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Down, not out

Karen McQ sounds the cautionary note.

Do not mistake the Democrats for a joke, no matter how ludicrous their actions look from this side of the reality divide.

Byron York pointed out long ago that the Democrat “resistance” is not mindless hysteria, but a proven strategy that wins them elections. “Their actions, taken together, have a number of strategic intentions. The first is to distract, and do whatever damage it can . . . Second is to constrain the White House and create a sense among voters and potential Trump supporters that enacting the president’s agenda will come at an enormous cost in peace and public safety.”

The Democrats are purposely fomenting anarchy, a good old Marxist strategy. Trump derangement was planned and funded immediately after the inauguration and dubbed the Resistance, as if they were opposing a Nazi. Trump Derangement Syndrome is deliberate. Nice suburban women remain loyal Democrats, thinking they are voting against racism and tyranny.

If Democrats can equate Trump with constant unrest and agitation, they win. When so much mud is flying, bystanders aren’t fussy about who’s flinging it. They are just as likely to blame Trump, and take the chaos as proof that he is radical and doing bad things.

Democrats boast they won the popular vote in 2016, which is of debatable significance, given that their lead came entirely from the biggest cities in California and New York. The Democrats’ real strength isn’t in the numbers of people who support them. Their strength lies in the seats of high power that Democratic Party activists occupy.

Democrats have an army of identity grievance officers, drawing six-figure salaries, ensconced in corporations and campuses across the land, who are paid to intimidate political dissenters and threaten their careers. They crucially dominate education from kindergarten through college. They would not have the Millennial vote without these powerful propagandists.

Most dangerously, the Democrats have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon, and all the rest of social media actively twisting their algorithms, their advertising dollars, and their rules to shut out conservative opinion. They are demonetizing conservative videos and news sites, to put them out of business. Facebook put Candace Owens on a list of “hate agents,” inviting their employees to discover some dirt they could use to block her. Google searches purposely exclude plain vanilla news sources like The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post.

Democrats have millions of thought police, creating conformity to their ideas through peer pressure, vicious bullying, social ostracism, and blacklisting. Democrats have succeeded in politicizing every Hollywood event, weekly sports casting, and even family holidays. They keep conservatives out of the most influential careers in the country, those in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, academia, and mainstream journalism.

Blacklisting is why the Democrats win the culture wars. Without it, they would not win elections.

On the bright side, the longer-term trend is that they’ve been winning fewer and fewer of them—assuming, of course, that the 2018 catastrophe was an anomaly and not a harbinger of things to come. McQuillans ends her piece on a positive note; let’s just hope that’s the one that reverberates, and endures.


3 thoughts on “Down, not out

  1. My fear is this: between the rab-tastards in office, and the infestation in the enemedia, by the time we get to 2020 the squishy middle, even if not convinced of squat, will be so tired of the 24/7 flood of sewage that they’ll vote “D” just to make it go away.

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