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Shut ’em down, lock ’em up

One way to deal with Pantifa fascists.

To date, federal officials have not classified Antifa a domestic terror group despite endless photographs, eyewitness accounts and video evidence supporting the designation.

During a protest of conservative speaker Ben Shapiro last year on the University of California’s Berkeley campus, Antifa members reportedly destroyed campus property, set fire to trash cans, beat up college Republicans and forced students to shelter in place. (Campus police stood by doing nothing.) The school settled the case, paying organizers nearly $100,000.

It’s difficult to understand why the group hasn’t received a terror designation.

In 2001, the left-wing environmental group Earth Liberation Front was designated a domestic terror organization. The group claimed credit for setting fire to new condominiums in San Diego in 2003, because it opposed new construction. They scrawled the initials “ELF” on the walls before they set fire to the units.
The left-wing terror group also torched SUVs at car dealerships in Southern California and burned down what they called “McMansions,” or large homes, in states including Washington. Unlike Antifa’s actions in Portland, no one was actually injured in ELF’s fires.

The Weather Underground is another group classified as a domestic terror organization. Like Antifa, the cabal of violent youth sought to effect political change with thuggery. But unlike Antifa, the Weather Underground never seriously injured anyone. They planted a couple dozen bombs to impact law enforcement and elected leaders, but no one was ever hit by a bomb in the way that Antifa hit Ngo. It seems that Antifa ought to at least enjoy parity with the Weather Underground.

Another FBI-designated terror group, Fuerzas Armadas de Liberacion(FALN), was responsible for terrorizing New Yorkers in a political effort to gain independence for Puerto Rico. The 1970s militant group held Marxist-Leninist political views and sought to turn Puerto Rico into a communist province. The group took credit for bombings that killed four people. In 1999, as one of his final acts in office, President Clinton granted clemency to 16 of the terror group’s members.

If a domestic terror designation was enough for these groups — some of which never injured anyone — Antifa ought to get the classification. Antifa has injured people at their protests and events.

“Antifa is an organization that actively promotes and engages in violence, and its members have been allowed to continually attack and injure scores of people for political purposes. That is the very definition of terrorism,” said Lt. Randy Sutton (ret.), a 33-year police veteran and founder of The Wounded Blue organization. “It is time to treat them as what they are: a domestic terror organization.”

Surely is. Get busy, get it done, and take ’em all the way down. If not, there’s another way I can think of to deal with ’em that would cool their jets even quicker. Very simple, very easy: a citizen initiative to start sniping the little oxygen thieves. One shot, one kill from a nearby rooftop, every time the punks begin to gather in public. I predict it would take but few of them witnessing their broheims bleed out into the gutter, gut-shot from an unknown direction, before the rest of them quietly put those masks and black clothing back in the drawer for good, seeing as how individually they’re mostly spoiled, pasty-faced little queefs living in Mommy’s basement. Any remaining hardcores missed or ignored by Team America can then be summarily rounded up and sent away to Supermax after the organizational collapse, for a long, hard stretch of being bent over a toilet and gang-buggered by their new owners.


4 thoughts on “Shut ’em down, lock ’em up

  1. Antifa is populated by the demented, the weak, those without the courage of their convictions who seek to terrorize the weak, the helpless, the badly outnumbered. These cowards hide behind masks. They are the worst sort of terrorists, they lurk in areas where they are protected by like minded politicians and cowardly LEO. They will not show up in Texas or most normal areas and are confined to those areas dominated by the depraved, drug addled, and where people receive commands from voics only they can hear.

    Yes they are terrorists. They should be treated the same way you would deal with a snake approaching your two year old in the garden.

  2. They only show up where Citizens aren’t “allowed” to carry weapons and defend themselves. This weekend in DC should be interesting. They are such a bunch of weak dick, broken dick pussies that killing them isn’t really necessary. A 22lr to the knees should be enough to get their attention and cause panic in the ranks. I looked at a sweet Ruger 1022 with a built in suppressed barrel. Quiet as a church mouse!

  3. a few are dropped and yes it will stop
    who wants to do time for being the one to do it?

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