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Trap set, bait not taken

Some fights can only be won by refusing to get suckered into them in the first place.

Let’s clarify some things. Iran is our enemy – the notion that we might wish to avoid being drawn into open conflict today does not mean these mullah bastards don’t deserve to be hanged from the very cranes they use to murder gays, women who refuse hijab oppression and people who like freedom. We have been at covert war with them for four decades, and they’ve murdered our people from Lebanon to Iraq and elsewhere. We are morally justified in wiping out Iran’s scummy leadership and using as much force as we choose to prevent their obtaining the bomb that Obama and his coterie of collaborators tried to hand it. Don’t confuse the fact that it is not to our advantage to openly attack Iran (or at least its rulers) right this minute with the mistaken idea that Iran is not our enemy. We have every moral right to inflict ruthless payback.

Let’s clarify another thing. Iran and our liberal elite both seemed eager for open war. Since when did either want what was best for Trump, which means what is best for America? Napoleon allegedly said, and I’m paraphrasing, “Don’t do what your enemy wants you to do.” Sun Tzu advised readers to irritate a temperamental enemy into mistakes. This is what they were doing. The Iranians hit those tankers, and their denials were baloney. The Iranians shot down our unmanned drone, and their claim it was in their territory was baloney too. Why would they do that? Drones and recon aircraft had flown that path for decades. Why now?

They wanted to be attacked. 

There’s no other reasonable explanation. And these attacks were the perfect provocation because they were not that provocative. No Americans were killed, and we know the Iranians have no qualms about murdering Americans – they were responsible for hundreds of American deaths in Iraq. An attack may have cost them a couple radar sites and missile batteries, but so what? With the sanctions strangling their economy, and the Persian people restless from four decades chafing under these fanatics’ rule, this would be a great way to unify the country against an outside attacker and seize the moral high ground while splitting the US off from its allies and undercutting Trump’s rule.

And our elite also wanted Trump to attack. Why?

Let’s talk conspiracy theories. Is it possible that the John Kerry/Ben Rhodes Iranophile faction, still stinging because Trump binned their disastrous Iran Deal and exercising their liberal free pass on the Logan Act, told the mullahs to provoke Trump with some non-fatal pokes in order to weaken him domestically and help restore the rule of people who always put American interests last?

That is, Democrats.

I don’t know, but can we really rule that out? We keep hearing from these people about how Trump is an existential threat to America, and if they really believe that, is it so nuts to think they might canoodle with Tehran to defeat him? If you had told me a few years ago the entire senior DoJ and FBI would conspire to pull off a soft coup to undo an election, I might have advised you to take a deep breath and chill. But then I watched it happen.

So, I don’t know if it this is what went down, but no one can say you’re insane for thinking it could. And that possibility had to enter into Trump’s calculations.  

Couldn’t you just feel the disappointment out there in the garbage mainstream media when Trump saw the ambush and decided, at the last minute, not to walk into the kill zone? They spent all day nailing together their cross and he decided to skip the crucifixion.

The giveaway might be how the self-same people who always, ALWAYS, bawl their abhorrence for any and every war America might get itself involved in were hawkishly aghast all of a sudden at Trump’s sidestepping this one. Their unhappiness proves well enough that Trump made the right move.


7 thoughts on “Trap set, bait not taken

  1. Never forget that, until Jimmy “Killer Rabbit” Carter forced the Shah out of power, Iran was OUR staunch ally. For all the evil that Obama did, Jimmy still towers over him.

  2. Perhaps having a federal arrest warrant for john(I served in viet nam) Kerry for violations of the logan act (to start) when he steps off his private aircraft back in the states might be in order. Sure would be fun to watch him screaming for his attorney as he’s marched off in cuffs.

  3. Hey Mike-

    Been a long, long while since I visited your blog. Good to see you still posting here. I’m planning on spending more time going back to reading blogs, and less time in twitterhell!!!

  4. It would not surprise me IN THE LEAST if Kerry, Fein-swine, etc., were hand-in-glove with the Mullahs to help them – after all, Democrats love every enemy of America – as well as attempting to undermine Trump.

    They’re traitors, outright traitors.

  5. War with Iran is not a good idea. Not worth a drop of American blood – if the regional players want war, they should fund it and fight it.

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