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Declaration of war

Unintentionally amusing headline juxtaposition at RCP.

Trump’s Rhetoric Is a Hallmark of Totalitarianism Dana Milbank, Salt Lake Tribune

True Extent of Obama’s Spying on the Press Revealed John Merline, Issues & Insights

Foaming, frothing idiot Milbank keeps using that word; I do not think it means what he thinks it means. Nor did he seem much bothered by it under Ogabe’s reign of error. Meanwhile, Trump is taking the offensive:

Timing is everything, and timing explains President Trump’s decision to finally pull the ripcord and open the Obama administration’s bag of dirty tricks.

With his memo giving Attorney General Bill Barr the authority to declassify any documents related to the investigation of the 2016 campaign, Trump made good on a longstanding promise. Most important, his decision signaled that the War of Washington is entering a crucial new phase.

The president is going nuclear.

After months of dancing between her party’s impeachment caucus and those who see it as political disaster, Pelosi sided with the impeachers by accusing Trump of a “coverup.”

That was Wednesday morning, and it was the final straw. Hours later, Trump walked out of their meeting on infrastructure, told the media that “I don’t do coverups” and put in motion the declassification order released Thursday.

The order means Trump is giving up on getting major legislation passed before the 2020 election. In his mind, making the 2016 documents public was always a declaration of war that would end any hope of bipartisanship.

Recall that he had often promised to release them, but never did. He said he was waiting for the right time, calling the documents the ultimate counterpunch.

Last November, in an Oval Office interview, he told me and two Post colleagues that if the Dems, who had just won the House in the midterms, engaged in “presidential harassment,” that would be the right time.

“I will hit them so hard, they’ve never seen a hit like that,” the president warned. “If they want to play tough, I will do it. And they will see how devastating those pages are.”

After long and bitter years of disappointment and Vichy GOPe betrayal, this is PRECISELY the sort of thing Trump supporters have been longing for from the beginning. Now stay that course and burn the Demonrats right to the fucking ground, Mr President. Scorch the earth, piss on the ashes, and salt ’em.

Gotta say, though, that Trump is totally bass-ackwards and wrong about this next.

Once he came close but pulled back, reportedly at the urging of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who was overseeing the Mueller probe. That was odd because Rosenstein had a clear conflict of interest, having signed the final application to spy on Carter Page. That is just one of the documents that will be released because the application likely misled judges on the FISA Court.

Trump also hoped that, once the Mueller probe ended, Dems would be a more normal opposition party and he could make deals with them on critical issues.

Besides, he had a fondness for Pelosi, as demonstrated by his offer to help secure GOP votes to make her speaker if Dems were too divided. “You know, she loves this country. And she’s a very smart woman. She’s done a very good job,” he said the day after the midterms.

She doesn’t, she isn’t, and she hasn’t. But let’s keep our eye on the ball concerning what the whole mess was really all about—first and foremost, by insisting on using the proper word for it.

According to The American Heritage Dictionary, a hoax is “1. an act intended to deceive or trick” or “2. Something that has been established or accepted by fraudulent means.”

The spectacle of round-the-clock hostile media coverage of the Trump-Russia fantasy certainly was intended to “deceive or trick.” And certainly we learn almost every day a little more about how the various investigations were started on the basis of “fraudulent means” (here’s looking at you Christopher Steele).

But thinking about it, I conclude that the term “hoax” is wholly inadequate to describe the enormity of the political scandal that was perpetrated against Donald Trump, against the office of the president, and ultimately against the American people.

For one thing, the word “hoax” implies something jocular or prankish. The joke might be malicious, but it is still intended to be humorous. There was nothing at all humorous about what just happened in our political life, though the hysteria of the anti-Trump chorus—the pussy-behatted females complaining about how “crude” Trump was, the “comedian” who paraded about with a bloody doll’s head representing the president, the tears and imprecations and jeremiads disgorged by the press and by Trump’s political enemies: all that did have a sort of ghastly if pathetic humor about it.

But when we step back and consider what actually happened over the past three years—and, more, what almost happened—it is clear that the word “hoax” does not begin to cover the reality of what I have been calling for many months the greatest political scandal in the history of the American republic.

Does that, too, sound hyperbolic, like worrying about commas when Shanghai is burning? Some people think so. I have several times said why I think they are wrong.

Perhaps the best way of summarizing my disagreement is by suggesting an alternative to the word “hoax.” It’s not a novel suggestion.

On the contrary, it’s often been used in concert with or as a synonym for “hoax.” But I think it is a better word in this context because it expresses the malign intention behind the multifarious activities directed against candidate Trump and then President Trump. The word I have in mind is “coup.”

Later in his article, Kimball links to LJ Keith’s most worthy rundown of the whole seditious plot, which I think I’ll jailbreak from this post to give it a shiny, new one all its own.

Update! Just saw this handy-dandy comparison chart, attached by a commenter on the Kimball piece.


Sorta puts it all into perspective, don’t it? The Watergate bunch were absolute pikers compared to Ogabe’s crew.




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