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Resist we much!

Mountain folk are different from you and I.

“You OK out there?” read the text message. “There is a guy with a rifle running around [redacted] mountain…”
When I pulled into the area, the local constabulary was staged. I had my EDC and typical vehicle load out already in place, which I didn’t even need to check. I had information from another local friend on where the guy was last seen. As I drove up the creek, the deputies were at the major lines of drift with radios. Most were in less than stellar physical shape and older in age.
The “man with a gun” was arrested several hours later.

The next day I heard several version of the same story, that involved a guy pulling a gun on another man.  He then pulled a rifle on another totally unrelated bystander shortly after. Someone at some point called the law as the bystander is a well-known harmless and upstanding man in the community. When law enforcement responded the assailant apparently brandished the rifle while executing a poorly conceived escape plan.

The local constabulary didn’t waste any time in trotting out the dogs and the Special Response Team. In reality the show of force was kind of reminiscent of the famous and hilarious third episode of The Andy Griffith Show, The Manhunt that detailed a bureaucratic over the top reaction to a situation that Andy solved with out much effort.

One thing was unanimous; the residents of the community didn’t want law enforcement there. “We don’t call the sheriff out here, we handle our own business” was a common refrain.  “Them deputies never waste a chance to show off do they?” said another. “Hell, that first guy might have deserved to have that gun pulled on him…”

In the Mountain South in particular, many disputes are settled even to this day in a private manner, if at all possible. The clannish nature of the residents, mostly descended from the Borderers of the English/Scottish border or of Germanic extraction, is still alive today in many ways.

Max Weber defines the state as has having a monopoly on the legitimate use of violence over a geographical area. To people historically and many still today in Occupied Appalachiastan, the state-only authority to dispense justice is a travesty of the highest proportions. Some do not want to outsource the dispensation of justice. Many do not want anyone mingling in the business of their community. Traditionally, the derbfine, the clan or even the community at large handled matters of justice. This goes back to lex talionis, which is the idea that if you are a righteous man and you are wronged, it is your duty to punish the offender, yourself.

A product of the clannish nature of the Southern Highlander is an unofficial intelligence network of sorts. News travels fast. Rural Appalachia has one of the most effective Underground’s in existence and it doesn’t even know it.  If you want to see how it operates, let an incident like above happen, or hang around the bear hunters in the southern mountains around mid October. They will tell you every single detail about the game warden, his habits down to what he eats for breakfast and what flavor toothpaste he uses.

Some years back, my brother lived up in the mountains in Boone, NC. He drove a truck for a local company that built log-cabin style houses, delivering the logs to remote home-construction sites up in the hills and down in the hollers. It was a stone bitch of a job, not least because of occasional warning shots fired across the hood of his truck from concealment in the piney woods, or blood-curdling threats and harrassment from jeering, musket-brandishing locals as he crept his way around the switchbacks.

Those backwoods mountaineers are, as Meyers’ article says, a highly reclusive and clannish lot. They did NOT much cotton to the sudden influx of Yankees, yuppies, and other interlopers into the hills they had regarded as their own for generations—raising living costs across the board; creating overcrowding and congestion; razing forests and perching ugly, obnoxious McMansions on mountaintops, thereby ruining the view; just generally squeezing them out of their place in the world, step by painful step. Now and then, a group of mountain men would even express their displeasure by sneaking down in the dead of the night and burning a half-completed house to the ground, along with any other construction materials they could get alight.

Meyers goes on from there to provide some interesting historical detail, a dissection of nationalism as opposed to patriotism, and a calculation of the odds of successful resistance to federal tyranny by quoting Buppert’s Law Of Military Topography: “Mountainous terrain held by riflemen who know what they are about cannot be militarily defeated.” Knowing what I know of the mountain folk, their hardscrabble lifestyle, and just their overall dad-blamed cussedness, I don’t know as I’d bet against ’em myself.

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4 thoughts on “Resist we much!

  1. The last paragraph rings very hollow as long as the enemy has their aerial assets and is willing and able to use them. And please do understand that the armed UAVs will be relocated stateside as soon as anything goes hot. And they will be nowhere near as restrained in their use of same as they currently are in the sandboxes. “We have to win their hearts and minds” only goes for camel drivers. The government has consistently shown it does NOT apply stateside.

    1. If or when the gummint is foolish enough to start droning its own citizens in these united states, one or several things are bound to happen. First, the drone drivers themselves may find that instead of the hunters, they have become the hunted. They may end up being hunted to extinction. They might be safe enough during their shifts in the air conditioned trailers on a small military base. But they still go home at the end of tbeir shift, and also go to the grocery store, the gas station, and everywhere else that everyone else goes. They are vulnerable.

      Second, those who task the drone drivers with their assigned targets are also vulnerable. As are the politicians and bureaucrats who pronounce it ‘legal’ to commit murder-by-drone of one’s fellow citizens. Newton’s Third Law can be a bitch.

      1. As long as the hives have power and water, those of whom you speak have no reason to worry. The media will tell them that the government merely dealt appropriately with terrorists. And hive dwellers LUVS them some CNN.

        Surely you remember the massive public outcry over Waco…

        1. Perhaps it will be as you predict. Or perhaps not. Once it gets to the point that our government starts droning its own citizens for supposedly being ‘terrorists’, there is no telling where things go from there. Perhaps people will be too absorbed in bread and circuses to know or care. Maybe everyone will buy the government narrative hook line and sinker. Or perhaps it will become open season on drones, their operators, and those giving orders and legal cover to the operators.

          A wise man named Yogi Berra once said, “Predictions are hard. Especially about the future”. No one knows where things will go once CW Version 2.0 kicks off.

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