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Yeah, yeah, yeah

Dirty Harry Reid thinks you should be Alarmed.

Time is running out to act on climate change

And it always is. And it always will be.

Today, the Nevada deserts — along with environments throughout the country and the world — are facing threats much greater than bulldozers, shovels and unscrupulous mining operations. That threat is climate change.

There’s no denying the disastrous effects climate change is having on every corner of Nevada, our country and our planet. Even the beautiful Joshua Tree forest 5 miles from my Searchlight home is in distress. In the last few years alone, we’ve seen record wildfires in the West, multiple 100-year floods and a drought that left Lake Mead 4 feet away from a federal water shortage.

OH NOES!!! A “federal water shortage?” Heaven help us. Not sure what exactly a “federal water shortage” might actually amount to, mind. But it’s bound to be horrible, and will surely kill us all.

I won’t be around to see the worst impacts of climate change, but my children, grandchildren and countless families around the world will be. They’ll suffer the brunt of this crisis. They’ll bear the burden of cleaning up my generation’s mess.

Aw gee, you won’t? So somehow we’ve gone from AlGore’s “only ten years left” “planetary emergency” alarum back in 2006, to AOC’s “only 12 years left” revision, to..what, three or four weeks, maybe? Actually, Democrat-Socialist knucklehead Andrew Yang insists that it’s “already too late,” and that we should all head for the hills already. Literally. Hey, give the guy props for having balls enough To Boldly Go where no lunatic has gone before, I guess.

Meh. I won’t bother with any more of Reid’s silly-assed twaddle; I mean, what’s the point, really? I just wanted to bask in the idea that he doesn’t expect to be around much longer for a bit here, and enjoy the delicious frisson of anticipation it brought me.


7 thoughts on “Yeah, yeah, yeah

  1. Maybe when they stop planting water intensive fruits and vegetables in the deserts of California and Arizona, maybe when they stop building homes in the middle of the desert around Las Vegas, THEN, THEN…maybe I’ll be worried.

    In the meantime, I spent today in the ocean off the coast of San Diego enjoying the weather. You know, in the PACIFIC OCEAN….

  2. Perhaps someone on that dottering old fool’s staff should show him the news on how keen Mann was to defend his ‘hockey stick’ in public.

  3. It’s like nobody bothered to read the fable about the boy who cried wolf to these imbeciles, as children.

  4. It was pointed out to me some time back that the human body contains 11 to 13 gallons of water. With billions of humans on the earth, that’s a lot of water walking around. (Eventually you will give it back, but we keep making replacement humans, so…)

  5. I’m far from being a snowflake, so lighten up, Francis.
    Just a little science.

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