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Space Lawd, mutha mutha

I for one welcome our new Chinese overlords.

If you look up at the moon tonight, understand that you are not looking at a primordial rock that has orbited above our heads, rearing its pale, pockmarked face every night, since the dawn of humanity. Instead, you are looking at a treasure trove of natural resources. As you stare up at the pale, dimpled, and ancient face of Earth’s only natural satellite, understand that there is a Chinese rover roaming the previously-unexplored dark side (the part that permanently faces away from Earth) of the lunar surface, testing the soil to determine whether or not China might be able to strip mine the moon. Should Beijing conclude that the moon is home to a bevy of abundant, untapped natural resources, then China’s space program will return to the moon, and exploitthose natural resources for China’s benefit before anyone else can.

Well, heck, maybe NASA can hitch a lift with them sometime instead of piggybacking on Russia.

In fact, as you will see throughout this piece, China’s space ambitions are expansive, compelling, and a direct (and enduring) threat to the United States. For, it is not only in the area of space mining that China envisions becoming the dominant player. China also seeks to acquire true military parity with the United States in orbit of Earth; by building the capability to damage or destroy vulnerable American satellites and by potentially placing weapon systems—disguised as civilian systems—in orbit.

Ahh, but the ChiComs are not hindered by the America’s two most crippling handicaps: 1) hordes of Progtard anklebiters whining and bitching incessantly about all those things, and 2) the will to steamroller right over them anyway—perhaps literally. China may indeed have such anklebiters, but said anklebiters know the consequences for them should they fail to keep their traps screwed tightly shut.

The Chinese view space quite differently from their American rivals. China’s space vision is a cold, clear-eyed, nationalist mission for space exploration and, inevitably, exploitation. As I’ve written recently, the Chinese leadership cares “little for the betterment of humanity.” They do not go into space possessed of the same airy, globalist notions that so many American policymakers have been imbued with. What’s more, the Chinese have a far more realistic—even cynical—view of space than most American leaders do. Theirs is a belief that nationalism will empower China’s rise in the strategic domain of space. And, once ensconced as the dominant force in the strategic high ground of space, the Chinese will be able to have control over the other terrestrial strategic domains of space (land, sea, air, and cyberspace).

The Chinese leadership fundamentally believes that space is an unpossessed resource waiting to be conquered by the nation (or group of nations) that have the gumption to take it before other states can. The cynicism of Chinese leaders when it comes to space is in their belief that China must do everything it can—including weaponizing space—to prevent China’s rivals (read, the United States) from denying space to them.

And they are correct to the Nth detail of that, too. Which is why, unless the US somehow pulls it head out of its ass, the Chinese are going to leave us bleating and choking in their dust. Historically, strength and will tend to conquer weakness and enervation every single time.

But that ain’t why I posted on this. The excuse it provided to insert this little musical interlude is.


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