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FBI: corrupt then, corrupt now, corrupt forever

Unworthy of trust.

These days only a total dimwit would unquestioningly trust the supposed “world’s greatest law enforcement agency.” The FBI is under a dark cloud.

Coulda stopped right there, Rog.

The litany of personages who have recently left or been expelled from that organization is long and getting longer. As is well known, it’s under investigation for its practices during and before the Mueller probe, via the inspector general and recently-appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham, who is famed for prosecuting FBI agents with ties to the Boston mob. All this is being supervised by AG William Barr.

Significantly, Durham is also investigating the CIA and, it appears, the State Department. President Trump has given Barr (and therefore presumably Durham) the ability to compel the agencies to reveal their secret documents and to make their personnel cooperate with investigators.

FBI director Christopher Wray (yet another disastrous Trump appointee—M) doesn’t like this much and is doing a bit of stonewalling, not to mention phony parsing in failing to acknowledge that “surveillance” and “spying” are basically the same thing. Apparently Wray, also relatively new to his job, thinks he is being loyal to his organization and, one supposes, protecting the esprit de corps of the rank-and-file and the reputation of the FBI.

He’s doing the opposite. Only via a thorough and complete airing will the organization ever get its reputation back (or get a good one in the first place — the recent MLK revelations are not flattering to King or the FBI). Too much water is already under the proverbial bridge. This is, after all, an organization that claims to have “lost” — as in “the dog ate the homework” — Peter Strzok’s notes regarding the Chinese having hacked into Hillary Clinton’s email server.

Given their behavior, Wray and the others trying to damp down the investigation of the predicate of the Mueller probe are terrified the results will not be good for the FBI or for Mueller, not to mention Clapper, Brennan, etc., etc., and on upwards. We will hear and are hearing a great deal about “sources and methods” and “lives at risk.” They will do anything to hide the truth.

Nothing at all new there, either.

We live in a world where, due to the pervasiveness of Big Tech, many, if not most, of us feel that our privacy is dead.

It IS dead, and cannot be brought back.

Our children are growing up with that grim knowledge, unlike any generation in human history.

Far worse is the fact that one cannot miss something he never had in the first place.

It’s not an exaggeration to imagine that this will have a profound effect on the human species itself. Big Brother is already the fabric of our existence. We need an FBI that is a defender of the people, not of itself, that is totally clean and as transparent as possible, to fight for us against this behemoth and to preserve even a semblance of what the Founders wanted for the citizens of this country.

You aren’t going to get one. What on earth, given the FBI’s long, unsavory history as a rogue, out-of-control, near-omnipotent agency, would make you even dream you might?


3 thoughts on “FBI: corrupt then, corrupt now, corrupt forever

  1. This is why I can’t stand Sean Hannity. Whenever he discusses the FBI, he always says, “Hey, I’m not talking about the rank and file FBI agents out there, there are many good people who just want to enforce the law and are as disgusted by this as we are.” Yeah? So WHERE IN THE FUCK ARE THEY? Not ONE rank and file FBI agent has spoken up. Not ONE whistleblower. Not ONE resignation in disgust. NONE. And yet we’re supposed to believe that these asswipes are not as corrupt as the leadership? Fuck that.

    “But, they’re scared for their jobs!” Too fucking bad. That means they are scumbags. They didn’t swear an oath to protect the FBI; they swore an oath to protect the Constitution and enforce the laws of the United States of America. Essentially, they are furthering a corrupt organization.

    Granted- Hannity is a retard with about five talking points that he repeats overandoverandoverandover, but this is one I get particularly tired of.

    1. Steve Furlong has a pertinent response to the argument of “only a few bad apples.”
      He says, “Yeah, there is some percentage of bad apples. And then there is everybody else who knows who those bad apples are, and either ignores them, or actively covers for them. That makes all of them bad apples.”

      That would especially include Christopher Wray.

  2. We survived and thrived for over a hundred years without the FBI. We don’t need it. We have states to enforce state law. We have the Federal Marshalls to enforce the (occasionally required) federal law. No need, no need at all for the FBI.

    Break it up. Send them home.

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