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Two transgender male athletes kept high school track runner Selina Soule from advancing in the New England girls’ track regionals. Soule needed to be in the top six runners to advance, but came out eighth because the two biological males were also competing as transgender girls. She is now taking legal action with Alliance Defending Freedom(ADF) to uphold her rights under the federal law providing equal access to women in education, known as Title IX.

“Girls like Selina should never be forced to be spectators in their own sports,” Holcomb said. “But unfortunately that is exactly what is taking place when you allow biological males to compete in sports that have been set aside and specifically designed for women like Selina.”

Look, I’ll say it one more time: they are NOT “biological males.” They are fully, completely, in every way that matters nowadays (ie, politically) WOMEN. I don’t care if they’re swinging a schlong big enough to make a donkey blush in shame: THEY. ARE. WOMEN. All they have to do is believe it to be so, and it is so. To claim otherwise is to reveal oneself as nothing but a bigoted, transphobic H888TRRRR—to do unconscionable injury to a perfectly normal, courageous Hero™ just trying to Live Xzhir Truth. Full stop, end of story.

Title IX is supposed to protect girls in athletics so they are not prevented from competing at the highest levels. According to ADF, the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference has a policy allowing transgender males to compete in girls’ athletics. One of the transgender athletes who competed in Soule’s race broke 10 state sports records previously held by biological women, which took women some 20 years to achieve.

It is unsurprising for biological males to destroy female records. Men are physiologically stronger than woman, having more muscle mass and a higher bone density, ADF reports. Typically an average male athlete in any sport will beat the best female athletes in the same sports because of males’ biological height, weight, speed, bone, muscle, and other physical advantages compared to women.

Lies, nothing but lies, told by the revanchist enablers of patriarchal repression who have for too long stifled us. We are exactly the same, one and all; gender is fluid, malleable, eternally switchable from amongst a Baskin-Robbins-style menu of endless choices. There are no boundaries, no limitations. Thanks to the Left, we can all enjoy total freedom without limitations or restraints, even those once imposed on us by what we erroneously called “reality” and “science” back in a darker, less-enlightened era.

This isn’t unfair competition dominated by mentally-disturbed ringers; it isn’t delusion and degeneracy über alles. This is the face of the new True Equality, as conceived and enforced by the bughouse Left. Sorry, sweetie, but these are the rules passed on to us from the Sisterhood and the rest of the Left, and submission to them is NOT optional. I didn’t make ’em. Nor did you. But they’re here, and now we all have to live by ’em.

Hey, you can always join the Marines or something.


2 thoughts on “Equal means EQUAL, dammit!

  1. On the bright side, transgenderism, by eliminating gender as a category, makes feminism and homosexuality impossible. It also exposes the fraud of “women’s athletics.”

  2. I suggest Ms. Soule ask her parents, other family members, neighbors, teachers, and administrators why they repeatedly voted into office the people who are allowing this to happen.

    OTOH, this is just fun to watch the snake eat its tail.

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