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Can’t live with ’em, can’t…live with ’em

To quote my own self in Aesop’s comment section: “The question is no longer can we live peaceably alongside such people? The question now is, why on earth would we WANT to?

When their frothing partisan witch-hunt and attempted coup predictably explodes in their faces, they try to gaslight the once and current Attorney general, who accuses the law enforcement and intelligence communities under the illegal Kenyan president of turning the full force of governmental power against his political opponent for political reasons. They feign shocked incomprehension at how using secret intelligence courts and vague malarkey about imaginary foreign influence as carte blanche to go trolling through then-billionaire and current POTUS’ entire life and business dealings is banana-republican at best. Then they turn on their attack dog for failing to manufacture fake news goods, when he and his rabid Shrillarites turn up nothing but a couple of sleazy lawyers self-sliming themselves.

And then double down, and claim there was something, rather than nothing, there, even though they had two years and millions of dollars to find something, anything, and came up empty.

These are not the actions of rational people in control of their faculties.

They are not, despite the likelihood of criminal indictments potentially all the way to the entirety of the last administration, the actions of merely evil people facing the  consequences of their crimes coming to fruition and punishment.

These are people deep in their own fürherbunker, cheerfully directing sweeping counterstrokes by armies long ago wiped out and surrendered, and waving their arms in delusional glee as they imagine their triumphant return to power and the destruction of all their enemies, real and imaginary.

These are not sane, evil people you’re dealing with.
These are insane evil people you’re dealing with.
Cornered, unpredictable, unreachable, and with an army of similarly deranged flying monkeys every bit as irrationally delusional as their psychotic overlords.

They’re either going to have to be put into restraints (gently or not), and then secluded and treated according to the magnitude of their psychoses; or they’re going to have to be put down like rabid dogs.

There is no longer any third option. One does not let a mad man into the cockpit or onto the bridge of a jetliner or aircraft carrier, and one cannot abide them running rampant citywide, creating chaos and mayhem at every place the voices in their head so direct them.

That there is going to have to be an intervention is a given.
Whether they survive it is an open question.

Yep—a question whose answer I find myself giving less and less of a flying fuck either way about with every passing day. The sad, simple fact is that we see so much of this utter batshit lunacy nowadays because Real Americans have indulged it for way too long. As any parent knows, the more bad behavior you tolerate, the more bad behavior you’re gonna get.

My quoted comment above at Aesop’s was in reference to this pluperfect sample of bad behavior from the degenerate Left, an example of just how low they’re willing to go in their race to the bottom of the American cesspool:

Rep. Dan Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL who was wounded in Afghanistan, was derided the left and accused of “playing the wounded victim” after he called for “deference” in discussions of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Crenshaw, 35, who wears an eye patch after losing his right eye in Afghanistan, has received two Bronze Stars, including one with valor, the Purple Heart, and the Navy Commendation Medal with Valor.

He criticized Rep. Ilhan Omar this week for appearing to downplay the Sept. 11 attacks in a recent speech. “It’s terrorists who killed almost 3,000 Americans, we should talk about it that way. We should talk about it with deference,” said the Texas Republican.

Talia Lavin, a New York University journalism professor who resignedfrom the New Yorker last year after she incorrectly identified a U.S. immigration agent as a Nazi sympathizer, slammed Crenshaw as “captain shithead” on Twitter. “The real victim, captain shithead, speaks,” wrote Lavin, linking to Crenshaw’s video.

Freelance writer Rob Rousseau wrote to Crenshaw, “You’re deliberately lying about what [Omar] said you eyeless fuck.” The comment appears to have been removed.

Ryan Cooper, a national correspondent at The Week, blasted Crenshaw’s comments as “fascist propaganda” and claimed the congressman was “play[ing] the wounded victim.” “[C]lassic fascist propaganda technique: whip up a storm of murder frenzy, then operatically play the wounded victim,” wrote Cooper.

I won’t even bother with correcting this jackass; it ain’t worth the bother. He and the rest of his vile, misbegotten breed are not amenable to logic, do not merit courtesy, and deserve not one iota of respect or deference from decent people. They are uninterested in good-faith debate, and—contrary to the occasional assertion of some milquetoast “conservatives”—are not just fellow Americans who may be ill- or misinformed, but who have “good intentions” nonetheless.

No, not hardly. The American Left are rigidly determined to march in the blood-soaked footsteps of their murderous ideological forebears—dragging everyone right along with them, be they willing or no. Their intentions for all who oppose or resist them are anything but “good.” They are beyond reason, beyond rationality, and beyond redemption. The quest for a path to living in peace cheek by jowl with such abhorrent creatures is worse than just hopeless folly; it is dangerous, in all sorts of ways.


2 thoughts on “Can’t live with ’em, can’t…live with ’em

  1. To Hell with making nice, reaching across the aisle, grand bargains, etc.

  2. In the end, such people just distort the truth for their own agenda. The only proper response is to call them out loudly and harshly for their lies. Then refuse to be silenced when they try to shut up their dissenters.

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