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“Whistleblower” unmasked!

Our ol’ pal Baldilocks has got the goods.


Juliette also has a theory about this whole whistleblower/impeachment contretemps: she thinks Trump is behind all of it. Yeah, I know, I know, Nth-dimensional chess, stable genius, all that unlikely stuff everybody seems to be tired of and is pooh-poohing now. But hear the lady out.

The thing is this: it is probable that Donald Trump set this soap opera into motion and did so on purpose. What follows is my theory on how it went down.

Last week, it was reported that Secretary of State Pompeo was sitting in on the call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky.

After the call – or maybe before – the president tells Pompeo to get one of the latter’s people to drop some bait about the call in the presence of the right person — someone who is likely to spill the beans to the Democratic Party honchos.

This gets done and thus is born the “whistle-blower,” who so is excited about it that she doesn’t bother with the whistle-blower procedure. Instead, she runs to Congress in order pass the bait along to the other fish — especially to Adam Schiff — and they, of course, swallow it. What about the change to the whistle-blower statute regarding first-hand information? Trump changed that.

Why would President Trump do this? Simple. He knows that the Democrats have been after him since he announced his candidacy; they pre-conjured a reason for his impeachment, for Heaven’s sake. Therefore, he is forcing an impeachment at the time of his choosing rather than theirs.

Now, some might say that there’s simply no way Trump could be this wily, cunning, and slick. To that I say: based on what? Particularly after we’ve seen this uncut amateur nimbly outmaneuver his putative “betters” in the professional-politician Ruling Class time and time again? Baldilocks is a smart woman, for sure. But if she was capable of coming up with this, do you really want to argue that Trump isn’t?


1 thought on ““Whistleblower” unmasked!

  1. It could also be part of a counter-intel move by President Trump and his loyalists.

    Whisper roughly the same thing to 10 suspected people, each version slightly different than the other.

    See which version pops up in the media.

    See employees leave, with their non-disclosure forms stapled to their foreheads and a warning from the Trump legal team to keep their fat traps shut.

    Seriously, after a ‘major coup’ like this from the Dems, there always seems to be a smattering of people leaving, from low-level office workers, to interns, to, well, Cabinet members.

    And I am enjoying this.

    It’s like no-one has ever read all of the ‘Jack Ryan’ books by Tom Clancy (where he predicts an airborne attack against a US building, predicts the rising of Red China, predicts just this scenario…)

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