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KCR Machine Gun Shoot threatened

Another NYC libmedia outlet has found out about it.

Twice a year, firearm enthusiasts meet at the Knob Creek Gun Range in Bullitt County, Kentucky, for an event billed “the world’s largest machine-gun shoot.” Visitors can avail themselves of a wide variety of powerful weapons, including magazine-fed and belt-fed machine guns, automatic rifles from the 1930s, and more exotic artillery, like a full-size cannon.

Buying and using high-powered weaponry can be an expensive hobby: for example, an NFA Class III arm — the category under which machine guns fall — can go for $20,000 or more, says an attendee, who, like many at the event, prefers to remain anonymous. Those guns can put out more than 600 rounds per minute, at a cost of at least 20 cents a round. (Visitors who do not own such guns have the opportunity to rent and shoot at a separate range.) Steve Sumner, a member of the family that owns the range, claims that shooting machine guns is “the fastest way to turn money into noise.”

Yep, it is that. Unexpectedly, the article isn’t the usual frothy mess of gun-grabber hysteria, but a pretty straight recitation of the bare facts; it’s short on text, long on cool photos, and entirely devoid of “analysis,” thank goodness.

I myself got briefly quoted years ago in a much more in-depth story about the Shoot which ran in NYPress, a more or less Right-leaning Village Voice competitor now more or less defunct:

I hung out for a while with Mike Hendrix, a rock ‘n’ roller affiliated with a band called the Belmont Playboys. We talked about my stint writing for High Times, Amsterdam and Knob Creek. “These things are just fun,” he said, “and these people are great. You should come to the one in the spring. It’s a great place to meet women. The women here are really interesting.” He mentioned that he and his band are due here in Manhattan soon to play the Rodeo Bar, and we made a tentative date for some serious drinking.

I recall the author, one Alan Cabal, as being more or less a newbie shooter, but not really anti-gun at all. Alas, we never did hook up for any of that “serious drinking” for some reason. But he seemed a nice enough fella.

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3 thoughts on “KCR Machine Gun Shoot threatened

  1. Out here in the lefty stronghold of Oregon, we’ve already lost ours.
    The Saddle Butte Machine Gun Shoot, formerly held every year at the Albany Rifle and Pistol Club, has been terminated by the insurance companies.

    1. Pussies.
      You let SJW faggots, bull-daggers, and beta ciucks,
      intimidate and forcibly cancel “machine gun” shoots.
      Reap it, you losers.

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