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Less talk, more action

Julie Kelly loses patience.

While Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s name quickly has vanished from the front pages following his disastrous testimony before Congress last month, the investigation into “Russiagate”—how top officials in the Obama Administration fabricated the phony Russian collusion hoax and weaponized the country’s most powerful law enforcement tools against an American political campaign—appears to be moving at a snail’s pace. 

The results of a long-awaited probe by the Justice Department’s inspector general into potential abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court by Comey’s FBI has been delayed again until at least early fall. In a separate inquiry, Inspector General Michael Horowitz reportedly concluded that Comey illegally leaked classified information and referred the former FBI director to the Justice Department for possible prosecution, but Attorney General William Barr reportedly rejected that advice: “Prosecutors found the IG’s findings compelling but decided not to bring charges because they did not believe they had enough evidence of Comey’s intent to violate the law, according to multiple sources,” reported John Solomon at The Hill earlier this month. 

Umm, forgive my ignorance in bringing it up and all, but wasn’t Comey’s transparently corrupt use of the spurious “lack of intent” standard to paint over Hillary!™‘s crimes something we were all making sport of not too long ago? And now BARR is resorting to it?

Sorry, y’all excuse me for a moment.


Okay, onwards.

The House Intelligence Committee last year asked the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to declassify and publish depositions by dozens of people the committee interviewed about the Trump-Russia collusion hoax. That request remains unfulfilled. 

In May, the White House empowered Barr to declassify all materials needed to expedite his office’s investigation into Russiagate.

“Today’s action will help ensure that all Americans learn the truth about the events that occurred, and the actions that were taken, during the last Presidential election and will restore confidence in our public institutions,” announced former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders. Nearly three months later, the public has not seen one document.

In January 2018, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) referred Steele to the Justice Department for a criminal investigation for lying to federal officials. Steele has not been charged. In April 2018, 11 House Republicans sent a letter to the DOJ asking for criminal investigations into Comey, McCabe, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and others for various offenses. Comey continues to rant on Twitter and write anti-Trump columns for the New York Times; McCabe is a regular on MSNBC and now is suing his former employer for wrongful dismissal based on—get this—political reasons. McCabe also has been under grand jury investigation for at least a year.

The Mueller report concluded that Joseph Mifsud, the man who allegedly triggered the FBI’s probe into the Trump campaign in July 2016 after he met with George Papadopoulos, lied three times to investigators. Unlike several other Trump associates, including Papadopoulos, Mifsud has not been charged with perjury.

Alas, Kelly presents plenty more support for the depressing idea that the Deep State fix is well and truly in. Even my own hope of seeing justice done for the dastardly crimes against American self-government committed by the coup conspirators is beginning to fade. It all makes Sanders’ statement about “restoring confidence” in our tainted, toxic institutions sound like either pathetically naive blather or some kind of sick, sick joke. Lends considerable weight to that last post about the importance of resisting the gun-grabbers, now don’t it?


16 thoughts on “Less talk, more action

  1. I read some smart guy (Sundance?) saying not to panic about Barr failing to bring charges this time. He made a good argument: any case brought against Comey has to be a slam-dunk, or you might as well just scuttle the ship of state. If Comey gets charged and the jury hangs, further proceedings become politically impossible.

    Shit. I just said the most depressing thing that was ever said. Sorry.

  2. Actually, what really has me blinking in disbelief today is the Medical Examiner ruling Jeffery Epstein’s death a suicide.

    I wrote an extensive comment at Bill’s place a while back, explaining in detail why the finding of a broken hyoid bone was proof absolute of murder. Bill later posted the opinion of a seasoned ME, which concurred with my own: it’s just barely conceivable Epstein hanged himself to death. But somebody else broke his neck. There is no possible way Epstein could have arranged a mechanism of injury to do that to himself, nor could he have done it deliberately.

    And now it’s ruled a suicide. It makes me feel like the skids really are greased from end to end.

    FBI disappears the evidence, victims silenced with money or intimidation, corpse appropriated by person unknown, media buries the story, Internet Overlords shovel gravel over the tracks of the perps…

    …and this whole big ugly mess just goes away. In, like, a month.

    Down the rabbit hole? Through the looking-glass? Where the fuck are we?

  3. Lol, so let me get this straight: All of Trump’s contacts with Russia and every suspicious thing he and his campaign did with them were completely innocent, the federal government AND the intelligence agencies are all being secretly controlled by mysterious Deep State infiltrators and there’s a vast conspiracy to fake Jeff Epstein’s suicide because he was secretly murdered.

    It must be so terrifying to be constantly surrounded by treacherous enemies and improbable conspiracies, don’t know how y’all do it. Sounds exhausting…

    1. You couldn’t get it straight with three Viagra. All we know is Epstein was murdered.

  4. Lol, so let me get this straight: All of Trump’s contacts with Russia and every suspicious thing he and his campaign did with them were completely innocent, the federal government AND the intelligence agencies are all being secretly controlled by mysterious Deep State infiltrators and there’s a vast conspiracy to fake Jeff Epstein’s suicide because he was secretly murdered.

    It must be so terrifying to be constantly surrounded by treacherous enemies and improbable conspiracies, don’t know how y’all do it. Sounds exhausting…

    1. It would appear that a leftist troll has found its way to your door, Mike. First time that I have seen one here. I.guess you are getting getting linked to somewhere that you are over the target.

  5. Oh, believe me George, there’s been plenty of ’em over the years. I used to engage them occasionally, just for giggles, but I almost never do anymore. It’s just not worth the time or bother–wastes your time, annoys the pig, as the saying goes–and they all dry up and blow away eventually.

    1. Mike@2325,

      “It’s just not worth the time or bother….” One cannot reason with the unreasonable.

      It took me awhile to figure that. In most cases responding only leads to heartburn. However, I do enjoy many comments as the commenter often has interesting and informative remarks.

  6. They don’t plan on piecemeal’ing this. Assuming Trump is re-elected, they will carpet bomb everyone… as in combined conspiracy and treason.

  7. The only way justice will be served to these treasonous scumbags is if is done by some hard charging Americans during a no knock 2 am take down.

  8. Cockroaches running out the clock, what it is. It is what they do. Plausible deniability is the name of the game.
    Pedo-elites investigating themselves, what is happening with these “investigations” that is, is about covering the truth with a pillow until it stops breathing, or if you prefer, assisted suicide with a paper sheet in a specifically designed and constructed ligature free jail cell. Only one way everything goes down here. SOP.
    They got to Epstein, they took serious risks in doing so, it was ordered from on top, what else was they going to do, it wasn’t only to keep secret who the child molesters and raper;’s and human sacrificer’s are, it is part of maintaining the continuity of power. What is that secondary to? Nothing. Without continuity there is no power: every to loose and everything to gain. What where they going to do different? Seriously. lois lerner is enjoying her vacation palace on Marthas Vinyard, PotHolder is receiving his billion dollar reward in the usual crony-capitolists job welfare program for government employee higher-ups jobs welfare racket, Barr worked for the clinton crime syndicate as a fixer tidying up loose ends and re-arranging the deck chairs after the fucking unmitigated disasters of police state tactics run wild Ruby Ridge and it’s sister abortion of raw naked federal power Waco.
    The whole thing is literally an organization of organized white collar high crime and treason for power fun and profit, don’t bullshit yourself, this is a racket, racketeering, complete all the way down to armed badged leg breakers with automatic immunity, a well oiled ruling class regime of musical chairs and plausible deniability.
    Only look to the swamp and the cockroaches wallowing in that open septic tank.
    Same thing.
    They just excel in the art of spewing diarrhea from their pieholes and grifting the rest of us while bellying up to the public feed trough. The ultimate entitle-lists. Entitled to all you can steal and gerrymander in a jobs welfare system gone full retard.

    Wether it is a hypothetical concept or a reality, they all just have to go, right down to every single one of them. No exceptions. Nothing can be left that can re-infect the system. That is being polite and subtle about it, the truth is nothing even closely related. The reasons are manifold and manifest for us dirt people and deplorable’s, the shitty deal also got some horrific bloody ugly consequences if not.
    There is no skirtin’ or jaw bonin’ about it folks. These scumbags have to go. Nothing less. Anything less, nothing will come of it that is good for us, and it simply gets worse with each passing day.

    But we all more or less know this.
    Whats going to happen is none of us will do anything on that score, because it is a situation deliberately contrived in that it will require vast numbers of us to stop them. Thats is baked in, they fear us like nothing else, for what we will do to them for what they are doing to us, they know.
    This is a Mexican standoff: they got this leviathan of force and violence that is highly selective, it is neither vast or unbeatable, it is literally a fucking pain in the ass to stop them, it has it’s own billion dollar public relations branch called the fake media, and for a little while longer an illusion of some kind of legitimacy, varnish actually, it is that thin, and then, we got guns, lots of guns, an impossible task to come and get em’, remember, we are talking about some of the inherently laziest fuckers imaginable when it comes to doing the physical shit, the grunt work, getting their precious meathooks dirty from actual work, and there is not enough of them to take our guns. Getting our guns is a mind fuck. If you think they have that capability, then they do, for you, and it really sucks to be you, sorry, but your a fucking loser and a sucker to surrender before you have lifted a finger to fight. When a whole shitload of us choose to stop them, and by saying we will not do much I’m saying this is a shitty deal for now, it is very difficult to make a moral stand, moral high ground matters, until it doesn’t, thats that light switch thing, but a stand for natural freedoms and the natural right to not want anything to do with these cockroaches, that has everything going for it.
    That our situation, our fighting back, is akin to a light switch. Nothing happens till the black swan event nobody recognizes sets of a massive no holds barred withdrawal of consent of these scumbags and their system of organize crime tyranny.
    These pizzagate pedo-elite cockroaches have a certain kind of power, it is now, after more than a hundred years metastasized into the kind of power that is all, or it is nothing. We are at the later waning closing days of the all part, the nothing part is waxing, it is inevitable, when it happens, happens so quickly if you blink they are Kaput.
    Nobody and I mean nobody can predict when this shit happens it simply has to run its course. It is past stopping whats coming, that much is about as sure a bet there is.

    Think Romania. On a much larger scale. And your close to a reasonable idea of how it goes down. Trying to figure out or guess when, what, in what way is all but unknown in the most critical sense.

  9. I have said for a long time, no matter what comes out nor who is implicated:

    No one is getting indicted
    No one is going to be charged
    No one is going to be tried
    No one is going to be jailed
    The AG will always decline to prosecute because…….. reasons.

    Sessions, Huber, Horowitz, Whitacre, Barr, et al are the cover up team

    1. Exactly.
      This has been my mantra since forever.
      The Deep State always wins.
      Trump was a hiccup but look how quickly, virtually instantly, he adopted the business-as-usual globalist agenda. Maybe he wasn’t even a hiccup. Maybe he is the biggest controlled opposition psyops campaign in American history.

      Bill Barr? LOL. He’s the fixer. He’s the Wolf from Pulp Fiction. He’s the guy you call to definitively manage a crime scene. Everything cleansed, smoothed over, diffused in torrents of obfuscation and buried under a mountain of legalese. Barr is a soulless obscenity, carefully obscured behind a stolid, professorial exterior. Anytime an administration trots out one of these blandly perfect suits and breathlessly informs you that he is beyond reproach with an unblemished record, you are looking at an assassin. You’re looking at your enemy. Every single time.

      Simple thought experiment. Imagine Hilary Clinton or James Comey being led out of a courtroom in handcuffs to begin their prison sentence after receiving a felony conviction. Don’t fantasize about it. That’s different. I mean really try to imagine coming home from work, turning on the TV, and literally seeing Hilary being led out of a courtroom in shackles.
      You can’t, can you? I can’t either. No one with perception and intelligence based in reality can imagine it. Because it will not happen. Nothing will happen. Everyone goes free. Sean Hannity can foam at the mouth about the Steele dossier and FISA abuses every night until the end of time. They all walk free.

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