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Bad news for Progressivists

Charlie Martin breaks it to ’em a lot more nicely than I would.

We May Consent to be Governed, But We Do Not Consent to Be Ruled
Of course, right now we have a peculiar situation in which celebrating the independence of America and the achievements of Americans is seen as not just political, but partisan, because a whole wing of American politics right now is dedicated to the proposition that all men are not created equal; that the clerisy, the lettered, those with Ivy-League degrees and the right family connections, form a distinct and natural aristocracy that should by rights not just govern, but rule.

So it’s no wonder that they object to this Independence Day parade; Trump’s election and his surprising success as president challenge their most deeply-held belief.

It challenges the belief that they rule by right.

It represents a successful challenge to their presumptions of superiority and the right to rule. And, like all aristocracies, in Jefferson’s words, they “fear and distrust the people, and wish to draw all powers from them into the hands of the higher classes.”

Jefferson had an answer to that.

So do I. It begins with “LOLgetfucked,” moves on to “FUCK YOU, WAR!!” and only gets more, um, spicy from there.

Update! I repeat: LOLgetfucked.

The Democratic Party has become, in the year 2019, a deeply destructive political force. The Party, as presently comprised, is a ragtag potpourri of anti-nation-state/pro-open-borders activists, devoted prenatal infanticide cultists, neo-Marxist economic “class warfare” grievance-mongers, and identity politics-centric racial identitarian hucksters. This is a Party for whom a leading presidential candidate — in both 2016 and 2020 — is a Fidel Castro-praising actual communist who literally honeymooned in the former Soviet Union and flew a hammer-and-sickle Soviet flag in his Vermont mayoral office at a time when the U.S. was engaged in an existential “mutually assured destruction” standoff with the Kremlin.

In short, the modern Democratic Party is not a healthy political vehicle. It is afflicted with the most pernicious of all political maladies — a seething sense of self-hatred. It is exceedingly difficult to ponder the core tenets of Founding-era American political theory — separation of powers, federalism, a carefully delineated nation-state, a durable and constitutionally secured rule of law, religious liberty, and flourishing intermediary institutions of the civil society — and conclude that the modern Democratic Party has a relationship with the United States of America itself that can be characterized as anything other than haughty self-abnegation.

The Democratic Party is, at its core, a political outfit that despises all that makes America great. The Democrats despise borders, despise the distinction between citizen and alien, loathe constitutional self-governance, frown upon the church-attending “yokels” of Middle America, and seek to remodel America through the lens of an ever-supercilious, ever-secularist Europe. Political leftism, once ideologically dominated by a moral relativism that obfuscated lines between good and evil, is now nothing if not morally clear and bumptious about what it believes. It just happens that what modern Democrats believe is positively harrowing. This is an unserious political party that should never, ever be given the reins of power over the greatest nation in the history of the world.

They should never, ever be given power over anything more complex or consequential than handing out towels in a titty-bar men’s room, manning a transgender phone-sex line, spritzing cologne on innocent passersby at Macy’s, or changing bed linens in a hot-sheet motel.


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