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Psychologists Can’t Figure Out Why Hardly Anyone Wants To Date A Trans Person

A real headscratcher for sure. But I think I have the answer already. Two, actually.One: they aren’t nearly as confused about their own sexuality as transgender types are, and two: as a wise old uncle of mine told me years ago, although I confess to having ignored his sage advice on WAY too many occasions over the years: never stick your dick in crazy, son.

A recent Journal of Social and Personal Relationships study found that nearly 90 percent of survey respondents are not interested in dating transgender people. In a Psychology Today article on the study, coauthor Karen Blair implies these findings demonstrate significant discrimination—or at least an unwillingness to be inclusive—in dating.

However, instead of pointing out the obvious truth that biological cues are foundational for sexual and romantic attraction, the author goes to great lengths to convey sympathy for the exclusion of transgenders in the dating field as if it’s merely a social justice issue. This is yet another avenue progressives are using to encourage others to deny biological reality and normalize abnormal behaviors.

And thus does the Bughouse Left warp and abuse science yet again for political purposes.

Blair explains how important finding love is to happiness. Hardly anyone would disagree with her there. Then she goes on to say, “If very few people are willing to date trans people, what does this mean for their health and well-being? If trans and non-binary people lack access to one of the most stable sources of social support, this could explain some of the existing health disparities within trans communities.”

Ass-backwards and wrong again. The “health disparities” exist because they’re transgender—part and parcel of what was once, in a less stultifyingly PC age, correctly called “gender dysphoria.” I don’t know if you’d call this putting the cart before the horse, reversing cause and effect, or just what. Transgenders aren’t mentally disordered because straights aren’t interested in dating them; they’re transgender because they’re mentally disordered. Their dysfunction is not a result of some supposedly unfair, irrational “prejudice” against them. Nice try, though, at finding a way to scold straights for causing problems they bear no blame whatsoever for. Jesse Singal unloads on ’em, closing the following Tweet pair with the line of the day:

It’s all about normalization of the abnormal, except for the part of it that’s all about clubbing Normals into not just tolerance but enthusiastic endorsement:

So thus begins the pressure for straight people to have sex with same-sex people.

Strange that it’s a hate crime to suggest that gay people should try to be straight, but it’s now a pet project of the left to pressure straight people to be gay.

Apparently this will help the 0.1% of the population that is trans.

You know what would help the 97% of the population that is straight and normal as far as sexual identification? If the oddly-sexed people would just act straight and normally-sexed, so we wouldn’t have these bizarre flare-ups of rage and entitlement.

But we’ve decided that, as regards sexual minority, it’s wrong to pressure them into being different than they are just in order to spare the rest of society some discomfort and awkwardness.

Why does this rule not extend in the opposite direction? Why are people with more bog-standard sexualities not permitted to be just as God made them — Born This Way, you know — without being hassled about it?

Why does the obligation to Live and Let Live only run in one direction?

BTW: Why don’t trans people just date trans people?

Oh, right: Because they have an innate attraction to people of a specific sex.

So, they’re permitted to be sexually attracted to whoever they’re sexually attracted to, but the rest of us will just have to brainwash ourselves into having a different sexuality. We’ll have to have sex with people we don’t want to have sex with to show that we’re not “transphobic.”

I assure you that, at least in my case, they’re going to find themselves VERY disappointed in the results their effort is gonna yield, and do not give a tinker’s damn about being accused of any kind of “phobia” these flailing fucktards like, be it trans-, Islamo-, or anydamnedthing else they might come up with. Excepting pedophilia, necrophilia, and animal abuse, I’ve always been content to live and let live when it comes to whatever kink, perversion, or oddity adults might get up to. I’m willing to extend them the courtesy implicit in Eddie Murphy’s line from one of his concert flicks: “I think you should be with whoever makes you come the hardest.”

But if they’re not going to extend me the reciprocal courtesy of keeping that shit at home, indoors, and out of my fucking face, all that can change…with a quickness.


3 thoughts on ““SCIENCE” IS BAFFLED!

  1. The promotion of faggotry and other types of mental degeneracy is astounding these days. Remember that “I am Jazz” freak show? No, I never watched it, but I remember an article where he was whining that no dudes asked him to prom. And of course, no one had the courtesy to say, “Uh, dudes don’t like other dudes. Even ones who wear dresses and have TV shows about their mental illness.” If I remember the story right, some poor dude was ‘shamed’ into taking him to the prom. Assuming that the date wasn’t a faggot too, you have to feel for him. Or not.

    BTW – I have had people ask why I use the word “faggot” so much. Simple. I’ve been told that it’s the most offensive word to homos. So….faggot it is.

  2. Wait a tick. So whom you choose to or not to date is ‘discrimination’ and/or ‘lack of inclusiveness’? Watch out for this boys. The progs never stop. We have heard these words before which means you will hear talk of somehow making people date those they have less than zero desire to date. Ugly girls and guys ought to celebrate because they will have a ‘right’ to have dates. Its for the soon to be aborted fetuses dontcha know (cause children have become a burden, apparently).

    I sure hope I wake up in a hospital to find out I had a bad accident and I’ve been hopped up on some really, really good drugs. That would be the most sane explanation for this crazy crap. The rabbit hole is sanity defined compared to these crazies.

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