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Business as usual in the Clown World kakistocracy

One of Dov’s most toothsome rants.

We lugs don’t trust anyone in Washington, and we have kind-of figured out finally that the system is too unwieldy, too corrupt ever to fix. The Swamp, we now know, cannot be drained because it is not a marsh or everglade but an ocean of sludge filled with plastic straws, unrecyclable paper, Strzok-Page love notes, and 33,000 bleached messages about yoga and wedding dresses. The System betrays all. Half of us vote for a liberal like Clinton, only to be presented with an end to Welfare, a tough crime bill, and a dry-cleaning bill for a dress stain. At least he delivered Midnight Basketball. The other half of us, deep-rooted patriotic conservatives, vote for Republicans and end up with Justices like David Souter and Harry Blackmun, with wage and price controls, and with international “free-trade” agreements that all-but-destroy our steel and aluminum industries, while decimating our manufacturing. We elect Liberals who run on peace agendas, like Woodrow Wilson (“He Kept Us Out of War”) or JFK/LBJ who swear they will not allow a Goldwater to embroil us in military catastrophe, and we end up with our boys dying overseas in huge numbers in Vietnam. Or the other half of us go with our more conservative “America First” approach, and we end up with reckless adventurism aiming for regime change in the Arab Muslim world, based on the delusion that there beats in the heart-and-soul of every resident of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria a passion to actualize the writings of Rousseau, Locke, and Thoreau.

We watch our borders overrun brazenly, shamelessly. No control, with millions teeming to enter illegally, lecturing us: “We have a right to be here!” They could lecture us “Yankee Go Home!” but we cannot send them back? They don’t speak a word of English except the one sentence they have been taught by American Leftist activists to memorize: “I claim asylum because of well-founded fear of persecution based on my ethnicity, race, and religion. Para todas las demás preguntas, marque 2 por Español.” (For all other questions, dial 2 por Español.) We see the Democrats swear for decades to guard the border, build a wall, and protect the endangered lower economic class and African Americans from a swarm of cheap labor, until the Democrats figure out that the lower economic class and African Americans are in their pockets anyway, while the New Illegals actually turn Republican strongholds into Democrat states. So we turn to Republicans, who promise to fix the border. Next thing you know, the capitalist big business “Chambers of Commerce” are in cahoots with the Left, importing the same Illegals for cheap labor. We turn to Reagan for some conservative rugged patriotism and firm strength, and he grants universal amnesty to Illegals. Then Bush-the-First promises to be even kinder and gentler. Then Bush-the-Next decides that, since he has Spanish-speaking relatives who can pronounce “nookyuluh” as well as he can, we may as well let the Illegals keep coming in because, unknown to the Liberals, the Illegals all are small-business owners and all are devout Hispanic Catholics who are pro-life and anti-abortion like the Pope, pro-family, conservative Republicans at heart. And then Bush!-the-Last comes in, with Ana Navarro as his political advisor, telling us that we don’t want to keep the millions out because we are “better than that.”

So we elect Trump, who promises to deport 10 million Illegals, and we give him a Republican House and a Republican Senate, and we oust John Boehner for a new young dynamic GOP House Speaker who was the Vice Presidential nominee and conservative conscience of the losing Romney campaign, and that guy turns out to be Whatever. He gets his one “Budget Reconciliation” chance in a two-year legislative term to pass a budget that will build a border wall because that is the one bill every two years that does not require a filibuster-proof 60-vote Senate vote for passage, so it’s a piece of cake. And he “pulls a Bill Buckner” (rest his soul) and leaves it out. So even though the President proves to be a once-in-a-generation Transformational President who brashly eliminates swaths of economy-strangling regulations, who dramatically renegotiates one after another terrible international trade treaty, who fearlessly pulls out of cockamamie international fiascoes like the Iran Deal and the Paris Climate Nonsense, who moves the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and recognizes United Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital and Israeli sovereignty over the Golan, who directs laser-focused attention at the border crisis and tries one-after-another-after-another stratagem to deal with the morass, who waves a magic wand and resurrects a Dead Economy with bold tax cuts and even more determined deregulating and converts it into a blazing-hot engine, who reduces African-American, Hispanic-American, Asian-American, and female unemployment to historic lows, who changes the face of the Supreme Court and nominates more than one hundred solid conservative federal district and appellate judges, who reimagines America’s energy-producing capabilities and converts America into a net exporter of energy and the world’s largest energy producer, who recalibrates the Veterans Administration and V.A. health care, who forces through a “Right to Try” initiative that allows Americans with perilous ailments access to cutting-edge medical research possibilities — despite all that, and so much more, the GOP House not only drops the ball but butt-fumbles.

No solutions or meaningful fixes to medical coverage, health care, and the mess exacerbated many times over by Obamacare. No solutions to the Southern Border national emergency. No groundbreaking ground-breaking infrastructure legislation. And so the American voters throw the bums out in 2018.

The Left Democrat districts were going to vote Democrat no matter what. The conservative Republican districts were going to vote GOP no matter what. But in 2018, Democrats targeted more moderate, though conservative-leaning swing districts, and they campaigned on promises. We will do it. We will fix health care. We will find a fix for the border. We will rebuild the infrastructure. The message and that promise won the day. The same moderate, conservative-leaning swing districts that repeatedly had given the Republicans control of the House for much of the past two decades switched over for a better way. They were promised an end to the old Obama-era shenanigans. No more Democrats Gone Wild. No more Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.

We Promise.

Do I even need to tell you to read all of it?


7 thoughts on “Business as usual in the Clown World kakistocracy

  1. And yet we keep voting. Isn’t there a saying about doing the same thing over and over?

    I am ready for our Pinochet. The whole package. He did Chile a world of good.

    1. I’ve long said that the idiots who are hating on Trump ATM will be BEGGING… no PRAYING… for someone as moderate as Trump in the not too distant.

      Pinochet or Lenin is up very very soon now. One or the other will happen. And either way the useful idiots will be begging for Trump back. Either because they are first up against the wall (under Pinochet) or second up against the wall (under Lenin).

  2. An excellent rant! Sadly missing the one ingredient we need: how to fix this mess, even though we now have a one-in-a-trillion president who is an agent of transformation. He’s got no help in Washington but those he brought with him, and the swamp still rules.

    It’s looking more and more like we have used up all the boxes- soap box, ballot box, etc- but the last one; I’ve got plenty there, and soon it’ll all come unwrapped. Here’s to taking some of the swamp rats with me when I go!

  3. Of all the Trump accomplishments stated, the Golan Heights, the Jerusalem embassy move and any thing else related to Israel mean virtually nothing, zip, nada to most of us deplorables. I truly DGAF about Israel. I am an American with American interests. Trump hasn’t stopped or even slow immigration. He has failed.

    1. My greatest frustration has been Trump giving any credence or legitimacy whatsoever to the entirely predictable restraining orders issued by some obscure activist leftist judge whenever Trump tries to do something substantive on illegal immigration. As the head of the executive branch, Trump has ABSOLUTE authority to do whatever he sees fit to get our borders under control. He needs to take the position of Andrew Jackson, who when presented with an over-reaching directive from the chief Justice, said “He has made his decision, now let him enforce it”. Or Stalin, upon being told the Pope condemned his actions, said “The Pope of Rome? And how divisions does he have?”

      1. Mr. True,

        “ let him enforce it.” Exactly !

        The judiciary is no friend of Traditional Americans and the US Constitution !

  4. Dov wildly overestimates Trump’s accomplishments to date, which have been very modest especially on his signature issue. Trump “directs laser-focused attention at the border crisis”? Oh come on. Most of the time it seems like he isn’t giving it any thought at all and when he does and makes his threats (tariffs, ICE raids) he invariably backs off and does nothing. The border crisis is worse now than when he took office and that is the result of Trump being shown to be completely out-maneuvered at every turn by Schumer and Pelosi. As for all the flowery language about Israel, like Walt above I give zero effs about Israel, where the embassy is located, their claims to Jerusalem being their “eternal capital”, the Golan Heights, all of it. Trump was supposed to put America First and it seems more that he is putting Israel First. His overriding concern from the moment he starts tweeting on the toilet in the morning until he goes to sleep at night should be securing the border. That was why he was elected and on that basis he is failing miserably and it is likely to cost him re-election. I don’t want him to lose but he doesn’t seem all that interested in winning.

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