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Culture war?

More like total war, if not entirely conforming to the traditional conception of the thing.


Of all the cultural changes that endanger the well-being and happiness of Americans and impair the governability of the nation, severing the present from the past and the rise of division and intolerance are probably the two greatest threats. In the last 25 years, division and intolerance have increasingly become defining characteristics of American politics and culture — attributes at odds with the vision of the founders and most successive presidents who understood that shared values and unity were the bedrock of American strength.

Ahh, there’s the rub: we no longer HAVE shared values. We are instead plagued by an unbending, intolerant, and fanatical opposition whose values are antipathetic to everything we think of as the traditional, enduring American ones.

As Orwell also noted, “the whole aim of Newspeak and Doublethink is to narrow the range of thought.” Political correctness has the same goal and that’s why its adherents are so intolerant — seeking to shut down and silence people with whom they disagree on college campuses across the country, clamoring for removal of historic statues and monuments, and demanding that people with differing views on such subjects as climate change and LGBT rights be silenced, fined or arrested.

Shocking as it might seem, a pattern has been emerging in the U.S. with similarities to the longstanding standard practices in Communist and Fascist totalitarian states — that is: to rewrite history and indoctrinate the youth so as to be able to manipulate and control the future cultural and political landscape.

“Shocking”? Oh, please. Who could be shocked to find that the allegiance of self-avowed socialists is to Marxist despotism instead of democratic, capitalist liberty?

In that sense the U.S. is closer to a future that is reminiscent of developments that led to persecution in 1930s Germany than anyone would like to contemplate or admit. The Nazi propaganda machine censored non-conforming views and sought to isolate and discriminate against Jews — a strategy intended to engender hatred and prejudice against them within the greater German population, thus setting the stage for the genocidal “final solution” of the Holocaust.

This is not to say that Christians are on the threshold of massive physical persecution in the U.S.

You quite sure of that? Sure enough to bet your very life on it? Because by mincing daintily away from forthright acknowledgement of the depth, breadth, and implacability of the true evil the Left represents, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

In every last incidence of their ascencion to power across the globe, Leftism has unfailingly put its millions of victims into mass graves, sometimes using almost fantastical-seeming methods. Every. Single. Time. The (anti)American Left, sooner or later, will be no different; their own escalating rhetoric, bloated with hatred and menace, attests well enough to that. We should take them at their word, and prepare ourselves accordingly. To flinch from historical reality, hideous as it is, is to de facto collaborate in your own destruction.


1 thought on “Culture war?

  1. It is time to turn the tables on these Commie MFers. It is time to make all of their outlandish and destructive beliefs politically in correct. Let them become the ones who cower in fear of being ridiculed, mocked, and deplatformed. It is past time to denounce them everywhere and in every setting where they try to take over with their Globohomo cultural Marxist agenda. We normals who hold traditional mainstream American values need to go on the attack from now on, instead of always just reacting to the latest bizarre and deviant outrage that the Left dreams up.

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