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A brand new day, a brand new way

Steyn heralds the dawning of the new age.

In any normal UK election, it would be inconceivable for either of the two main parties – Conservative and Labour – to attract just 23 per cent of the vote. The fact that that is all they could muster between them is hilarious, and greatly to be enjoyed. As I put it on the radio last week, the departing Theresa May has led the Tories to their worst result in two hundred years. But, really, that’s praising with faint damns. I saw Daniel Hannan on the telly extending Mrs May’s impressive feat back through the pre-Reform Act era and accounting it the Tories’ worst result since 1678. Which is kind of hard to spin. Her forced resignation last Friday morning (by which point her party had made it clear they wouldn’t stick with her past lunch) ensures that she and that election result will be yoked together for all time. And jolly well deserved it is.

You said a mouthful there, brother.

As I’ve been saying for four years in a Trump context, it’s easier for the base to get itself a new elite than for the elite to get itself a new base. Three years ago the Brexit referendum revealed that Parliament and the people had become misaligned: If over half the people support a policy that no “mainstream” party supports, then in what sense are those parties mainstream? Mrs May should have enacted the people’s wishes, exited the EU on WTO terms, left it largely to civil servants to smooth the technical adjustments, and then invited Brussels to take its time and make proposals for such new arrangements as they might wish to entertain. By now, Brexit would be receding in the rear-view mirror, and normal politics – that’s to say, two-party Tory-Labour politics – would have resumed.

Instead, Mrs May in particular but also Parliament in general chose to double-down on the estrangement from the masses revealed by the referendum, and spent the next three years demonstrating that, whatever the Prime Minister had in mind when she first declared “Brexit means Brexit”, it obviously doesn’t mean leaving the European Union. Either through malice or stupidity or condescension, the political class opted to widen its breach with the people – and Nigel Farage, who is a very canny fellow, decided six weeks ago to create a party to fill the gap in a European election the UK shouldn’t have had to participate in.

The globalists overreached; like the Democrat-Socialists when Ogabe won in 2008, they assumed the traditionalists they so bitterly loathe were vanquished at last, leaving the field wide open for them to begin a Great Leap Forward into the worldwide Tranzi tyranny they always dreamed of. They seem to have been wrong about that, or so the Trump win here, the Brexit debacle in the UK, and this week’s EU election results indicate. Wrong, or at least premature, anyway. We’ll see where it all goes, but for now the signs are encouraging.


1 thought on “A brand new day, a brand new way

  1. You know, I’m not sure the self styled elites are over reaching in the strictest sense of the word. I think they are entirely clueless because they live in a different world surrounded only by their own kind. They do not pay any attention to ‘the help’ and I’m sure since most of their help is ‘undocumented’ there is a language barrier. I base this upon an experience some years ago. The Mrs. and I were newly wed and decided to take a cruise for our honeymoon. Since it was a big event we splurged and reserved the lowest level suite. Early booking will often get you upgraded and we were upgraded to the next level suite that came with a concierge. While on board I headed to the pursers desk to mail some post cards to friends and family. There I was waiting in line when our concierge saw me and said he’d do the mailing for me. Told him I needed stamps. No problem says he and that he will take care of all and I can be on my merry way. That is when I realized these people live in a different world.

    Imagine living in world where you never ever wait in line for anything. Someone takes care of it for you. Now imagine it has always been that way for you.

    TPTB may be evil incarnate.. or they may just be so terribly out of touch as to appear so. No excuse. Just an observation. The result is the same to either way is not good.

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