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Purest propaganda

Every bomber pilot knows that when you’re catching flak, you’re over the target.

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump on Thursday granted Attorney General William Barr new powers to review and potentially release classified information related to the origins of the Russia investigation, a move aimed at accelerating Barr’s inquiry into whether U.S. officials improperly surveilled Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Trump directed the intelligence community to “quickly and fully cooperate” with Barr’s probe. The directive marked an escalation in Trump’s efforts to “investigate the investigators,” as he continues to try to undermine the findings of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe amid mounting Democratic calls for impeachment proceedings.

Everybody catch the near-non sequitur bushwa there? Here, let me lay some emphasis on for ya: “—undermine the findings of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe” etc.

They actually said this.

Come on, SRSLY, you guys? UNDERMINE the Mueller findings…of NO “Russia collusion.” I mean, this is getting just pathetic at this point.

Trump is giving Barr a new tool in his investigation, empowering his attorney general to unilaterally unseal documents that the Justice Department has historically regarded as among its most highly secret. Warrants obtained from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, for instance, are not made public — not even to the person on whom the surveillance was authorized.

Uh huh. This, after the Democrat-Socialists are throwing kicking, screaming tantrums demanding the (completely illegal) exposure to public view of grand-jury testimony from the Mueller witch hunt, at the same time they’re also insisting on the (completely illegal) release of Trump’s IRS and financial records going back to the 1930s, just hoping against hope to find something they can use to manufacture some kind of case against him.

Trump explicitly delegated Barr with declassification power — noting it would not automatically extend to another attorney general — and only for use in the review of the Russia investigation.

Which, as Chief Executive, despite the AP’s feeble attempt at painting it as something dark, unusual, and forbidden, is Trump’s indisputable right to do. In fact, making decisions on classification and declassification is, y’know, an integral part of his fucking job, one of his duly-delineated powers.

Trump has frequently claimed his campaign was the victim of “spying,” though the intelligence community has insisted it acted lawfully in following leads in the Russia investigation and conducted surveillance under court order.

Yep. Curiously, the NYT seems to agree with the Prez. I say “curiously,” because it’s true. Which would be damned near a first for the Old Grey Whore.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff accused Trump and Barr of trying to “conspire to weaponize law enforcement and classified information against their political enemies.”

Which, funnily enough, is EXACTLY what Ogabe and Drunk Hillary did. Strange, innit, how not a peep has yet been heard from Congresscocksucker Schitt demanding an investigation into THAT abuse of power.

Typically, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence coordinates declassification work by contacting various agencies where classified material originated to get their input on what should be released or not disclosed based on legal exemptions. The president, however, has the authority to declassify anything he wants.

Damned skippy he does. And don’t you forget it when the docs that will haul a whole slew of Swamp rats before a fucking judge by next summer finally get dropped by Trump.

A former senior intelligence official who served in the Obama administration said their principle concern is that the attorney general, hand-picked by Trump, could declassify and release selective bits to make the previous administration and former senior officials look bad. The former official spoke on the condition that the official would not be named in order to describe the concerns of intelligence professionals.

Oh, I bet they ARE concerned. Here’s hoping that their “concern” over the prospect of having their little virgin buttholes banged into the slammer for a spell turns out to be entirely justified. This next is particularly tasty:

Thursday’s move further solidifies Barr’s position in Trump’s eyes as a legal warrior fighting on his behalf.

Let me repeat that: “Barr’s position in Trump’s eyes.” Mighty impressive, that. The all-seeing, all-knowing authors of this pathetic tripe would seem to be gifted enough in the mysterious arts of mind-reading and clairvoyance to know how Trump sees anything at all. That “legal warrior fighting on his behalf” business is a special brand of tommyrot too, but I’ll leave that one alone.

After Mueller submitted his report to Barr in March, the attorney general released a four-page summary to Congress. Barr’s letter framed the debate about the probe over the next few weeks and, White House officials believe, allowed Trump to declare victory before the release of the full report, the contents of which are far more ambiguous.

My baggy white ass they are. You slippery, slimy Goebbels wannabes can insinuate, imply, and weasel-word all you like, but let me just offer up a direct quote from the Mueller report itself, bolded so’s you won’t miss it: “…the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.

Now, shitlibs can try till the cows come home—and will, and are—to pretzel that into “NOT an exoneration,” but to sensible sorts it seems plain enough to forego wasting any more breath arguing further about it with you mulish blockheads. Despite the suppurating pustule Mueller’s own desperate efforts, both investigatory and weasel-word-wise in the above, “did not establish” amounts to “COULD NOT establish.” And that, in turn, translates to “NOT FUCKING GUILTY”. Which is a synonym—sorry for any disappointment or discomfiture—for “EXONERATED,” for people not absolutely batshit insane with Trump-hate.

Look, fellas, I do hate to rain on y’all’s little parade and all, but here t’is: you lost this one. You really, truly did. You’re just making yourselves look foolish by bitterly clinging to it, trying to weave something out of a whole lot of nothing. You’d all do yourselves a world of good, in all sorts of useful ways, by just getting over it and moving on to your next phony “scandal.” Really.


1 thought on “Purest propaganda

  1. You only hate to rain in their parade because you would much rather shower them with untreated sewage.

    Not unreasonably, mind.

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