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Top-down treason

All the sedition you can swallow, from soup to nuts.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have both damaged the United States in ways the Russians couldn’t even hope to.  They have openly assaulted the integrity of our elections. Weaponized the intelligence agencies, the DOJ and the FBI against political opponents. Actively conspired to overthrow the President. Set in motion a series of corrupt activities and cataclysmic events that have eviscerated the character of America for the last three years.

In the process, Obama is the destroyer of the very notion of the peaceful transition of power. His criminal activities to undermine the Trump Presidency amount to sedition, abuse of power, abrogation of civil rights, waging an effective coup d’etat against the constitution and amount to treason.

Hillary Clinton continues, two years after she lost, to insist that the election was “stolen from her”. Obama Vice President Joe Biden agreed with a New Hampshire voter who declared Trump an ‘illegitimate President”.  Hillary Clinton invented the Russian Dossier that John Brennan and James Comey inflicted on the body politic. Joe Biden was part and parcel of the Obama administrations dirty tricks, criminal spying, and overt corruption.

Fortunately for America, Attorney General William Barr has appointed US Attorney John Durham to get to the bottom of the whole Russia Hoax. He has apparently been at work for several months. He has empaneled at least one Grand Jury. This is bad news for John Brennan and Jim Comey and James Clapper.

The IG Report from Michael Horowitz is about to be released. It will detail how all four FISA warrants obtained by Jim Comey were illegal. How the unverified Steele Dossier was deliberately included at the insistence of either Jim Comey or John Brennan.

But the tentacles stretch everywhere and now, at last, the full scope of illegal spying and criminal activity by a wide swath of the upper echelons of the Obama Administration will come to light. That is what terrifies Democrats. It should. There is a number of criminal indictments coming that will shake the foundation of the Republic.

Keith’s expansive recounting is the most thorough I’ve seen yet, including some details I wasn’t aware of or had forgotten about:

Of course, it all started years before Trump was elected. The Obama White House was using FISA court 702 authority to spy on a range of Republican figures since 2012. James Comey allowed three contractors unlimited access to the most sensitive NSA databases, including PRISM. Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Chief Justice John Roberts, Mitch McConnell, everyone was a target.

The NSA data was shared with Brennan and Comey and the Obama White House. The abuse was discovered and stopped by NSA Director Mike Rogers in April of 2016. Rogers notified the head of the FISA Court in October of 2016.

She has ruled that illegal access to NSA programs were granted through FISA court 702 authority. She has sent her ruling to the Attorney General William Barr. This will certainly fall under the purview of US Attorney Durham’s investigation. This is in addition to the FISA warrants illegally obtained on Carter Page.

At the Obama White House, it is well known that Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice, and Valerie Jarrett were up to their eyeballs in the whole sordid affair. Along with Samantha Powers at the United Nations.  Between them, they unmasked Trump associates from NSA wiretaps over 300 times in 2016 alone.

Plenty more at the link—PLENTY. Executive summary:

The Obama White House was illegally spying on Trump and other Republicans since 2012. They worked with Hillary Clinton to corrupt the electoral and judicial process by inserting the Steele dossier into the heart of the American body politic. As Peter Strzok texted, “POTUS wants to know everything.”

Brennan, Comey, and Clapper framed the candidate and then President Trump, and accused him of treason. They knew it wasn’t the case. They knew it all along. It was all a grand criminal Russia hoax. They did it anyway.

Now US Attorney John Durham is going to hold them all accountable.

Again: patience, people. This party is only just getting started. Yes, the perpetrators of this most heinous wickedness may yet somehow dodge their due reckoning, sure. But wheels are turning—grinding slow, perhaps, but surpassing fine. For all my jaded cynicism, I’m coming more and more to believe that there’s a real and increasing chance of seeing justice done here. If not…well, may God help us to survive what will follow.


2 thoughts on “Top-down treason

  1. The problem with patience, Mike, is that we don’t have time for it. We are a bit over 17 months from the most corrupt election in United States history. This will be an election that befits a third world African shithole, set in motion by a third world African President. The Interstate Compact, the laws attempting to keep the President off the ballot if he does not release his tax returns, vote harvesting/creation, illegal alien voting – the Margin of Fraud will be insurmountable. And when the Democrat candidate prevails in this sham, all of these investigations stop and are buried.

    We have 17 months not only for investigations, but also prosecution and sentencing. And given the glacial pace of legal proceedings against anyone not connected to Trump, we have no time for patience. We are well and truly fucked. And if there is one person to blame, it is that dirty son of a bitch Jeff Sessions. All of this goes back to his outright day one deceit in recusing himself.

  2. No wonder the left is soiling their knickers. This list is only the leaders. How many underlings are wondering how to CYA?

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