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Trump backs down?

Or gets rolled, maybe?

‘At the request of Democrats, I have delayed the Illegal Immigration Removal Process (Deportation) for two weeks to see if the Democrats and Republicans can get together and work out a solution to the Asylum and Loophole problems at the Southern Border. If not, Deportations start!’ Trump said in a tweet on Saturday afternoon.

Enforcement raids had been scheduled to begin at dawn on Sunday in at least 10 major cities, drawing furious protests from local Democrat officials who vowed to fight the deportations. 

Caveats: one, it’s a UK libmedia outlet gleefully reporting this, and so should be taken with a grain of salt. Two: yes, I know about Vox Day’s “wait two days” rule regarding all news of this sort regarding the Prez, and we’ve seen that rule hold up plenty of times. Those things admitted, though, I tend towards Bill’s view on this one:

Here’s what’s going to happen in the real world. The Democrats will get their two week delay, which the mayors of the purported target cities will use to do everything in their power to protect their illegals. At the end of the two weeks, some sort of half-assed “solution” involving ICE being allowed to take a look at, oh, convicted illegal alien murderers or somesuch, will be hammered out. There will be a couple more empty promises about improvements to “border security.”

Trump will hail this as a mighty victory.

But nothing will change.

Here’s what you have to understand: The Democrats will never yield on fostering illegal immigration. It is the single blueprint they have for conquering America, and, given how well it has worked for them so far, they have no reason to give one single inch.

Worse, they will be aided by the “sell them the ropes with which to hang us” crowd at the GOPe and in the grease pits of the Koch brothers and the Chamber of Commerce.

This was all sound and fury, and it signifies absolutely nothing.

And I am sick and tired of hearing excuses for it.

I wish I could find a way to argue with that, but I have to admit I can’t. There’s no downside for Trump in vigorously enforcing immigration law by tracking down and deporting illegal aliens in YUGE numbers, and plenty of upside, starting with the fact that if there’s any one single promise he got elected on, it was this right here. Yes, the shitlibs will scream. Who the fuck cares? They’re screaming anyway, about anything and everything.

No, all backing down like this is going to do is weaken Trump supporters’ faith in him, dashing their already threadbare hope that the PTB can ever be successfully resisted by any but violent means. And so the day the shooting starts draws another small step closer, which is a day no sane person wants to see the dawn of.

Inclined as I usually am to give him the benefit of the doubt, I just can’t do it here. This is a bad, bad move by Trump, an own-goal for no apparent benefit. He’s foolishly putting trust in the Democrat-Socialists which they in no way deserve, and you should NEVER do that. He’ll wind up getting burned for it, and he’ll have it coming, too.

Update! A likely explanation.

It’s possible that ICE requested the delay after so many cities and states promised not to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement. Trump made note of that in his remarks:

Chicago Sun-Times:

”Some cities are going to fight it,” Trump said. “If you notice, they are generally high-crime cities. If you look at Chicago, they are fighting it and if you look at the other cities that are fighting it, many of those cities are high-crime cities and they are sanctuary cities.”

A majority of Democrats won’t agree to any reforms that include deporting illegal aliens — even if they have been lawfully told to leave. Expect the deportations to begin shortly.

Could this be another example of the “wait two days” rule in action? Time will tell, I guess.


4 thoughts on “Trump backs down?

  1. Nothing requires Trump to re-target the SAME cities in 2 weeks, friend. IOW, he could hit Green Bay, Springfield, Marietta, Olathe, (etc.)…..

  2. Trump continues to betray supporters on the issue that got him elected. The pathetic, bs excuse offered for not following through on deportations is insulting. OF COURSE sanctuary cities are going to be angry and not cooperate! When traitors wanna betray, treat ’em like the traitors they are. This is an important moment in our history. Either we finally resolve to have societal order and borders, or we give it all up. If Trump backs down again on this issue, what comes next is going to be a major shitshow.

  3. There is also the report that the ICE plans were leaked deliberately by a high level moron at the DHS and that that leak would have made the plans to arrest and deport LESS successful and MORE RISKY to ICE agents had they proceeded. Maybe Trump will follow through, maybe not. To date he’s done OK in regards to business and economic issues but has fallen flat in most other areas.

  4. Why place the blame on some leaks when Trump himself was braying the plan all over the internet for the week leading up to his (typical) collapse? That would be like Eisenhower giving interviews to the biggest American newspapers at the end of May about the big, big invasion of Europe that was coming the following week, then abruptly cancelling the whole thing because someone leaked the fact that it was going to happen in France.

    I think the cancellation was the whole point of the exercise. He bellowed the so-called plan and raised as much noise and attention as he could, confident that it would spur enough pushback to provide an excuse for abandoning the whole thing. So he gets his base revved up in time for one of his ego-flattering rallies, and is able to pose as the tough guy getting things done, then can switch on his automatic excuse-generator to whine “THEY wouldn’t let me!” when his self-sabotage kicks in. It was just a way to keep doing nothing while pretending that he’s being the Man of Action.

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