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“Deep State dumpster fire”

Try as I might, I just couldn’t find a way to improve on Steyn’s title.

For two years, the prefatory “Russia” has been intended to give the word “investigation” more heft, to make it seem as if there was something more than let’s-get-Trump-on-anything. But even the unlimited resources of a wretchedly corrupt federal justice system couldn’t keep that going without something more than Michael Cohen’s taxi medallions (only in America) and a few Russian troll farms, one of whom has amusingly decided to push back in court against Mueller and his showboating cronies.

Other than that, there are, as I said almost two years ago, no Russians in the Russia investigation – and what foreign “interference” with the 2016 election there was from Russia seems to have been amateur and minimal, unless you count MI6 spook Christopher Steele working his Moscow Rolodex on behalf of Hillary Clinton and her Deep State allies. There was, however, extensive domestic interference with the election, in that at the behest of the sitting administration the most powerful figures in the permanent bureaucracy set to work on a sophisticated surveillance operation against its political opposition: “Republics” in the Americas have been invariably prefaced by the qualifier “banana”; it just took Washington a little longer to sign up.

If you’ve ever been in the most piddling nothing civil suit in the District of Columbia, you’ll know how quickly the paperwork piles up. Here a mere thirty-three pages of thinly sourced gossip was enough to support a three-year multi-gazillion-dollar investigation that destroyed the real lives of real people.

Mark goes on to quote from several of his own past posts, including this one, which I excerpted myself when it first appeared:

Let me start with an immigrant’s observation: My sweetly naïve understanding of an ‘independent counsel’ is that he should be ‘independent’. For example, even in the presently desiccated condition of the Commonwealth, it’s generally understood that, when you’ve got a problem and you want someone independent to investigate it, “independent” means outsider…

There isn’t even the figleaf of ‘independence’ when you appoint a career swamp-dweller like Robert Mueller, a man who has relationships with every player in Washington going back decades. The parade of hacks infesting the cable shows to inform us solemnly that they’ve known Mueller for years and he’s the very apotheosis of a straight shooter is, in fact, the strongest evidence of why he should never have been appointed: he’s the insiders’ insider. When Mueller decided to stage his pre-dawn swoop on Paul Manafort’s bedroom, for example, he was raiding the home of a longtime client of his own law firm, WilmerHale…

My advice is that, whenever lifelong swampers assure us of the integrity of any individual, assume ‘straight arrow’ is Beltway-speak for ‘slimey duplicitous permanent-state operator’ and you can’t go wrong.

Thus, the FBI has 35,000 employees. But oddly enough the same indispensable guy, Peter Strzok, gets assigned to run the Hillary investigation, and then the Trump investigation, and – surprise! – is immediately appointed by Mueller to the “Russia” investigation. And the straight-arrow eagle scouts immediately start throwing the book at everyone for the crime of misremembering to the FBI.

But even supposed rock-ribbed “constitutional conservatives” make no serious challenge to the iniquities of this “process crime” – “process” in this case being a coy euphemism for an utterly disgusting federal criminal justice system in which prosecutors win 97 per cent of their cases without ever bringing them to court. So Michael Flynn is broke and ruined, while the corruptocrats Comey and McCabe are working the talk-show sofas plugging their books.

And, notwithstanding Mueller closing up shop, the most disturbing questions remain: Forget the Russian trolls and Macedonian content farmers; this is a story not of foreign subversion of the election, but of domestic subversion of the election, by powerful figures able to reach out and entrap its marks at Cambridge conferences and London wine bars. In old-school banana republics, the coup happens quickly: “The rebels have seized control of the radio station,” as the BBC’s Africa bureaus used to announce every fortnight through the Sixties, and next thing you know this week’s president-for-life is being carried out by the handles. But in America everything’s more protracted and expensive. That, however, should not blind us to what happened: a cabal of Deep State bigwigs reverse-engineered a foreign cover for their own interference in self-government by the people.

Towards the end, he revisits one of those wonderful, stop-in-your-tracks-and-marvel lines that make Steyn Steyn:

If Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, the “Russia investigation” is a nullity wrapped in an absence inside a void, now shimmering in the black hole of the billable hours of fifteen lawyers and the expense accounts of a hundred FBI agents.

Tasty as that is, it’s no more than we’ve come to expect from one of the most talented, sure-handed writers of our time. His closer? “If there are no consequences to that, it will happen again.” My money is on the latter; Diplomad, too, sounds a cautionary note:

It appears that Mueller has recommended no further indictments. Many on the right have taken that to mean Trump’s vindicated, that the left must throw in the towel. Victory!

I urge a little more caution. The left seeks to undermine this presidency, destroy Trump and his family, and completely discredit anybody who has supported him, regardless of what that does to the country. That determination remains a constant.

Furthermore, none of us has seen the report, or knows how Mueller will phrase his conclusions/recommendations. Will he say, as he should, that he undertook a massive waste of time, for which we spent nearly $26 million, and tore apart the country for nothing? I doubt that very much. He might say, that well, he has no ability to go further with the investigation for this or that reason, and recommends handing off portions of it to other prosecutors. He might also go full reptile and state that there was collusion but it does not rise to the level of prosecution, or any number of variations on that theme.

I don’t see the effort at destruction, of canceling the 2016 election results, coming to an end.

Nope. If, as I expect, there aren’t serious consequences swiftly visited on at least some of the perpetrators of this traitorous outrage, Steyn’s predicted reruns of this shitshow—probably even worse ones, actually—will be guaranteed. This was indeed nothing short of a brazen attempt at a palace coup: a conspiracy first to rig an election, then to nullify the result when that failed, launched from within the highest levels of the government itself. Token slaps on a few low-level-scapegoat wrists will NOT cut it here. No way.

Surehand update! Surber notices a little something:

Our beloved president, Donald John Trump, showed his very sane genius on Twitter today.

He didn’t tweet.

He let the Bungling Bob Mueller report sit atop the Drudge Report without a retort because the Mueller’s witch hunt has torpedoed his critics.

Why would the president suddenly want to make the news about him?

Thomas Lifson counsels patience:

President Trump has the power to declassify the FISA warrant applications. As I have repeatedly written, he is the master of the concept of a story arc in reality television. We have now seen the dramatic peak of the first narrative; that Trump was a treasonous collaborator with Vladimir Putin to sabotage the democratic process. As every dramatist knows, audiences love surprises and reversals of fortune. President Trump wants this drama to conclude in time for voters to have a satisfying conclusion in mind when they start to vote next year. My guess is that he will time declassification and disclosure for maximum effect.

Trump knows that even if the smarter Democrats realize it’s time to prevent further losses, the much larger faction of rabid Trump-haters — people like Adam Schiff — can’t help themselves and will continue to keep trying to find something to justify all their foolish claims and efforts. They will only prove to the persuadable voters that they are obsessive and unreasonable. Instead of accomplishing anything through Democrat control of the House, they will just make noise, vent their frustration, and continue to stir up trouble where there is none.

Still to be explored by an official investigation is the rampant “unmasking” of people in the Trump campaign surveilled by the NSA — spying on the rival party’s campaign. Then the creation of the futile search of the special counsel by potentially felonious activity of the sitting FBI director. Then the lying to the FISA Court.

Conservative Trump-supporters have been chafing for about two years, angry that investigation of the real scandal hasn’t been forthcoming. Slowly, slowly, they are going to get their satisfaction, well timed for maximum impact November 2020.

From his lips to God’s ears. Back to Surber:

It is now Mueller Time in American politics.

Pelosi and the Never Trumpers got exactly what they asked for: a special prosecutor.

And then they got exactly what they deserve: humiliation.

Barack Hussein Obama failed to give President Donald John Trump the same peaceful transition of power that President George Walker Bush gave Obama.

But now Obama and his acolytes as well as the Never Trumpers look exactly like the fools they are.

They acted disgracefully and without honor. They demanded a witch hunt.

Well they got one.

Now Americans laugh at them. The failure to indict tainted them and raised President Trump’s esteem in the public eye.

A bright person would change subjects.

Which means they will double down and keep talking about the report until it finally dawns on them how dumb that is.

Ahh, but that assumes they’re bright enough to EVER realize such a thing.


2 thoughts on ““Deep State dumpster fire”

  1. Ron White is crude, foul-mouthed, and obnoxious.

    He’s also dead-on right.

    When picking a life partner, don’t focus on the wrong things:
    – great looks or body
    – income/wealth
    – sexual tricks and such

    No. Get someone of good character, who can make you laugh at life’s challenges, who would be a good parent. And, in the case of a woman, who is not tied to her sisters/girlfriends by steel cables. Who is capable of hearing “you ought to dump that loser”, or “I wouldn’t put up with that!”, said by one of those women about her husband, and only shake her head and think, Consider the Source of that Comment.

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