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Downfall of a plaster saint

Well, well, well, well, well.

What are we to make of the disturbing news about Martin Luther King? Should we change the name on every school, park, and boulevard across the nation named after him as if he were the inverse of Robert E. Lee or Jefferson Davis? There must be tens of thousands of them.

“SHOULD” we? No. We MUST. Immediately, and without a moment’s pause for reflection. Full stop, end of story. The Left’s own rules demand no less than King’s complete expulsion and erasure from the historical record, and they should be held strictly to them. The fall from grace Roger is talking about:

The FBI’s attempt to discredit Martin Luther King Jr – new details of which are only just emerging some 55 years later – was a mammoth operation involving undercover informants, wiretapped phones and bugged hotel rooms.

J Edgar Hoover, the bureau’s notorious director, believed the material gathered by his agents in the Sixties exposed the civil rights leader as a “notorious liar” and “one of the lowest characters in the country”.

It included a tape which, according to an FBI summary, recorded King laughing and offering “advice” as a fellow Baptist minister “forcibly raped” a woman just a few minutes walk from The White House in Washington DC.

But despite their attempts to spread the story of King’s “sex orgies” and 40-plus extramarital affairs, the story never appeared in the media.

“They tried, but the press would not touch it,” said David Garrow, a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian who has dived into a recent release of files previously buried in the US National Archives collection relating to the assassination of John F Kennedy.

I just bet they wouldn’t. Even back then, The Narrative trumped all else, so King’s transgressions had to be carefully hidden from view.

Doesn’t matter. Whether this story is true or not, verified or not, there should be not the slightest hesitation before MLK is scrubbed from the American memory, lest we offend or upset the #Metoo movement via the tacit reminder that their victimization at the hands of predatory males is no big deal. Guess now we’re going to find out which between two of the Left’s officially certified victim classes takes precedence, eh? Should be a delight to watch them tear each other to pieces over it, I’m thinking. That’s assuming we ever hear a single word about it again, of course.


1 thought on “Downfall of a plaster saint

  1. The entire foundation of the american communists is based in falsehoods and contradictions.
    But then, what do you expect from grown adults with adolescent minds?
    Coulter is right, it’s a mental disease.

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