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Arming up

All that “we have all the guns” braggadocio? Gonna need to rethink that one, I’m afraid.

Well, unfortunately I’m here to tell you that isn’t true: the hard left knows full well the role guns play in the political process, and they’re currently arming up and training.

I’ve been keeping tabs on this trend, and the other day I ran across a rather alarming piece in the New Republic…

Alarming it most certainly is, and I suggest you go read all of it. Given the Left’s long history of violence and oppression, nobody should be assuming that they’ll all just roll over and give up at the first sign of resistance this time around. Some of them are soft, pampered, callow youths, sure. But make no mistake: some of them are hard-core, serious, dedicated revolutionaries, true modern-day Bolsheviks who fully and firmly intend to see each and every freedom-loving American either in a gulag, or dead. Bill offers a sobering reminder that all this is hardly anything new:

This is something I’ve worried about for a very long time.

Most people today are too young to have any working knowledge/memory of the hard left of the 1960s, especially if they didn’t participate in that movement.

I’m old enough, and I did participate.

Here’s what I remember:

Slogans: Up against the wall, motherfuckers! Shoot the liberals first! Mao: Power comes out of the barrel of a gun!
When the Black Panthers become revolutionary darlings, they didn’t equip themselves with pamphlets, bullhorns, and papier mache puppets. They carried rifles, shotguns, and pistols.

So, where are the guys in this article likely getting their knowledge, information, and training in the fine art of bearing arms?

From Uncle Sam, of course.

Clueless lefty pussies assume that if you join the military, you are a fascist conservative. But even a moment’s though will tell you that any large group – the US military is a very large group – will not be perfectly homogeneous. And if you are a budding revolutionary, why wouldn’t you spend a couple of years on Uncle’s dime learning to be an effective, dangerous revolutionary?

Don’t kid yourself. More than a few 18 year olds have done exactly that. (We all know that 18 year olds are all very, very conservative, right?)

A few years back, I remember reports that gangbangers were joining the military for exactly that purpose.  The reports were soft-pedaled and eventually faded away, but it seemed perfectly logical to me.  I mean, if you want go  be trained by experts in the fine art of armed urban warfare, get your training legally, and have it paid for by the military you expect to have to fight, how else would you do it?

Our side doesn’t have all of the guns, or all of the knowledge. The left is, I would suspect, still, relatively speaking, extremely weak in terms of all out armed civil war. But it is not helpless, and people who do make that assumption are both ignorant and stupid.

And when the bill comes due, the price tag on such assumptions is damned steep. Before our first Civil War, most people both North and South believed it would take but one hard skirmish to send the opposition packing, thereby securing an easy, relatively bloodless victory for themselves. Instead, they found themselves mired in a desperate, five-year-long calamity, one of the bloodiest, most destructive conflicts in history. Their blithe assumptions of a cakewalk are now generally derided as the purblind foolishness they always were.

But all too many of us today are inexplicably disregarding our own history to walk the primrose path all over again. It’s my belief that, as horrific a cataclysm as Civil War v1.0 was, Civil War v2.0 will be even more nightmarish, and will drag on for far longer, too. It is probably unavoidable by now; it might even be considered necessary, the only means left to us of resolving the otherwise irreconcilable conflict between totaliarian collectivism and those who just want to be left alone to live as freely as they possibly may.

Nonetheless, it remains a truly awful prospect—all of us will lose much, and probably most will lose absolutely everything. Entire regions could well be thrown back into a pre-Industrial Revolution type of lifestyle. The comfort and convenience every American has come to regard as his birthright, just the natural order of things, will be gone forever, replaced by a state of nature more akin to Hobbes’s brutal vision than, say, Hugh Hefner’s. It is a thing to be contemplated not with eagerness and anticipation, but with dread.


4 thoughts on “Arming up

  1. Any conflict of any sort always boils down to ‘do not underestimate your opponent’. From the battlefield to corporate meeting rooms to personal relationships this applies. Sun Tzu’s Art of War is applicable in most aspects of life.

  2. It’s like watching a car wreck in the passenger seat.

    You see it.

    You know it’s coming.

    But the car just won’t stop in time – the physics preclude it.

  3. “Historically, we know what has happened when there is conflict between a traditional society and a progressive socialist movement that has or is in the process of gaining the reigns of power in government. Every progressive liberal socialist movement eventually goes full-on Pol Pot (Cambodia). What should be a shock is that the United States is destined to be one such nation.

    We are in the middle of the very beginnings of this in the United States. When the American second civil war occurs, it will be an ideological genocide. Genocide can only happen once the citizens are disarmed.

    Today in America, these are the enemies…
    White people. Anyone who is friends with white people. Climate change deniers. Traditionally-minded people. Gun owners. People from a predominantly ‘red’ state.
    Religious people with the exception of Muslims. Heterosexual people and traditional marriages. Anyone or anything associated with traditional America.

    When the new progressive socialist government takes control, the first thing that can be expected is mass disarming of the populace. Then they hunt down and slaughter their opposition. Urban youth, armed with fully automatic weapons and RPG’s (and trucks) (given to them by the government) will burst forth and stream out of their protective enclaves. Enclaves where their ideology has been nurtured for decades (by the media, education and government) to hate one type or class of person.

    You will not know you are in danger until it is too late. Most of the men will be killed immediately. All of the women will be dehumanized, raped and sent off to ‘collection centers’.

    Avoid the cities. (The regular military is usually used to guard and control the cities. All people of the hated group are killed in the cities.)

    Do not allow yourself and family to be disarmed. Hide your guns in three places; [1] Family house; easy to find. [2] Family hidden (hidden to everyone except family members), and [3] Hidden to everyone (including family members) but you. Only you know where the guns are. Tell no one.”
    This is part 1 of 6 parts. It is excellent.

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