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Hey, TeeWee, leave them kids alone!

All in all, it’s just another brick in Lefty’s wall.

Just because adult sitcoms like Modern Family imply that one of the men in a same-sex relationship merely replaces the mother role in the public mind, that does not make it true. In fact, it is an idea that manages to be insulting to both women and homosexual men. Throughout the years of the sitcom, the audience was supposed to pretend that a real daughter being raised by two men would never quietly pine for the absent mother. The audience was supposed to ignore a primal wound. Children know that a man, no matter how nurturing, is not a mother. And since when did women allow their irreplaceable role to be so dismissed and caricatured?

I would add that children know that a woman, no matter how “masculine,” is not a father. But since the father role has already been pummeled by Western society in recent decades, the removal of the father image in lesbian “marriage” causes few to bat an eye.

And please spare me the trope about “infertile couples can’t be a mom and dad, and they’re still married.” A man and woman who cannot have children are still the image of “mom” and “dad” in the minds of little children. Two men or two women can never be so.

There are solutions to the relentless LGBT push on young children. PBS, public schools, and public libraries are taxpayer-funded. Demand that taxpayer money not go to such efforts, and stand your ground when the inevitable slings and arrows fly. The media will not have your back. Conservativism, Inc. will definitely not have your back. And the Left already hates you with a hot passion. Speak and fight for your children’s right to innocence and healthy development anyway.

The many forces arrayed against your efforts — corporate, social, and political — will vilify you as a bigot and a homophobe. So what? They label so many who disagree with them that Americans are numb to it at this point.

True, most likely, and a big part of the problem. Too many of us are numb, when what we really ought to be is goddamn pissed off. Real damage is being done to our kids, intentionally and for malign purposes. And lest any of you folks think that righteous anger over that is rooted mainly in simple bigotry or a desire to be cruel to LGBTQWERTY types:

We need to speak clearly and plainly. Romantic attraction between adults of the same sex is a purely erotic concept, not an ontological one (i.e., not rooted in a child’s being). Two men pretending to be married on a kids’ show, books about two mommies in public school kindergarten classrooms, and the general LGBT push on young children are controversial not because of “religious differences” or “intolerance.” All of this is controversial because it is wrong to push adult sexual agendas on children, period.

Annnnd bingo. Kinda difficult to comprehend how anyone could argue with that perfectly reasonable assertion, ain’t it?

But the sexualization of children—one of the most crucial core tenets of Marxist ideology right from the start, explicitly spelled out as such in The Communist Manifesto—is one of the more grotesque fronts in the Left’s ongoing war on the traditional family and the values that once upheld it, nothing more nor less. The sudden ubiquity of such sick tropes all over children’s programming is no accident. One only has to observe the near-total success of the Left’s campaign to promote and normalize miscegenation to be concerned about where this latest onslaught might end up going.


6 thoughts on “Hey, TeeWee, leave them kids alone!

  1. Dear Sir – I largely agree with the thrust of your piece here, but I am a little confused by your reference at the end to the Left’s success in normalizing miscegenation. Should I take that as implying a disapproval on your part for people of different racial or ethnic groups marrying or otherwise being physically intimate in some ongoing way? If so, on what would you be basing such disapproval? Or am I misunderstanding your intent?

  2. One more reason avoid public indoc centers.. er, schools if at all possible.

    On the sexualization of children.. I suspect when they cross that particular bridge the commies will lose a lot of support from otherwise relatively normal people who still vote commie..

  3. Male homosexuals adopting children so they can feel normal and legitimate is merely using kids for props, in environments that are a million-years-of-evolution wrong. Odious behavior encouraged by misguided people.

  4. 1. I would wager there are many more children who have only one or even no parents than there are who have two same sex parents. Seems to me it’s better to have two parents who love you, regardless of gender, than to have only one or none.

    2. “Romantic attraction between adults of the same sex is a purely erotic concept” precludes the possibility that same sex couples could actually love each other, this seems not only wrong but also a stupid take.

    3. Seems like you’re comparing and even conflating miscegenation with same sex couples raising children, this also seems wrong and stupid but also even bigoted and racist (unless there’s a definition of miscegenation I’m unfamiliar with).

    In short, you seem very angry with, and a little ignorant of, gay people and other people who are of a different race than yourself. In short: Quite unpleasant.

  5. The sexualization of children is the saddest part of this equation, and the most damaging, long term. The effects of this will last at least a generation, if not longer.

    But everyone can be #sobrave, right?

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