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What took ya so long?

Just do it.

A story broke yesterday in which the White House apparently discussed sending illegal aliens to sanctuary cities twice in the last six months.

This was described as Trump “targeting political foes” by The Washington Post.

No link to the WaPo from me, sorry. Let them perish behind their paywall.

Now, hang on a second. I’ve got some questions.

Oh, so do I, buddy. So do I. So, too, does Ace:

Question: If illegal aliens boost the economy, do not drain the welfare system, and commit crime at a lower rate than American citizens (whether natural-born or naturalized), shouldn’t the sanctuary cities be excited to welcome their new prosperity-driving residents?

One would think, maybe. But then one would be making the mistake of assuming that the Left is in any way sincere or honest about any of this. Back to Red State for the answer.

What makes this “dangerous” in Schiff’s eyes? Why would any Democrat oppose this? Why would any member of the left-wing media be outraged over this? Why wouldn’t they be fully supportive of sending illegals in need of sanctuary to their own self-described sanctuary cities?

We’ve been told for years by these people that illegal immigrants are a net positive. They supposedly commit less crime (they don’t), do the jobs Americans won’t do, and provide valued diversity. The Democratic party believes that so much that they refuse to do anything to stem the tide. The media believes it so much that they run cover 24 hours a day for lax immigration efforts. CNN’s Jim Acosta once quoted the poem on the statue of liberty asserting that it was our duty to allow illegal immigration.

Given that, how is it consistent to now complain that the President wanted to send them exactly what they claim they want?

The answer is simple. These elitists don’t actually want their cities becoming home to masses of illegal immigrants. They want to sit in their gated communities hundreds (but mostly thousands) of miles away from the border and virtue signal instead. When push comes to shove though, they’d rather these people file into border towns in Arizona and Texas. They don’t want them in New York or San Francisco.

If they were consistent, they’d be begging the President to send buses of illegals to their sanctuary cities. That’s what they exist for right? Why have sanctuary cities at all if not? They aren’t supportive of the President doing that though because they don’t actually want to help these people. They just want to use them as political pawns.

Per-zackly. In Progtard circles, this is known as “compassion,” see.

Trump is right, and he should follow through on his proposal to force the Democrat-Socialists running the “sanctuary cities” to put their sanctimony where their rhetoric is. As my old pals in the Hellbilly Hellcats said:

DO. There is no “try.” There should be no more talk, either—on heavily taxing and/or seizing remittances, on holding Mexico and others accountable for facilitating this illegal invasion, on the Big Beautiful Wall, on closing the southern border, on all of it. Just…fucking…DO.

Update! Bill lays hands on the real problem.

My assumption is that this is just more Trump bloviation designed to troll hypocritical Democrats, but oh, what a joy it would be to see him actually follow through and do it.

That is not, however, the way to bet.

And some tame Democrat judge would put it into the two-year litigation cycle ten seconds after he established such a policy.

Count on it.


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  1. Didn’t seem to be a problem when the halfican and his commie-loving ngos were dumping all those African/Iranian/Iraqi/whatever “refugees” into white, Middle-American cities and states.

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