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Simberg says this quote from a NASA official stuck out to him, and it does me too, though maybe for a different reason.

Neither Bridenstine nor Pence said so explicitly, but these comments reflect their sense that NASA has become too bureaucratic, too tentative, too risk averse. During his town hall this week, Bridenstine had a telling response when asked why, by setting such an ambitious goal of a 2024 landing, was he not putting schedule over safety?

“I would not say it’s a return to schedule over safety, I would say it’s a return to schedule,” he said. “Safety is paramount for everybody at this agency, it always has been. But the number one mission is not safety. If it was, we would all just stay in the ready room and just watch CNN.”

Of course we all already know that safety isn’t the “number one mission” for NASA. “Muslim outreach” is.

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2 thoughts on “Clarification

  1. Bridenstine has a point.

    Ignoring the HopeyDopey-era Muslim Outreach hogwash, NASA’s first job is getting payloads into space, both manned and unmanned.
    Their second job is staying within budget.

    Safety is third.

    Don’t believe Bridenstine.
    Or me.

    Listen to Mike Rowe:

    He nails it to the wall.
    And Bridenstine got that memo.
    Lambast NASA to your heart’s content over the idiotic goat-humper propaganda.
    But don’t ridicule a guy for wanting to get back to launching rockets successfully.
    (Y’know, like we pay for them to do.)
    What a concept: a government organization and leadership that wants to do its actual job!

    NASA either needs to get back into space, or get into the property management business, and lease the launch facilities to Space-X, BlueOrigin, VirginOrbit, and anyone else in the USA with the guts to try.

    And turn a profit doing it.
    Mars or Bust, baby.

  2. “But don’t ridicule a guy for wanting to get back to launching rockets successfully.”
    Oh, I wouldn’t dream of it, I actually find his quote very heartening. I more meant to lambaste a certain bad joke of a former “president,” who demanded the “Muslim outreach” absurdity be put in place.

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