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Just another psychotic freak

Wow, that sure didn’t take long.

Trump rape accuser E. Jean Carroll continued on Thursday to make a series of bizarre statements surrounding her allegation that she was raped in the 1990s by President Donald Trump, telling The New York Times in an interview that she has “not been raped.”

“Every woman gets to choose her word. Every woman gets to choose how she describes it. This is my way of saying it. This is my word. My word is ‘fight.’ My word is not the victim word. I have not been raped,” Carroll said. “Something has not been done to me. I fought, that’s the thing.”

Thus doth another lame-ass Democrat-Socialist attempt to nail Trump to the cross via patently false rape accusation lobbed by a straight-up-deranged lunatic die the death they all do: not with a bang, IYKWIMAITYD, but a whimper.

There is no way in hell any serious individual could take this woman’s ravings seriously. If nothing else, a quick look at a photo of this week’s harpy juxtaposed with one of our lovely and gracious First Lady Melania should put THAT folderol right to bed. Why on God’s green Earth would a man like Trump—virile, successful, sought-after, every gold-digger’s dream—waste a moment even glancing in the general direction of a ragged, 50-something old troll like Carroll, when he could spare himself a shit-ton of unneccessary and unwanted hassle by the simple expedient of just going home…to a wife who happens to be one of the most gorgeous women in the world?

For that matter,Trump could buy himself a comely, virginal young wench from Thailand every day of the week for the rest of his life, if he so desired, and pay for ’em all out of pocket change too. But noooo; instead, we’re supposed to just credulously swallow that he’d much rather go hump some fugly old nutball against her will in a Bergdorf-Goodman changing room—presumably without even having a bag to put over her head handy—accepting legal ramifications most dire among many other unpleasant potential consequences thereby.

This, mind you, after the Democrat-Socialists have tried the exact same fucking gambit about forty-leven times already, only to see each and every one fall flat on its face. The only difference this time is just how remarkably fast this latest trial balloon deflated on them.

Taking this ludicrous accusation at its face value, then (absolutely nothing), what are we left with at the end of the day? Just this: the Democrat-Socialists, exactly like their film-maker confreres in Hollywood, are now officially and demonstrably bereft of new, original ideas. As I keep telling ya: They. Got. Nothing. The endless sequels, remakes, and do-overs are growing stale, to sane people at least.

Another thing that might be worth pondering: how callous, how cruel, how just plain damned heartless are these people that they’re willing to keep taking advantage of, even abusing, so many sad, mentally-ill wretches for political purposes like this, anyway? How many more of these women are the Democrat-Socialists going to dig up, drag through the meatgrinder of public scrutiny, exposure, and disgrace, only to toss aside when any political usefulness has expired?

There really oughta be a law.


1 thought on “Just another psychotic freak

  1. I thought she merited a place in the Demorat debates. She is no more delusional, crazed, or lacking in inetrgity than any of the other swamp critters debating.

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