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Hef, spinning

Know how I always ask if there’s really NOTHING the killjoy Left won’t leave alone, NOTHING they won’t try to ruin?


Playboy has abandoned Hugh Hefner’s legacy and hired a team of millennials to transform it into a woke publication with a focus on social consciousness — while still continuing to fill its pages with naked women.

For the first time in the magazine’s history, no one in the Hefner family is involved with the publication, which relaunched earlier this year as an ad-free quarterly under the editorial leadership of a gay man and two women who are all under the age of 32. 

While struggling to find its voice following Hefner’s death in 2017, the magazine has now reinvented itself with a feminist tilt — even though its chief executive Ben Kohn is still a straight white male and three-quarters its readers are men.

Anybody besides me seeing the potential problem here?

The publication tried banning nudity in 2015, only to bring it back a few years later with the tagline ‘Naked is normal.’

The new Playboy claims to have moved away from the male gaze, but no matter how tasteful it may be, it is still relying on nudity. 

I’m betting you’ll be moving a good bit further away from the “male gaze” than you might wish, before all’s said and done.

The summer issue contains articles on BDSM and gender-neutral sex toys as well as a profile of Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg Buttplug

Fixed it for ya.

and an interview with Tarana Burke, the activist who founded the #MeToo movement.

Because of COURSE they did.

For the upcoming fall issue, artist Marilyn Minter has shot a photo essay celebrating female pubic hair.

Hey, maybe you guys could do female armpit hair next.

Despite the changes, the debate over whether or not Playboy is even worth saving is still being had nearly two years after Hefner’s death.

Whether or not it was then, it definitely ain’t worth saving now. So, any bets on how long before we see this cover, then?


(Via Ol’ Remus)


5 thoughts on “Hef, spinning

  1. It looks like people will now believe it when someone says they subscribe only “for the articles”. >}:-D

  2. Just had a horrifying thought. If the late, lamented Juggs ever came back, some enterprising SJW-type might do a “Ladyboys with Milkers” issue. Or something even more stomach turning, involving transitioning fat guys. The mind boggles, and the vomit rises.

  3. Followed the link in Ol’ Remus’ story…now there’s a whole new batch of images I’ll have to try to forget ever seeing….
    Yikes! Playboy magazine should have been left dead.

  4. Dropped my subscription in 2015 when they dropped the nudity. I’d only kept it before then due to nostalgia. It was never worth reading for the BS liberal agenda anyway. I have a number of old issues from the 70’s and 80’s – – they’re unintentionally hilarious to read now, especially the self-important yammerings in their interviews.

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