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Democrat-Socialist debates: a celebration of degeneracy.

The Democrats kicked off their year long process to select a party nominee for the 2020 presidential election and it felt like 2016 all over again. Instead of watching the debate, which would have been a horrible way to spend an evening, I scanned Twitter for reactions to get a feel for how enthusiasts were reacting in real time. This was something I did in the 2016 during the Republican debates. It turned out to be a much better gauge for how people were reacting than what was coming from the media.

Three things were fairly obvious, based on Twitter. One is the Democrat media was instructed to sell the hell out of Warren, which they tried hard to do, but Warren gave them little to work with after she read her prepared lines. What they are going to learn is what people in Massachusetts know about her. Like all pols, she can read from a script and seem quite good. On her own, she reveals herself to be quite dull. Her serious egghead presentation is just an act. She is a pseudo-intellectual poseur.

Another thing that was made obvious to enthusiasts is that Beto O’Rourke is just a slacker who has been getting by on his looks. The media likes him because he has the RFK routine down cold. He knows how to charm left-wing Baby Boomers. The trouble is, once you get past the horse teeth and hairstyle, you’re left with a guy who probably spends his free time reading comic books. He is in politics because it requires the least amount of effort for the best possible lifestyle. Otherwise, he is a bum.

The third thing that was obvious reading left-wing twitter is they could not stop noticing Tulsi Gabbard. The Democrat media was programmed to ignore her, so they will ignore her, but the lower ranking members, who don’t get to see the memos from the party, were noticing their hell out of Gabbard. She was the only candidate who said anything of substance picked up by the enthusiasts. The rest were judged on style. Gabbard was noticed because she made valid points about foreign policy.

Most likely, the media will just ignore Gabbard for now. They will no doubt have been told to celebrate Creepy Uncle Joe as the winner of the second debate. In case he sexually assaults one of the women on stage, they probably have been told to have some material on Harris ready. They have some sidebar pieces ready to tell the faithful that the homosexual is a rising star in the party. The point is to make sure Sanders gets no positive press from the debate. This time, he gets taken out early.

For now, as we saw in 2016, the media will do what it can to gaslight the voters, by selling the cold turd sandwich that is Biden and Warren, while carefully ignoring anyone that the party fears. If the result of these preliminary rounds is rising support for Gabbard, we will see if the Progressive Industrial Complex really did learn from the 2016 debacle. The gaslights will be on full for the rest of the summer, as they use all the tools to get the result the oligarchs want from this election.

I’d much rather gargle diarrhea than watch a single minute of any Democrat-Socialist debate. For one thing, watching those wormy, grubby liars trying to maneuver themselves into a good position to ram the blades into each others’ backs is the more nauseating choice. For another, watching these debate shit-shows would leave a way more unpleasant taste in my mouth. Gargling diarrhea would probably provide more nourishment than trying to swallow all the toxic Leftism spewed nonstop by those assclowns, too.

Update! Slow Joe shellacked on segregation.

Joe recently mentioned how he was able to work with the loathsome Democrat racists infesting the Senate when he got there in the early ’70s. They were a different breed of loathsome Democrat racists back then. They hated everyone who was not white. Today’s loathsome Democrat racists now hate everyone who is, but they are more flexible than that. The loathsome Democrats of today are not merely racists, but sexist religious bigots who hate men, observant Jews and Christians, as well as individual members of sexual and racial minorities who reject the poisonous ideology of progressivism. Their word for this evolution is “progress.”

Anyway, Joe fell into a wokeness trap by thinking his theme of normalcy and working together, which his consultants told him will appeal to the soft dummies in the suburbs who usually vote Republican but got scared by The Donald’s refusal to be a submissive sissy, would trump the SJW agenda. Oh no. He spoke about how he got along with those awful Democrats of yore and, well, that’s pretty much proof he’s a Grand Cyclops, just like Democrat hero Robert Byrd.

It’s all stupid and not even his opponents, who would never even vote for him to be Delaware’s Dogcatcher-in-Chief, believe that Joe Biden is some sort of second coming of Bull Connor eager to divide up drinking fountains by skin tone. Nor do the SJWs and the cynical candidates who picked up the cudgel of “RACIST!” and beat him about his empty head with it. But none of that matters. Facts are a bourgeois conceit, you see, and they are themselves racist when they get in the way of the progressive narrative. Racism charges don’t have to be true if they can kneecap an opponent.

What’s hilarious is Baffled Joe’s reaction to this perfectly predictable uproar. He was legit outraged that anyone would say something like this about him, yet it was cute how he was surprised at the world he made and at the behavior of the Children of the Damned he helped raise. Joe was happy to slime Republicans with the same kind of garbage he’s lately been pelted with. Remember what he said about Mitt Romney, who is useless for dozens of reasons but none of which is that he hates black people? Joe said: “They’re gonna put y’all back in chains!”

Well Joe, enjoy being filleted by your own. We’re over here laughing, you jerk.

That’s the bright spot in this whole goatfuck. We get a brief reprieve while the 27 Dwarves turn their go-to weapon on each other, instead of us.

Updated update! For what it’s worth, I have to tell you guys that I am now endorsing Mxrs. Peter “Puffer” Buttplug and his wife and/or husband, not only for the Klown Kar Dem nomination but for President as well. No, I haven’t gone rabid and decided to support newly de rigeur Progtard policies like: reparations and an official apology for illegal aliens; one (1) taxpayer-purchased white male conservative slave for every Wakandan-American; Catholic priests forced to perform abortions on uncut male-to-female transgenders regardless of need; a nationwide ban on all travel, commuting, or bodily movement; confiscation and destruction of all fossil-fuel vehicles; the death penalty for all cis-het-binary breeder scum; and etc.

No, what I’m most interested in is having a President who will be referred by half the nation, no matter the occasion, as “President Buttplug.” I also eagerly anticipate endless, serious Enemedia deliberation and debate over who gets to be called the First Lady. Confusion, chaos, and comedy, people—three of my favorite things, all occupying a rainbow-flagged White House while the rest of the world snickers openly at America’s First Poofter President. His introductory staredown with Putin, as Vlad the Impaler struggles with all his might not to simply laugh in his face and walk away, whilst CNN tries to magick President Buttplug into a tough, doughty, no-bullshit leader whom allies respect and enemies fear, will be worth it all by themselves.

Tallying update! Hard to say who won, but it’s obvious enough who lost.

Experts Agree Loser Of First Dem Debate Was America
MIAMI, FL—Experts around the country and numerous poll results revealed Wednesday evening that the decisive loser in the Democratic debate was the American people.

A poll found that an overwhelming majority of respondents believed that America lost the debates by a wide margin, with 5% of Americans believing Americans won last night and a whopping 62% stating that “oh my gosh America is doomed.” 33% elected to turn off the TV and just watch neighborhood cats fight instead of watching the debate once it became clear that America was going to get decimated.

“America really needed a win out there tonight, but only fell further behind,” said one commentator, adding that he didn’t have “high hopes” for the country’s chances moving forward. “Things are not looking good for America’s prospects in the 2020 campaign at this point. If America doesn’t pull out a win tonight, we can only expect America to drop out of the race entirely.”

Amazing, innit, how much more real, actual truth you get from a little old satire site than the MFM entire.


5 thoughts on “Boring!

  1. I tried to watch the second night of the Dem’s Gibsmedat Giveaway Sweepstakes. They were all talking about giving everyone free education and health care, including illegals. When asked about how all this was to be paid for, there was talk of “justice.” I wish my creditors would take that instead of money.

    The only guy among them with an idea, Yang, talked about how his $3.2 trillion universal basic income plan would be paid for with a VAT and taxing non-paying behemoths like Amazon. Problem is, even he admits that only pays for $800-900 billion of it.

    After the 35-minute mark, I was either going to change the channel, or start playing Russian roulette. I need to save my ammo for the revolution, so….

  2. I have a number of Democrat friends on Facebook. NOT ONE OF THEM discussed the debates, even though many of them posted beforehand that they were going to watch. I have a feeling that they were embarrassed.

  3. Missed the first night, when Castro (there’s a lefty name for you) said he was for “reproductive justice” not just for women, but trans women, too. I thought a uterus was needed for abortion, but with dems biology is a transphobic construct or something.

  4. I’m endorsing Kamala “Camel Toe” Harris for much the same reason: Can you imagine the Left’s reaction at her being called the “Hooker in Chief” or “HOTUS”? Even Prostitute of the United States of America would be hilarious because that’s what everyone would think of when they see the snagram “POTUS”

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