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A little more history

A look back at why we are where we are.

The West took a turn for the worse about 100 years ago. Three versions of a new political vision—fascism, communism, and progressivism—came to power at about the same time. Each one put the government at the center of national life. The political history of the 20th century in the West is largely the story of these three versions of a modern statist vision.

In 1922, Benito Mussolini, the founder of the fascist movement, was elected prime minister of Italy. In 1917, Vladimir Lenin seized power in Russia and founded the Soviet Communist state. In 1913, Woodrow Wilson won the presidency and swiftly laid the foundations of the progressive state that America is today.

As Mussolini put it: “Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” According to Mussolini, fascism meant the politicization of everything—and everything was swiftly politicized in Lenin’s “dictatorship of the proletariat,” too.

Does it seem to you that American life today is politicized to an astonishing and often ridiculous degree? Have you heard that the city of Berkeley in California has decided that the term “manhole cover” is sexist? It’s true. In Berkeley, they shall henceforth be called “maintenance hole covers.” It took the progressives about a century, changing the rules and changing the culture step by step, progressively, to make this a problem the Berkeley City Council had to solve.

But the politicization of American life is no laughing matter. Failing to adhere strictly to the Nazi party line in the Third Reich or the Communist party line in the USSR could cost you your life. In America today, failing to adhere strictly to the dictates of political correctness can cost you your livelihood, as we have seen in far too many instances already. Basic, common sense terms such as “he” and “she” have become politically radioactive, and in coercively many-gendered New York City, you can be fined for using the wrong pronoun.

As I always say, the question before us isn’t, as VDH asks in another post I’m working on, “Can’t we all just get along?” The REAL question, given that the non-negotiable precondition for “getting along” with the Left is blanket acceptance of being ruled by them, is: should we even WANT to?


5 thoughts on “A little more history

  1. I look forward to your take on VDH’s article. I like him too, but he’s a very cultured nice guy in at least some ways and sometimes it can be a bit “off”.

    At least we won’t have to worry about you being “too nice” with the topic.

    He is of course correct about rancid political journalism being “how it’s always been”. But then he throws in “some of the time” and I ask “when ever was it NOT”? Journalism in America has been pushing an agenda at least since Thomas Paine and if it has stopped since it did so only for very brief pauses. But at least back then you had both sides of the argument.

    Unfortunately we stopped getting fair treatment of both sides around 100 years ago. And until the internet there was a significant period when you essentially couldn’t get both sides at all. Considering when the owners/founders/etc. of these companies grew up, is it any wonder goolag and fraudbook and the like want so desperately to return to the safety of being able to debate a brick wall? After all, they can’t win against any other opponent…

  2. The New York Times and the Washington Post have been literally owned and directed by representatives of COMINTERN for just about exactly 100 years now. This did not happen by accident. Actual ownership of these two flagships was pursued and accomplished way back then for the express purpose of promulgating Communism in America. They have remained steadfast in that effort over the last century.

    Most other newspapers in America, and essentially all the major media conglomerates today are on board with promoting most if not all of the actual platform of CPUSA. Collectively they represent an all but unstoppable media juggernaut that is using massive and deliberate society-wide misinformation and disinformation to program our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren into viewing Socialism/Communism as an acceptable and even desirable form of government.

    I wish I knew how traditional Americans can even begin to effectively counter this. I had hoped that President Trump would bring to bear all the force and righteous fury of a reformed Justice Department against these anti-American and openly seditious media corporations. Instead, nothing will be done, and the 24/7/365 lying, treasonous, Bizarro World MSM will continue to inform and educate our offspring as to what is right and real, and what is not. It is no wonder we are losing our country.

  3. Getting along with the adversary known as the Left is not worth pursuing any more than seeking to get along with The Adversary, Halal ben Shachar, better known as Satan, would be. Both are counterproductive and detrimental to the soul.

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