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Warning order

Strong message follows. STRONG.

Dear Leftards:

You irrepressible commie halfwits think you’ve got the cards. You’re the idiot talking tough with the shotgun in your hand, and you’re about to get comeuppance. In Louis L’Amour’s memorable phrase, you’re about to have your meathouse torn down. With a mere couple of nutbags (mainly your own nutbags, nota bene) doing what nutbags do, you imagine you’ve got enough pull now to leverage your way into more asinine abridgments of the Constitution.

You haven’t, you won’t, and you really, really need to knock it off.

We’re really not kidding.

You’ve had all the slices of our cake you’re ever getting.

A lot of people thought we’d be facing ramped up anti-gun legislation long before now, because Shrillary and the Clinton Family Crime Syndicate looked like a shoe-in…until she wasn’t. 

And serious people were ready, then, to open the ball you’re itching for now.

If TPTB were to decide they could set the last vestiges of the Constitution on fire, there’s more than a few that would take it upon themselves as a point of honor, not to wait cowering inside their homes, but to go out hunting OPFOR, 24/7/365. And they’d get more than one scalp apiece.

In short, minions of Leftardia and Stupidia, you have blundered into a minefield, on a pogo stick.
Stop what you’re doing, tiptoe out, and pray to whatever deity you think appropriate that you get away with your skins.

Because if you insist on pushing your revolution, you’re going to get the war of which you cannot grasp, and the results of which you cannot even conjure in your wildest fever-swamp nightmares.

And your opponents, who’ve been stacking in supplies and loading magazines, are shifting from backing away, and hoping the fight you long for doesn’t come, and instead coming to a feeling of thinking it’s about time to roll up their sleeves, and end you.

Not your party.
Not your progressive communist utopia.
For all values of that word

Every goddamned traitorous last one of you. Followed by your spouses, your children, your pets, your semi-domesticated illegal alien hordes, your schemes, your putrescent institutions, your metastasizing socialist programs, and every festering vestige of pustulence you’ve spewed onto a country you do not understand, didn’t build, and over which you and yours will never rule.

The comments-section discussion goes in all sorts of directions one might not expect, including a fairly devious gun-grab proposal from someone claiming to be “military intelligence” (but probably isn’t) and another claiming to be a “Real Conservative” (but DEFINITELY isn’t). In response to both of those fantasy-fascist douchebags—along with every other half-assed pantywaisted gun-grabbing Stalin wannabe all the way down to the umpteenth generation of ’em—I’ll just repeat my usual offer: Come and take them.

Enough talking. It’s your move, Lefty asstards. So make it already. Let’s all see how that works out for ya.


37 thoughts on “Warning order

    1. That simply shows who the actual “tolerant and inclusive” ones are in this equation. Doesn’t necessarily mean our patience is bottomless. I dunno about you but I’m of the mind that the more we let these imbeciles run wild, the more solid our moral high ground is when the time does come. Like it or not, it IS coming. Let’s not forget the media bubbleheads, the professors, teachers, politicians and activist who’ve all put in such great effort to get us to where we are. They deserve to be…. recognized, for their efforts.

      1. I’m sure that like me, you spent time on a playground while growing up.

        The Left are playground bullies. Have you ever gotten a bully to stop hitting you by warning him?

        1. Nope. I’ve always been a little dude. Fortunately I was raised by an honest ta Gawd, US Marine so I learned, early on, if it’s comin (and you’ll KNOW when it’s comin) You fuck that asshole up so even his daddy wont ever consider raisin a hand to you. Caught a couple ass-kickins but it generally worked out in my favor. Still got all my teeth, anyway. Some of those bullies can’t say the same. Ain’t sorry, neither.

        2. Hell, just look at widdle jimmy webs posts in this thread if you need a look at the true nature of the leftist filth in America. It’s all there, IN HIS OWN WORDS.

          1. Lol is right, Internet tough guy. You’re a dinosaur, prepare to be replaced, anachronism.

  1. Simply put, the ultimate manifesto of what is to come. I read this and I was struck silent for several minutes. The beauty and the horror of what is written hits a man hard in the spine and knocks the fog from the mind. Beautiful and dangerous, exactly what we need right now

  2. Fuck that “come n take ’em” bullshit, there are MILLIONS of us who will gleefully BRING them to where they’re needed. We wont be leavin without ’em, either.

  3. Blah, blah, blah…

    I find the right-wing delusion that the government will eventually “come for your guns” fascinating: It’s something you claim to abhor yet you’re clearly very eager for it to happen, or at least faux-Internet tough guys who’ve clearly never been in a real fire fight claim to be. And yet it never happens and will continue to never happen because it’s not going to. But that won’t stop any of you from thumping your chests like a scared animal trying to look bigger and braver than you are.

    So make your declarations, write your manifestos, give your “come and take them” speeches because it’s all just hot air anyway and nobody else cares or is listening, other than to laugh at your self-important posturing. Your little insurrection isn’t going to happen, there will be no armed uprising against some fictional, fever-dream oppressive government. You’re not gonna be John Wayne or Charlie Bronson, you’re gonna be the same uptight, out of touch, backwards people you are now just getting older and fatter with every passing day. History won’t compare you to the founding fathers but rather to the traitors who took up arms against America 170 years ago and failed miserably, embarrassing footnotes more likely forgotten than revered.

    And your litany of threats is decidedly NOT intimidating, particularly because it’s so obvious that you’re trying so very hard to sound so. You wallow in ignorance, poverty and bad health while you rail against the educational system, government assistance and health care for all we try to provide for you. Readily available data shows that the productive blue states in this country support the free-loading red states but you’re so delusional you’re already thinking that this sentence is bullshit before you’ve even finished reading it. Your ignorance and refusal to accept reality is a self-induced lobotomy rendering you as intellectually intimidating as a drooling infant.

    Some day enough of you will die of old age and more Millennials will start voting and America will eventually move on from your crack pot delusions to embrace a progressive future and there’s pretty much nothing you can do about it other than gnash your teeth and shake your collective fists at the sky. Your children and grandchildren will be tolerant, liberal and empathetic while explaining away grandma and grandpa’s angry ranting as the anachronistic embarrassments that you are. Your outmoded and backwards ideologies and beliefs are pathetic at best and impotent at worst.

    In short: You’re clown shoes. Deal with it. Or don’t. Doesn’t make much of a difference to us.

    1. And I give a shit about my obvious enemies opinion why, exactly? Trick question, leftist vermin. I don’t. You bore me with your oh so predictable ignorant stereotypes and drooling rhetoric. In short you’re a petulant child, like ALL leftist trash. Dismissed, shitstain.

      1. No reason you should give a shit, chief.

        As I said, what you say and believe is unimportant. You’re an ideological dinosaur but the fact that you refer to your political enemies as “vermin” is telling, if not Nazi-esque.

        So call me a “child” and “trash” and whatever other words your cerebrum can labor at. Make generalizations about “ALL leftist trash” and call me a shitstain. It only reveals your own inadequacies and limitations as you yell at the the sky and curse the god who decreed you be slow and soft.

        Bon chance, douchebag.

    2. LoL Say when YOU. personally, are ready to do that “replacing” chickenshit……. I look forward to your attempt and failure.

      1. Still an Internet tough guy, so many of them have keyboards yet I never see them in the real world…

    1. No shit, she lost the election because she was a terrible candidate and just enough deplorable people voted for the other terrible candidate in a few places. I didn’t want her to be president but y’all ran that lying narcissist so I had no one else to vote for. It sucks and it was stupid but it happened years ago and I’m not crying about it.

      But you see, that’s part of the right-wing pathology: I’m talking about the future and you’re still talking about Hillary Clinton. I never mentioned her, she lost three years ago and yet you’re still talking about her as if she’s important. You sound like Trump, you won but you can’t stop discussing her for some reason. Just like the guy’s “Leftards” rant above, you’ve been programmed by Fox News and talk radio so you just can’t help using rote knee-jerk responses or think logically for yourself.

      But you’re right: “Whatever” is the correct response. Your obsession doesn’t matter, sane people aren’t listening and they don’t care.

      1. “deplorables”….. We paid attention in history and KNOW what follows the language of de-humanization, scumbag. Wont go down like in your bolshie fantasies. That’s a promise.

        1. “de-humanization” says the person who called me “filth” and “vermin”…

          You’re going down, you just don’t see it clearly: You’re being replaced and you can’t even see it coming. I’ll kiss your children before I brainwash them with my “leftist” beliefs. And they’ll love me for it.

          1. I like watching you screech like the bitch of a manlet you are when treated to a small taste of your own medicine, manlet. 🙂

    2. Gotta admit, Mike, it’s fun watchin’ him project his impotent rage. 🙂 Predictable but entertaining, nonetheless. Considering what poor losers the left are, can you imagine them as “winners”?….

      1. History will make us winners, chief. You’re a historical skid mark. According to you and your ilk, we control the media, the news, Hollywood, the schools, the universities and we have millions of infiltrators in the “deep state”.

        Your children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren will believe what we teach them. Your whole “morning in America” routine is already old and stale to them. We’re the new hotness, and it obviously bothers the shit out of you.

        Good. I’ll enjoy assimilating your progeny and remaking them in my image.

        Ta ta, gramps. We’re the future now.

        1. The Nazis thought that too. How did that 1000-year Reich turn out?

          1. Remind me sometime to explain the difference between culture and race in a historical context. You’re in for a treat, it’s gonna be interesting…

          1. Internet tough guy says “manlet” like 1) It’s some kind of sick burn and 2) it’s obviously all he has intellectually.

            That’s already 2 syllables, don’t overload your brainpan there, chief. Someone still needs to put the fries in the fryalator…

  4. Jimbo, no thanks. You and your army of pajama boys couldn’t explain how your mothers made hot chocolate..

    1. Yeah, I’d respond with a weak attempt at an insult as well if my arguments were too pathetic to defend. Nobody blames you, I’m sure.

      1. Says the guy who doesn’t present arguments. Rant on Jimbo and don’t forget to get that cup of hot chocolate before your mommie goes to bed..

        1. Same shit, different reply. Now your mommie fetish is starting to concern me…

          My argument is that the “Leftard” rant in the post above is delusional and pathetic. That anyone who thinks the government is actually going to come and confiscate their guns is a crazy conspiracist and that the people who claim to relish said confiscation are illogical morons who think we’re on the cusp of a new civil war that they could actually win. My argument is that this war is never gonna happen and that instead society will gradually become more liberal as enough of these ideological dinosaurs die off and are replaced with a more progressive population.

          You probably had trouble divining my argument because 1) I was having fun parodying the chock full of nuts rant in the original post and 2) the only responses I’ve received thus far are people calling me “vermin”, “trash” and “pajama boy”. You come up with anything smarter than that to say, you let me know.

          1. I see: you gaze into a crystal ball, divine the future, and base your so-called arguments on that.

  5. Lol:
    – “You don’t present arguments.”
    – “Ok, here’s my argument…”
    – “You can’t tell the future so I’m going to ignore what you said.”
    -¯\_(ツ)_/¯ “So, wanna talk about hot chocolate some more?”

      1. Case in point: That last brain cell is working overtime. How are you gonna enjoy the monster truck pulls without it, I wonder?

  6. Type out “manlet” again, it makes you look oh so smart Cletus…

  7. The “Conservative Right” talks big about having the guns, having the people with ‘skills’, about how
    the libtard left is clueless and incompetent but so far that is ALL they are doing ….talking. While the
    libtard left has subverted, infiltrated and now control the media, academia, Hollywood and MOST of
    the political bureaucracy at both state and federal levels. We have over 20K laws on the books ALL of which are direct proveable violations of the Second Amendment….with more coming. We have the insanity of “civil asset forfeiture”. In some states we have “red flag laws” that COMPLETELY ignore
    virtually the ENTIRE Bill Of Rights….with a very good chance that said laws will become nationwide at both state and federal levels. There isn’t more than a half dozen judges NATIONWIDE who EVER rule in support of the Constitution and throw out cases that come before them that are in violation of the Constitution. And people on the “conservative right” talk about how the left is clueless…..BULLSHIT! The left IS AND HAS BEEN winning for more than half a century. And if all the “conservative right” continues to do is talk about how ugly it will be if the left attempts anything America is doomed. Because the left has not only ATTEMPTED a metric Shiite ton of stuff that is Unconstitutional they have succeeded in IMPOSING these violations. The left has ONE RULE ONLY….WIN! The “conservative right” keeps playing by the “rules” the left threw out a century ago.
    And if we continue to “play nice” THEY WILL FINISH US OFF. They are winning as it is….and unless
    something drastically changes the outcome is guaranteed. Trump is just a bump in the road….a temporary aberration. Thinking he’s gonna save us is a delusional pipe dream. The normal average American conservative is going to have to stand up, step out and start doing if they want to have any
    chance at staying off the boxcars and out of the camps.

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