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Offense, defense, and disruption

Specifics issues aside, this right here is really what Trump was elected to do.

1. It seems like many people on the right do not understand the concept of a political battle. The left understands it. That is why when they lose a battle, they just regroup and try again and again and again until they win.

2. The left lost the political battle for gun control decades ago. Yet, they are still out there trying to push their gun grabbing ways after every shooting. They are still trying to get businesses to stop doing business with gun sellers and/or pro 2nd amendment people.

3. It’s unrelenting not just on the gun issue but every issue. Due to this constant pressure the right has fallen into a defender role to conserve the status quo so to speak. It’s easy to understand how this defender role came about but it’s harder to change from defense.

4. A good defense is important; but it hardly ever wins a war, especially against a foe that never gives up. Sooner or later the defense breaks and the enemy rolls over the walls. Always defending also leads to doom and gloom among the defenders.

7. Enter President Trump. He doesn’t defend; he attacks in the political battle. When he is attacked he doesn’t just sit back and defend, he counter attacks.. He attacks then attacks again and again and again. He starts offensives, he doesn’t defend against them.

8. This the difference in the political battle we have seen for the last 3 years. Many of those that have been defenders for decades can’t seem to understand what offense means. They are still set in defensive mode.

More than that, they used the defensive crouch as a concealment of their collaboration, along with the fact that they aren’t really any honest sort of “opposition” at all, and never were.


1 thought on “Offense, defense, and disruption

  1. They’re relentless because they’re MISSIONARIES. They have a holy calling (and, with apologies, I’m going to link to and quote one of my recent essays)… having cast G-d from their lives, they’ve replaced it with Socialism.

    Another thing: They’re masters of the salami method. I.e., “How do you eat a salami? Once slice at a time.” They want 100% of an argument. We want 0%. They ask for 50%, compromise down to 20%. Years later they come back; give us 50%… but that’s 50% of that remaining amount, and they label our stance on the agreed-upon 20% as the new 0%. And then, they come back. And come back. And come back. And sooner or later, we look around at their having achieved 90% of the original 100% and ask “How did this happen?”

    You, I, and most Conservatives have lives. For them this IS their life. A short anecdote: Many years ago I’d debate on the local paper’s disqus pages. I posted something about race. Literally within minutes not only did I have counter-comments (I suspect they all had their email addresses in the clique and notified each other) did I have responses, but one quoted a comment I’d made a year before, with URL!, to point out I was (of course) a raaaaaacist. I surmised that they kept files of political opponents.

    As to my essay and quote:

    They’ve taken decades to infiltrate all aspects of government. They’ve taken decades to worm their way into education. Same for the enemedia. To indoctrinate the next generation. To control the information flow and thus influence what the population thinks.
    You do not, cannot, maintain this effort so single-mindedly across generations without it being a faith in something you cannot see. It cannot be maintained despite failure after failure after failure, in country after country after country, without faith. As just one example of multigenerational faith, it was only by faith in the future and a mission to glorify G-d that the cathedral of Notre Dame was built; it took almost two centuries. The same applies to creating a Socialist world. And just like Warmists who cannot – will not – let their belief be dented by any of the problems with the predicted CO2 catastrophe, Socialists will state “but that’s not real Socialism” when confronted by any of the failures.

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