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The peasants are revolting!

A tangled web, a nice kettle of fish.

Theresa May’s crushing defeat in the House of Commons this week over her plan for Britain to leave the European Union was actually a great victory for her, provided that you make a simple assumption: that she and her colleagues never wanted Britain to leave the EU in the first place.

Her appearance of negotiating with the EU was merely elaborate shadow-play. She never intended to produce the complete break that just over half the electorate — but not the political class — wanted.

The present impasse will probably lead to Britain never leaving the union. Except for a hard core of about a fifth of Parliament, all the other legislators are adamantly opposed to Britain leaving the EU without a deal; and the Union, knowing this, has no reason to negotiate further.

But the legislators will not agree to the deal as negotiated, as they have now demonstrated. They want a second referendum, in the hope that the result of the first will be reversed. (And if it is, there will never be a third.)

An extension to Britain’s departure will be granted only if Britain has a concrete proposal to offer — and the only such offer it can make is to hold the second referendum.

This is, in essence, the European approach to democracy: If the voters get the answer wrong, either ignore the verdict or make them vote again until they get the answer right.

It isn’t just the European approach to democracy; it’s the Leftist one, always and everywhere. This is, ultimately the part that matters:

Whether the population will take it lying down remains to be seen, but after three years of deliberately created political chaos, it is likely that Britons will simply shrug and get on with their lives.

I expect so. And that fatalistic, defeated shrug will signal the snuffing out of Once Great Britain’s national independence for all time.


4 thoughts on “The peasants are revolting!

  1. More accurately, it is the TRIBE approach to democracy. Always and everywhere. They intend to get their One World Government “utopia”. BAMN. As they so clearly showed during the Russian revolution. Fifty million broken eggs were nothing to them. Because, after all, most of them were only Goyim, anyway.

  2. Hey Mark Matis, you forget to mention how the TRIBE was responsible for World War 2 because they wanted the Nazis to control Europe, North Africa and much of Asia before they joined forces with those Goyim Japs, all to pursue the TRIBE’s goal of One World Government. When that didn’t work out as planned, gosh darn it, the Tribe then turned its attention to Mao’s China’s because they just love seeing million of broken eggs all over the place.. I’m just trying to fill in some of the historical record you missed.

  3. The principal goal of the Tory government and the entire British political class since June whatever it was 2016 has been to thwart the expressed will of the British people.

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