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The Climate Change (formerly Global Warming, formerly Global Cooling, formerly “the weather”) fight, that is.

As I wrote earlier this week, the Democratic Party is accomplishing what the Republican Party—conservatives in particular—failed to do for more than two decades: Exposing the general public to the radical, authoritarian, and wholly unrealistic agenda lurking behind the facade of the climate change movement.

The Green New Deal betrayed the climate crusade’s outlandish demands in its starkest, darkest terms yet, and a seven-hour climate change “town hall” on CNN this month featured Democratic presidential hopefuls promising everything from abortion and plastic straw bans to government-ordered veganism as solutions to halt supposed climate change. Democratic candidates promise to become more dystopian on this issue as they head into the heart of the 2020 campaign season.

So, presented with this gift, it is no time for Republicans and conservatives to take the boot off the throat of the collective climate propaganda machine.

Julie, Julie, Julie; you know I love ya, babe, I truly do. But you’re proceeding from a seriously mistaken assumption here: that Republicans/official “conservatives” were EVER anything but fully in league with the Left on this issue—and plenty of others, too. “Take the boot off”? When, pray tell, was it ever ON?

Yes, young people consider protecting the environment an urgent matter. But as Steven Pinker carefully detailed in his book, Enlightenment Now, by every measure, including the environment, conditions are far better now than in the past. Conservatives should tell a more uplifting tale about how American innovation has made the planet better, not worse.

Oh, I think they should be doing a good bit more than just that: they should be telling nothing but the plain truth, which is that the whole Climate Change (formerly Global Warming, formerly Global Cooling, formerly “the weather”) scam was never anything more than just that, a Lefty scam—cooked up from go for the dual but indivisible purposes of grabbing power and redistributing wealth. Nothing more, nothing less.

I concede, however, that this is a debate worth having. Buskirk appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program Tuesday night and Carlson enthusiastically agreed with Buskirk, as I assume plenty of people on the Right do as well.

But Americans finally are getting a close look at what a future controlled by climate freaks would really look like—and they are justifiably alarmed. In my view, conservatives should focus only on drawing attention to the Left’s plans while telling the truth about the safety, health, and clean future of the planet. We might not get this chance again.

America’s part of the planet—the only one we actually have any say over—is the cleanest it’s been since the Industrial Revolution. Let the Third World, huge swathes of Asia, and others clean up after themselves. And let our own phonus-balonus Lefty Chicken Littles go take themselves a nice flying fuck at a plate-glass window. There’s no reason whatsoever to concede a single premise to them, nor grant them the unearned courtesy of pretending to take them seriously for one moment, and every reason not to.


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