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LOL get fucked.

Poor people have a right to migrate to the United States, and migrants should not be stopped by force, according to a letter from Mexico’s president to U.S. President Donald Trump.

President López Obrador’s May 30 letter, provided by the Wall Street Journal, claimed a migrant’s “right for justice,” saying:

President Trump. Social problems are not resolved by taxes or coercive measures. How do you transform the country of fraternity for the world’s migrants into a ghetto, a closed space, where migrants are stigmatized, mistreated, persecuted, expelled and the right for justice is canceled to those who tirelessly seek to live free of misery?

The letter also suggested that poor Mexicans have a right to migrate into the United States: “It is worth remembering that, within a short period of time, Mexicans will not need to migrate into the United States and that migration will become optional, not compulsory.”

Alternatively, if we marched down to your shithole country in force, kicked your Beaner asses up between your shoulderblades, and took over management of the dump lock, stock, and barrel a la 1847-8, THAT would pretty much settle the question entirely, wouldn’t it now? On the other hand, the problem with Mexico is that it’s full of Mexicans, as ZMan so sagely said. And who wants to tackle the job of trying to govern the demonstrably ungovernable?

Obrador’s letter did not formally reject or accept Trump’s demand that Mexico block the huge Central American migration into the United States, nor did it directly denounce Trump’s threat to impose rising tariffs on Mexico.

Instead, it repeatedly claimed poor people have a right to move into the United States.

Fine and dandy, bub. We’ll see you that one, and raise you OUR right to start summarily gunning the illegal hordes down exactly one micromillisecond after the very next wetback foot sets itself on the sacred soil of Texas, may almighty God forever preserve and protect it. Like Bill says: “You have your ways, and we have our ways.” So go ahead and bluster away to your heart’s content about what you want and expect from us. As the old jet-jock slogan has it: kick the tires, light the fires, first one up’s the winner.

Sadly, I don’t expect any of that to transpire, and neither should you. But seriously, though: have we really been reduced to such a pathetically ineffectual state that runty pipsqueaks with more balls than brains like this toad can openly defy and mock us with total impunity? This is where we’re at now?


Never mind, don’t answer that one. On grounds that it may infuriate me.


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  1. You wouldn’t have to shoot that many of them and the border crossings would drop to roughly zero.

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