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“WashPo Warns of Politicized Intelligence: Hilarity Ensues”

Democracy dies in dumbass.

The American news media need a collective neck brace to halt the self-inflicted whiplash now endemic among journalists following President Trump’s order to declassify materials related to “surveillance activities during the 2016 Presidential election.” Fresh off the heels of demanding that Attorney General William Barr release a fully-unredacted Mueller report, including grand jury proceedings and all underlying evidence, news organizations are freaking out that Barr might release classified information that will expose the corrupt FBI counterintelligence probe into Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

“Barr could expose secrets, politicize intelligence with review of Russia probe, current and former officials fear,” blared a May 24 headline in the Washington Post. Reporter Shane Harris quoted “current and former U.S. officials” who fretted that Barr’s actions could damage the reputation of the FBI (LOL) or be used as political weaponry to exact revenge on Trump’s foes. (One of Harris’ quoted sources is Comey’s former general counsel James Baker, who currently is under criminal investigation for…wait for it…leaking classified information to the media. NO, I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP.)

You couldn’t, any more than you could parody it. That’s how far around the bend these foamy dingbats have driven themselves.

All of this outrage is particularly ironic coming from the Post, the newspaper responsible for reporting two damaging leaks of classified information in 2017: The disclosure of details from an intercepted call between former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, and the FISA order against Trump campaign aide Carter Page. Way back when, in early 2017, the Post did not object to government officials revealing classified information as long as it helped advance the phony narrative that Trump and his people were in the tank for Vladimir Putin and his election was illegitimate.

Umm, helloooo? The Pentagon Papers? Woodward and Bernstein? Who even knows how many other examples of the Post toasties jizzing themselves in their autoerotic lust for illegally leaking classified info for purely partisan purposes?

Aww, never mind. Liberal outrage is, as always, highly selective and case-dependent. The rules apply exclusively to their adversaries, not to them, and are subject to reversal at a moment’s notice, according to whim and political usefulness in that particular moment. Flexible and temporary for them, eternal and unyielding for us. Once you get Woke to that it all makes sense, of a sort.

“Enemies of the people,” per Trump? You better fucking know it.


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