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Wax my balls!

Funniest damned thing I’ve read in a good, long while. That wasn’t published by the Bee, I mean.

Thanks to a citizen journalist, Canadian media have failed to boycott controversial human rights tribunal hearings in Vancouver.
On July 4 and 5, 2019, no media were present when the BC Human Rights tribunal heard two of the complaints filed by JY, a transgender person with male genitalia. JY contacted over a dozen BC estheticians in 2018 to request a Brazilian bikini wax. JY often used a stereotypical male name and image when contacting the aestheticians on Facebook Marketplace; the women then informed JY that they only waxed women.

Claiming discrimination on the basis of “gender expression and gender identity,” JY withdrew the first three complaints. JY did so each time, JY learned that the other side had retained a lawyer to defend against the claim. Prior to withdrawing the complaints, JY was demanding money from the women in “settlement” of the complaint, asking as much as $3,000. One can only speculate as to how much money JY has received in settlement from the women against whom JY commenced legal proceedings.

SB, a Sikh woman who declined to provide genital waving services to JY, was working out of her own home, where young children were present, when contacted by JY. In her Sikh faith, intimate touching is reserved only for one’s husband. SB has always refused to provide services for men, and won’t even do facials. She provides waxing services to women to help support her family.

Justice Centre lawyer Jay Cameron argued that waxing female and male genitals is different. Since SB has no experience waxing male genitals, she has a bona fide occupational reason not to perform the service. In addition, SB is not comfortable waxing male genitals for both religious and personal safety reasons, since she was working out of her own home with small children, and her husband was away at work.

SB is not being asked to wax a gender identity, but male genitalia. Since JY presented with a stereotypical male name and male appearance, SB cannot be faulted for perceiving JY as male.

Nobody can. Because, according to science, sanity, and the most cursory glance netherwards, he is. Brace yourselves for the most rib-tickling part, because here it comes.

AB started out providing services from her home, and discussed the risks involved with this. To wax a male client, AB must handle his scrotum and the shaft of the penis. Many men get erections. Some men ask for sex, and when this request is refused, some get angry. AB has been called “bitch,” “slut” and worse.

Angry men are very intimidating to staff at the male-only waxing salon. As a teacher, AB does not and cannot teach male waxing, because some students are under 18, and some have religious objections to handling male genitals.

There is no accredited program for male waxing, but AB teaches the technique through her salon. The ideal wax used for male genitals is different because the skin is very thin, and waxing can cause injury if not done properly.

JY asked SB if she would provide service to post-operative trans women. SB responded that she would wax a vagina, but not male genitals. JY asked why SB would provide haircuts for post-operative trans women, to which SB responded that they don’t have a penis on their head.

Well not yet. But you can bet your sweet indeterminate-gender ass that, as Western Civ sinks ever deeper into the mire of degeneracy, decay, dysfunction, and dementia, it’s surely coming. And, as “wymrynz” are more and more commonly seen sprouting honking big surgically-attached schlongs from somewhere betwixt their ears, the Left will demand that we not just tolerate ’em but that we all stand up and cheer—and consider such a body mod ourselves, you betcha—lest we be publicly shunned as “bigots” and/or “dickheadophobic.”

I find none of the above the least bit either puzzling or surprising at this point, and you shouldn’t either. But there is one thing that kinda has me scratching the ol’ noggin just a mite. To wit: is this JY guy serious about all this? Hell, is he even a “trasgender” at all? Or might he just be some more or less normal type having himself a bit of sport with the current state of Western decadence?

It’s entirely possible, too, that he’s simply a con artist looking to glom a PC-lunacy payoff for himself, in which case more power to him I suppose. But if he IS serious about all this crap, one can only sit back in awe and wonder at the staggering chutzpah of a dude still sporting OEM courting tackle going around in public claiming his due and proper special privileges as a “transgender wyrmynz,” when what he really is is a garden-variety, Mark-1 Mod-0 transvestite—and will remain so unless and until he works up the, ummm, balls to take the plunge and hack ’em off.

(Via Laura Rosen Cohen)


1 thought on “Wax my balls!

  1. Damn near choked on my lunch reading this. Too rich. I wonder what ever happened to the Canadian guy who claimed to be a girl so he could get lower car insurance rates?

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