. Anyone who resides in The Land of Fruits and Nuts who isn’t preparing to exfiltrate deserves the place and whatever its mandarins do to him.

    1. Unfortunately, a lot of those folks will bring their politics with them, dragging down the places they go to. Long term, there won’t be any where to retreat to.

      As to PG&E, they can”t seem to win. No one’s allowed to clear out the dead wood fuel on the forest floors, but they are responsible for fires caused by any sparks caused by wind effects on the power lines. Bankrupt to boot.

  3. Been away awhile myself so first, welcome back Mike!
    When I saw the planned power outages a laughed and laughed. Even funnier is that with about 2 million people w/o power they STILL had a nice big fire.
    Don’t feel sorry for PG&E or anyone who chooses to stay in CA. Elections have consequences, to coin a phrase. I would bet serious money that the so called ‘leadership’ of PG&E has been in bed with the political elite for a long time so they reap what they sowed. Zero sympathy here but enjoying the humor of which there is sure to be more.
    Maybe they should shut off ALL power every time the wind exceeds 20mph. Its the only way to be sure.

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